My friend J had been raving about this class at her gym for weeks.

“You’re either going to think it’s brilliant…or you’ll think I’m crazy,” she said.

With a pitch like that, you know I’m in!  So I ventured to the uber-fancy (compared to my neighborhood gym, anyway) Equinox Fitness to meet J for intenSati class tonight.

The premise is, admittedly, a bit hokey.  It’s basically a high-intensity hour of cardio paired with a constant exchange of positive statements between the instructor and the class.  Imagine a room full of (mostly) women, jumping and waving their hands in the air and shouting things like “I am strong!” in unison.  Yes, it sounds absolutely cheesetastic.

But you know what?  It is actually incredibly fun.   And a great workout.  You know how you go out dancing with your friends and wind up a sweaty mess without even realizing it because you were having a blast?  It’s kind of like that.  We basically did jump squats for an hour and I wasn’t even thinking about it because I was too busy laughing, cheering and trying to keep up with the sequence of moves.

One of the awesome things about living in NYC is getting to try these branded workouts.  IntenSati is the sort of thing you see on Oprah, or written up glowingly in Shape magazine.  For the most part they seem to exist in only in New York and L.A.  It’s fun to be able to try stuff like this while we’re living here!

Sitting here after dinner watching TV with the hubs, I feel oddly….positive.  Maybe there really is something to this positive psychology thing.  Yeah, I am strong.  Rawr. 🙂

Today’s EAT:  Nothing special tonight.  The hubs was on a work call when I got back from the class tonight, so I threw some frozen dumplings into a pan for both of us and called it dinner.

Today’s DRINK:  I’m polishing off the rest of yesterday’s table white!  Super excited for a TJ’s wine shop run tomorrow so we can try out some new wines.

Today’s RUN:  I went out for a little recovery run in the early part of the day today, in addition to tonight’s intenSati class.  Did my 4-mile route in 31:40.  (Hey there, easy peasy 7:55 pace.  Thanks for coming along today.  Where the eff were you on Sunday?  Ugh.)


4 responses to “Intensi-WHAT?

  1. Whoa! I totally did the first Intensati class a few months back at my unassuming gym in Brooklyn, and now they have it every Saturday morning. I almost wrote a review on my blog, but to be honest, I was a bit embarrassed that I actually enjoyed it. So, uhm, I hear you! totally ridiculous but a great workout and I actually felt pretty darn confident after I left.

    And you’re right – only in NY or LA would a class as self-perception-driven and I’m-trying-to-learn-to-love-me-esque as this would exist!

  2. I admit, I’m a little embarrassed at the premise, but I felt the same way shaking my booty in a Zumba class…and really had a good time.

    Another thought I just had: my boss, who is not a runner, watched a bit of the NYC half marathon and reported back that “People look really funny when they’re running.” So, maybe it’s just a matter of choosing your poison of looking a fool?

  3. I’m glad to know I’m not the only crazy one. And I think Zumba looks fun too – even though I am ridiculously uncoordinated!

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