Sushi: conquered

I’m pretty adventurous in the kitchen; there are few things I’ve never even attempted.  But until tonight, one of them happened to be one of my favorite foods in the world: sushi.

Not sure why I’d never tried to make it before.  Sure, the whole “bamboo mat/sticky rice/how do I make it hold together?” thing is a little intimidating but geez, compared to some of the crap I’ve attempted over the years, it’s nothing.  And so on Sunday, while contemplating a ripe avocado that needed to be used up, the answer was obvious: California roll.

Added to grocery list: short grain rice, nori (dried seaweed sheets), and rice vinegar.  Wasabi.  Crab, of course – the real stuff, not that fake crap.  And, because we’re being adventurous, why limit ourselves to one kind of roll?  Let’s pick up some smoked salmon and cream cheese and throw some Philly Rolls in there too.

Well, look at that.  I’m a sushi chef!  I wouldn’t say it was easy – it was a little tricky getting things to hold together.  And my inside-out rolls are actually only covered in rice about 2/3 of the way around – I positioned them to look pretty for the photo, though. 🙂  But after the first couple of rolls, I kind of figured out what worked and it really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be!

Conquering new frontiers in the kitchen is so fun and satisfying!

Today’s EAT: California rolls adapted from this Epicurious recipe.  I also did some inside out Philly rolls – basically the same process, just flip the nori over and put the fillings on the other side.  (This video was quite helpful – and who doesn’t love a hot British accent?)

Five rolls  = dinner for the hubs and me, plus lunch for me tomorrow.  I added just a bit of spicy mayo (mayo + sriacha sauce) to the California rolls for a delicious little kick.  Also, some shredded carrots for color.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sushi snob and would probably never order Cali rolls or Philly rollls at an actual sushi restaurant.  And my version is definitely not on par with “real” sushi.  But for a relatively inexpensive, relatively healthy and relatively easy (once you get the hang of it) meal, it’s a winner for sure!

Today’s DRINK: Sushi belongs with sake.  It’s a good thing I picked some up at Trader Joe’s yesterday!

I will admit to knowing next to nothing about sake.  When we go out for sushi, I usually just order the house hot sake, nice and microwaved in its nondescript little carafe.  This Pearl version is a little different – unfiltered, so it’s milky/cloudy, and served chilled.  It’s definitely tasty but a little sweeter than what I am used to.  I’d buy it again though – at $10 for a full sized bottle, it’s definitely and good value!

Today’s RUN:  I did the unthinkable today: I got up in the morning to run.

And by “morning” I mean 7 AM.

I realize for many people this is laughably late, and that there are lots of people who get up at 5 AM every day to get their workout in.  I am not one of them.  I hate mornings and I especially hate running in the morning.

However…with rumors of 85-degree weather floating around, I decided it was worthwhile to get up and get it over with before the heat set in.  (A tradeoff that I must make far too often in the summertime, tragically.)

Anyway.  It wasn’t bad, actually, and I got in an easy 5 miler (41:15) and then went to yoga at the gym.  By 9 AM I was done with working out for the day, and that was really kind of nice.  I guess I can see why people like to work out in the morning.  Grumble.

Today’s QUESTION: (Whoa!  You like that?  I’ve seen many bloggers end their posts with a question and so I am shamelessly incorporating this tactic into my little format.)

What exotic or difficult dish have you conquered in the kitchen – or which one is on your list?  Recipes are a bonus!


10 responses to “Sushi: conquered

  1. Looks delicious!

    Difficult for me..??? Everything. 😀

    Difficult for Dan- Shoyu Ramen..not so much difficult, but new & fun for him to make AND Unbelievably delicious!

  2. Nice!

    Also, Momokawa is made in Oregon. They probably have the best US produced sake. Try the G Joy if you see it in a store.

  3. ok, this is highly impressive. i’ve made vegetarian sushi before, but never the real stuff, and mine did not look nearly as pretty as yours! (also, tj’s sells sake? this is excellent information to have.)

    my most recent kitchen win: i made sweet potato tortillas from scratch over the weekend, and i will probably brag about them for at least 2 more weeks. there’s almost nothing i won’t attempt in the kitchen!

    btw, i just found your blog and love the concept. always good to see fellow adventurous nyc food-loving girls!

  4. I’ve made sushi twice. I was eh about it, but then again, I’m not a mega sushi fan. Did you get a rolling mat to roll them up? I believe I used a deconstructed paper bag for mine, which might have been part of the problem.

    Exotic dish? I’m not terribly ambitious in the kitchen, at least in terms of devoting time, but I did once make South African bobotie. It was okay.

  5. I’ve always wanted to make sushi but I am scared to. lol seeing how beautifully yours turned out, maybe I’ll give it a shot!

  6. Your sushi looks awesome!

    We love to invite people over for sushi rolling parties because we can trick our guests into making their own dinner. 🙂

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