Sugar and spice

and everything nice.  That is my mantra for this post, after yesterday’s explosion of negativity about my race!  Here are some positive things about yesterday’s race:

The weather.  It was awesome.  I don’t think you could have asked for a nicer day for running!

The course.  A lap around Central Park, a run down Seventh Av through Times Square, then straight down the West Side Highway to the finish.  The park was a little hilly of course, but miles 9-13 were flat as a pancake.  Lots of entertainment and fun things to look at.  Definitely a great course!

The spectators.  While not nearly as jaw-dropping as the crowd for the full marathon, I was still surprised at how many people were out there cheering on a Sunday morning.  Thanks, spectators!

Da feet.  No agony here!  I often get little blisters or at least hot spots from longer runs, but my feet survived this one unscathed.  Yay!

See, I can talk about my race in a non-whiny way too! 🙂

In another bout of forward-thinking positivity, I signed up for my next round of races this afternoon!  I updated them on my sidebar and also on the brand-spanking-new tab at the top.  (The sidebar was getting a little long so I chopped it off.)

5Ks, 10Ks and another shot at the dreaded half-marathon.  I’ll nail it next time!

Today’s EAT: I cooked vegetarian for dinner!  This is a rare occurrence around here, as the hubs is pretty much a meat addict, but I’ve seen some great looking tofu recipes lately and wanted to give it a shot.

I ended up not using a recipe though, and just improvising to come up with this:

Crispy tofu with peanut sauce and leeks.  Over whole wheat spaghetti.  I crusted the tofu in panko and pan-fried it in a bit of canola oil; the peanut sauce was a treasure I pulled from the freezer, left over from a huge batch of peanut dip we made for the Super Bowl.  Quick, easy, delicious!  And cheap – tofu is super inexpensive compared to meat.

Today’s DRINK: I opened a bottle of Tres Pinos Tierra Blanca to have with dinner.   And with that, the wine rack is nearly empty.  I never got around to my wine run last week; priority for this week!!

Today’s RUN: Day off of running!  I went to Iyengar Yoga class this morning.  I don’t usually go to this class because compared to the Vinyasa class I usually attend, it’s pretty slow and not as much of a workout.  This morning, though, it was the perfect way to stretch out my post-race legs.


2 responses to “Sugar and spice

  1. that’s the way to turn things! good for you for finding the good stuff about your race experience. and signing up for races is always exciting. i signed up for BK too – i LOVE that course… ending on a (hopefully sunny) boardwalk on coney island, what with all the sketchballs and dorky runners in one place – can’t be beat.

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