What a glorious sunny day!  Well played, NYC.  It doesn’t get much better than 75, clear, sunny and no humidity.

I had a number of little errands to do this afternoon, which necessitated lots of walking around the city and being outside.  It was about as pleasurable as running errands can possibly get!

After picking up my number and race bag for tomorrow’s Scotland 10K from NYRR on the UES, I made my way down to Union Square and picked up some dinner goodies at the Greenmarket.  Since I was right by JackRabbit , I decided to pop in and pick up a PowerBar for my pre-race breakfast tomorrow.

Old school.  Still my favorite pre-race snack though!

Somehow I emerged with these guys as well:

Brooks Racer 4 shoes!  I’ve been contemplating getting a pair of shoes for races and speedwork, and finally decided that I’m putting enough miles there that it warrants a separate pair.  And of course I am doing what I would warn every new runner NOT to do, and wearing them in my race tomorrow, fresh out of the box.  I hope they work out – and help me run a good time!

Today’s EAT: For some reason, I have been really craving a crusty baguette lately.  And what better to go with a crusty baguette than a delicious soup and salad?

I whipped up some Shrimp Bisque by loosely following this Ina Garten recipe.  Mods:

  • Used shallots instead of leeks (couldn’t find leeks at the Greenmarket)
  • Used half the amount of cream
  • Used a splash of Chardonnay and a splash of Port in place of the sherry and cognac
  • Added lots of extra cayenne

Dinner was delicious and, as the hubs proclaimed, “very French.”  Tres bien!

Today’s DRINK: My new favorite place to shop for wine?  The Greenmarket!

Sorry to be all Greenmarket this, Greenmarket that.  I love the Greenmarket though.  And I especially love the upstate wineries that come to sell their wines there, offering lots and lots of free samples in the process.


Seriously though.  I would never think that a $10 bottle of New York state Chardonnay would be good.  But this unoaked version from Anthony Road is pretty impressive for the price!

And did I mention the free samples??

Today’s RUN: Easy day today!  3 miles, slow, followed by an hour of Vinyasa yoga at the gym.  I hope my legs feel fresh, loose and ready to race in the morning!


4 responses to “Speedracers

  1. Mmmm bread. Dan’s baguettes are yummy!

    The shrimp bisque sounds delish. Mmm I love leeks. Best.veg.ever! 😀

  2. Good luck with your race tomorrow Shelb!

  3. Hey Shelby! I’m Jacqui (from cptc) – I didn’t know you had a blog!! Cool!! Megan and I were out there this morning doing out long run and we were cheering on the scotland 10K-ers at the top of harlem hill (on the east side)!! I hope you’re race went well!!

    P.s. I run in brooks ST4 racers and THEY ARE AWESOMMMMMEE! Best shoes of my life. I’m already on my second pair 🙂

    • I totally saw you guys! Thanks for coming out! I would have stopped to say hi but I don’t think I would have been able to start again…it was *that* kind of day, haha.

      I didn’t have a great race but I did LOVE the shoes! They are fantastic!

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