Beer in the shower

A couple of months ago, on our Whistler New Year’s trip, I had a fascinating conversation with a guy friend.  Someone had mentioned a six-pack of bizarre Canadian beer that was in the fridge:

Me: Hey, have you tried that beer yet?

Him: Yeah.  I had one in the shower.  It was decent.

Me: Cool. [pause]  Wait – you did what?!

I was blown away.  It had never occurred to me to drink a beer in the shower before.  Mad genius, this!  I filed the idea away in my brain for later use.  And then completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to last night.  Hubs and I are chatting after dinner:

Hubs: Hey, do you know what I tried recently?

Me: No idea.

Hubs: I had a beer in the shower.

Of course, I immediately had to know all of the details.  What kind of beer was it?  Where did you rest it between sips?  Did it stay cold?  Did it get soapy?  Was it good?

The hubs reported that it was a light beer; he set it on the sink; it stayed cold; did not get soapy; and was indeed a refreshing experience.

So tonight, after a sweaty run in Central Park, I grabbed a cold Brooklyn Pilsner on my way in to the bathroom.  And let me tell you…I am not sure how I’ve lived without this experience for the last 30 years.  Hot, steamy water pouring over your back while sipping ice cold beer?  Um, amazing.

Obviously this can’t be an everyday sort of thing.  But as a treat once in a while?  Yeah, I will totally be drinking beer in the shower.

What do you think – am I a classy chick who knows how to mix one good thing with another?  Or just a lush whose appreciation of hygiene might be debatable?  Beer in the shower – yay or nay??

Today’s EAT: One of the things I am loving about this Thursday night running club is that it basically gets me off the hook for cooking dinner, as I foist that responsibility on the hubs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, but it’s nice to have a night off.  And the hubs isn’t a bad cook.  Tonight he made frozen pork and chive dumplings – prefab, yes, but they were cooked to perfection which can be tricky:

Mmm, salty goodness.  Thanks for dinner, hon! 🙂

Today’s DRINK: Behold my shower beer, in all of its glory:

Shampoo, conditioner and beer.  🙂

Today’s RUN: I went to my second Central Park TC workout tonight.  Since I’m running the NYC Half on Sunday, I got off the hook for the “hard” workout and instead did just a regular short run with the other runners who are racing on Saturday.  I think we probably went about 4.5 miles and although it was “easy” the pace was still pretty solid for me.  I think we were under 22 minutes for two loops around the reservoir, which is a little over 5K.  I hope I can get to the point where that is “slow and easy” for me.


22 responses to “Beer in the shower

  1. ha ha. This has been a topic of conversation as of late. My older brother has also just discovered “shower beers”.
    To be honest, I’ve been doing this since college. I thought it was common knowledge and that everyone did it!!!
    The perfect way to enjoy a cold one when you’re “pre-gaming” or getting ready for a night out.

    PS- I keep it at the back, and strongly suggest using cans only

    • Our shower is really ill-suited for beer consumption – it’s a tiny stall with no shelves. The shampoo caddy was really the only place to put it. I can see the value of having a can though. I wouldn’t want to drop a glass bottle in the shower!

  2. I’m with Courtney – been chugging it in the shower since college. Back then we even used to shotgun beers in the shower but it would get a little iffy with the scissors…

  3. i’ve done captain morgan in the shower. and tequila/ OJ. very refreshing, as with the beer. might be a good way to relax after this sunday’s half!

  4. I totally agree with Courtney. I have not done it since college though. Maybe I should bring the habit back. 😉

  5. Love it! I am a shower-beer veteran.

  6. Sorry hun, I feel like I should have “handed that down” at some point after you turned 21 and started drinking beer. 🙂

  7. While I’ve never had a beer in the shower, you may recall this pic of me loving that there was a bottle opener on the wall of a bathroom right outside of a shower.

  8. how did I not know about this? and Allison, that photo is awesome 🙂

  9. I still have a beer in the shower! It is genius! I usually have one after a run on a warm morning or if the hubs and I have been cleaning the garage.
    I hate for that beer to get warm while I am taking a shower.

  10. Shampoo, conditioner, beer….love it!

    I’ve never done the beer in the shower thing but have done the beer in the bubble thing. Will have to give it a try! I feel like I would need to pair up a pumpkin beer to go with my pumpkin scented clarifying shampoo.

  11. I have to try this, although it reminds me of the Seinfeld where Kramer washes veggies in the shower.

  12. Oh, I’ve done this many times! Not lately though – I usually take my shower either first thing in the morning, or during Michael’s nap (around 2pm). So too early for shower beers. Blah!

  13. Big fan of beer in the shower. Of course, I don’t drink beer, but the combination of liquid inside and outside is the only thing that really refreshes you after a hot, hard run.

    Plus, there’s this:

  14. Beer in the shower? Heck yes!

  15. I am behind on my google reader, as you can tell!

    Yep, beer in the shower was a regular part of my Thursday (party) night routine in college. But, I haven’t done it since then. Thinking of trying it tonight actually. Sick baby = beer in the shower.

  16. That is such a GUY thing! LOL

  17. I stumbled upon this blog as it was suggested by wordpress to me — I’m thinking because of your use of ‘the hubs’! (I aslo constantly refer to my husband as ‘the hubs’ in my blog, – and how hilarious we recently had the same conversation about a beer in the shower. And, good call on the Brooklyn Pilsner – one of our favs we always pick up when visiting east coast fam. While we have a ton of amazing beer here in Colorado – we do love the selection from Brooklyn!

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