That’s how I roll

Things that are on my short list for “Favorite Food in the World”:

  1. McDonald’s french fries with lots of ketchup
  2. Cherry Garcia ice cream
  3. Pan fried Thai noodles (pad thai, pad see ew, etc)
  4. Pizza slices, New York style
  5. Cheese, particularly goat cheese

Hey, guess what!  I like junky food.  It really is a miracle I’m not obese.

However, there is one food that tops them all in my book, and it’s actually relatively healthy.  Behold, the Vietnamese summer roll in all of its glory:

Also called fresh spring rolls or goi cuon, it is basically a delicious little salad bound by a rice wrapper and dunked in rich peanut sauce.  I am somewhat obsessed with these and could literally eat them every day.  When I was traveling in Vietnam last summer, I was on a major mission to find the world’s perfect summer roll.  (Which I did, in Saigon – pictured above!)

I even took a cooking class in Hoi An and learned to make my own, wrapper and all!  Beautiful and delicious, no?

Oh wait, um, that’s not so beautiful….that’s a sweaty (but very happy!) amateur chef!  These are beautiful, and it’s really quite remarkable that I made them from scratch:

Being that they are my favorite food in the world and all, it’s not surprising that I woke up craving them after staying out way too late and drinking too much beer last night.  I promptly placed a SeamlessWeb order to Cafetasia to get my summer roll fix.

Far from authentic, but satisfied the craving nonetheless.  Traditional summer roll fillings include shrimp, rice noodles, shredded carrot, and herby greens.  These had no shrimp and tofu instead.  No matter – at the end of the day they are simply a vehicle for the delicious peanut sauce.

(Full disclosure, I also inhaled a carton of Pad Thai, see #3 above.  Hey, at least it wasn’t McDonald’s!)

Do you have an unusual favorite food? A lot of people find my summer roll obsession rather weird.  But I just roll with it (ha).

Today’s EAT: Dinner was simple.  Pesto chicken sausage with caramelized onions and whole wheat pasta:

And salad, of course.  Tomorrow is grocery day and it’s about time – the pickins are slim around here!

Today’s DRINK: Before we talk about today’s drink, we must talk about yesterday’s drink.  Or the several beers at the bar that resulted in the summer roll craving this morning.  (And by “morning” I mean 11:30 AM, when I finally rolled out of bed.)  Wine was the last thing on my mind tonight!

However, when the hubs mentioned opening a bottle to have with dinner, I relented.  We’re sipping this Rootstock Sauvignon Blanc this evening:

It is light and delicious and reminds me of summer, in spite of the fact that it’s like 30 degrees outside (brr).

Today’s RUN: I dragged my beer-laden butt through a rather unpleasant 5 miles (42:00) this afternoon.  I felt like garbage but it’s my own fault (see DRINK, above) so I suppose I can’t complain too much.

P.S. – I probably would have just succumbed to the circumstances and taken the day off, but for the brand new Training page I added this week – see tab at top!  Accountability.  It actually works – who knew?


10 responses to “That’s how I roll

  1. Those rolls look absolutely divine!!!

    • They are seriously so good – and the best part is that you could really put whatever you want in them in terms of veggies, proteins, etc. I’m going to make some semi-homemade ones soon – I’ll be sure to share the recipe! 🙂

  2. I’m also totally convinced that fresh McDonald’s fries with ketchup are the world’s most perfect food!

    The summer rolls look amazing!

  3. I am also a huge fan of spring rolls! Chris and I were really excited to go to Vietnam and have ‘real’ ones since we had been making them so often at home. For the first week we were in Vietnam, we couldn’t figure out why they tasted so ‘off’compared to ours, kind of fishy funky. Turns out that the sauce we were given to dunk them in was fish oil. We had been super-coating each roll in the ‘dipping sauce’ to try to mask the fish funk. Duh! Idiots!

    Turns out that neither of us is a huge fish oil fan. The spring rolls ended up being awesome after we stopped coating them in the fish oil dipping sauce.

  4. Those look delicious! I prefer the pork spring rolls. Mmmm.
    FYI homemade fries D-style taste just as good if not better than Mickey D’s fries. I promise. 🙂

  5. I love spring rolls! I would love to try to make some so please do share the recipe!

  6. Ahhh a foodie but not a food snob…and you like your drank…I heart you already!!

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