Ditchin’ the kitchen

Shades of my former life today.

That is: a girl who ate whatever she wanted and who wasn’t on a budget.  Also known as: lots and lots of eating out.  Or: awesomeness.

Not that I don’t love cooking – but man it was nice when I woke up this morning and realized I had plans for both lunch AND dinner out with friends.  What a lovely respite!  And a chance to hit up some awesome restaurants.

Without further ado….

Today’s EAT: First, lunch.  I met a good friend and her adorable daughter for a girls’ catch-up lunch at Le Grainne in Chelsea.  Croque monsieur = simple, cheesy, hammy heaven.  With lots of sandwiches and salads under $10, this place is awesome for lunch and one of my favorites in the area!

And, um…it just so happens that Billy’s Bakery is across the street.  Hello, cupcake.  Of course we stopped for a little treat.

My tummy had barely recovered from the deliciousness by the time dinner rolled around: a meetup with some friends at Green Table inside the Chelsea Market.  (Yes, lots of hangin’ in Chelsea today!)  There was Mac and Cheese on the menu and I was unable to resist.  However, I did go for the side portion, along with a delicious salad.

Going to bed with a full belly tonight, and love the fact that I didn’t log a single minute in the kitchen to make it happen.  Ahh…the good life.

Today’s DRINK: I can’t remember what wine we had with dinner, but I do know that one of them was PINK!  Rose wines are totally a summer thing in NYC and sipping one made me so giddy.  Can’t wait until the days of sipping chilled pink wines on sunny patios.

Today’s RUN: An easy 6 miles (52:00).  I really intended to also do some lower-body lifting today, but it never happened.  Oh well.


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