Why I celebrate Easter

The traditional Easter celebration is sort of lost on me.  I’m not particularly religious, and we don’t have kids or family in the area.  Easter would be just another day, but for one very happy reason to celebrate: four years ago on Easter weekend, the hubs and I got engaged.

And it was pretty damn memorable.

April 2006.  We were both 25 years old and had traded California for Cleveland a year earlier.  We missed the life on the West coast and our friends there, who had been sort of like a family in the years that we lived there post-college.

So where would any good heathen go with a long weekend to burn?


It wasn’t hard to convince some LA friends to meet us out there.  A long weekend of climbing in Red Rocks and partying it up at the then-brand-new (and heavily discounted on Easter weekend – ha) Wynn hotel.  Sweet.  Little did I know that the hubs had much more than that in mind!

We set out on Saturday to climb Dark Shadows, a 3-pitch 5.7 route set back in a sandstone canyon.  There were five of us climbing it, so we broke up into a party of three and a party of two and started up.

I had gotten pretty in to climbing when we lived in LA.  I was never particularly good at it, but I loved getting out there every weekend.  Since my lead skills were pretty weak, and the hubs’ nonexistent, we were designated co-followers in the party of three, while one of our good friends – who is a much stronger climber –  led the entire thing.

There was quite a bit of traffic on the route, and climbing in a party of three with a single leader is not a particularly efficient way to climb anyway…so by the time we hit this little ledge at the start of the third and last pitch, we’d been up there for a while and I was rather cold and hungry.

Finally the pitch above us cleared up and we scurried up to the top.  Somehow – and to this day, I still am impressed by this – in the clusterf*ck of multiple parties and climbers on that route the hubs had planned it so that the two of us would top out, alone, at the same time.

And he sort of put his knee into the rock and pulled out a huge diamond ring.

And I?  I replied with: “What the hell are you doing?”

I’m a classy chick.  In my defense, though, I was cold and hungry and hanging from a rock several hundred feet from the desert floor.

Obviously, once I got over my shock and figured out what was going on, I said YES!  And was informed that I couldn’t have my ring – which was thankfully insured – until we had safely descended.  This began a small argument over who should rappel first:

Me: “You go first.  I’ve rappelled a zillion times, I’ll be fine.”  (This was true – I was definitely the more experienced climber.)

Hubs: “No, I should go first.  You’re probably pretty excited and overcome with emotion right now….what if you’re not thinking straight?”

Me: “Seriously?  Because I am a girl I cannot put aside my emotions and rig a friggin’ rappel?  No, you first.”

I don’t actually remember who went first, but we both got down safely.  The worst part was keeping the big news under wraps from our friends while we waited at the intermediate belays for traffic to clear out!

So happy and giddy!

Of course we celebrated that night:

And I showed off that gorgeous ring in every shot that I could!

And that, my friends, is my reason to celebrate Easter.  A wonderful surprise from a fantastic guy who I am so proud to call my husband.

I hope your Easter weekend was good too – and you had something to celebrate, whether traditional or not!

Today’s EAT: I had some really fantastic and exotic turkey burger concoctions in mind for dinner.  However…grocery delivery from today’s Trader Joe’s trip was delayed, and I ended up having to work with what I had on hand.

Ground turkey patties, sauteed onions, sweet potato fries.  And um…that’s an English muffin posing as a bun.  Hey…it worked!

Hoping to get a bit more creative and adventurous with the rest of the week’s dinners!

Today’s DRINK: Whenever I am shopping TJ’s and getting delivery, I stock up on beer.  TJ’s beer prices are hands down the best in the city.  I opted for this Corona-eque “Mexican light” version with dinner tonight:

Refreshing on this warm spring evening!

Today’s RUN:  Confession: I am a huge nerd who really actually enjoys track workouts.  Today I ventured over to the East River track to try some intervals.  It was a gorgeous day and there were at least two high school groups out there practicing.  It was so fun to watch them and remember those days. 🙂

Anyway…I had a great workout and was able to keep a great pace up throughout.  I intended these to be at goal 5K pace but actually went a bit faster!  I was shooting for half the time of the previous interval as recovery, but with tons of people running workouts in the first lane, I sort of just jumped in there as soon as I felt recovered and saw an opportunity.

1600 – 6:34

1200 – 4:56

800 – 3:12

400 – 1:31

200 – 0:39

200 – 0:35 (! – I didn’t think I could run that fast anymore!)

I felt great throughout the workout and also felt like giving a big FU to my Saturday-morning, racing-disaster-self.  Ugh.

Workout + warm up + warm down = ~7 miles.


8 responses to “Why I celebrate Easter

  1. what a great engagement tale. you guys are freakin’ cute. and you do cool stuff. yay for cute couples who go on adventurous vacations and drink fake corona light on weeknights. my kinda people, gotta say! 😛

  2. I loved hearing that story! You guys are so adventurous. My fiance was nervous enough carrying my ring around NYC, I can’t even imagine climbing with it!

  3. That is amazing. You got engaged on a mountain face! That is like my dream. What a catch! As for your (really impressive) track workout, I’m now convinced you were psyching yourself out of the 10K. You are FAST, girl! Own it!

  4. That’s an awesome story!!!

    And I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – you are SPEEDY!!!

  5. I love your engagement story!!! What a wonderful reason to celebrate Easter this year. 🙂

  6. What an awesome story!

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  8. Okay, finally a blog proposal story that doesn’t send me into resentful fits of bored yawns! This is just another reason why you rock. (Haha, rock. Climbin’ rocks… scorin’ rocks on your finger.)

    Also, this is adorable.

    Also, those 200’s… yipes.

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