Feline Friday

My cats don’t get dry kibble often.  Because when they do, a very fun game commences:

It is called: whack your food out of your bowl onto the floor.  Seriously, do I have cats or toddlers here?

Parker is the instigator of this game.  But Emmy, a perennial copycat, gladly assists.

Aww, mom, don’t be mad at me for turning your living room floor into a bed of cat food crumbles!

These furry beasts…their antics try my patience sometimes, especially since we all share the same 300 square feet.  But I wouldn’t trade ’em for the world.

Today’s EAT: Crab cakes and sweet potato fries!

Did you know that Trader Joe’s has 6-ounce cans of crab for only $1.99?  I used two cans for these cakes and ended up with a ridiculously cheap, yet gourmet-seeming, dinner.

Modified this recipe from Eating Well by adding some sauteed minced shallots and orange bell pepper.  Also kicked up the spice factor with lots of hot sauce!  And obviously I didn’t serve them in burger form, but on their own, with a garlic mayo dipping sauce.  Delish!

Today’s DRINK: Friday night means martinis!  Wildness!!!

(Hey…we have to find some way to celebrate the weekend if we’re being lame and staying in!)

This week: Strawberry Martinis!  On the way home from my run today, I stopped and picked up a bottle of Stoli Strawberi.  Chilled and shaken with frozen strawberries and a bit of Prosecco, this made for a fun Friday night cocktail!  (I might be on #2 now.  Maybe.)

Today’s RUN: After expressing my frustration yesterday and getting some great comments from all of you (thank you!), I decided that Sarah was right and recovery miles aren’t necessarily junk miles.  So I did six easy today, along the Hudson, and it felt great.  I just have to say, also, thank goodness for cooler weather!  I’m not ready to battle heat every day.

I also did an hour of Vinyasa this morning.  Friday morning yoga is my favorite – it starts an hour later than the normal weekday morning classes at my gym. 🙂

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite fun cocktail? I’m usually a beer or wine girl, but I love concocting a little something festive once in a while!


9 responses to “Feline Friday

  1. CATS!

    Our black and white cat does that too–she knocks her kibble out of the bowl before she eats it.

  2. My cats like to flick water out of their water bowls and then stare sadly when they have no water. It’s cute to watch until the little wet pawprints emerge.

    And I am happy that you had a good run! I bat about .100 with advice, so this was a lucky hit.

  3. Thanks for posting some photos of your furry friends. Great shot of Parker licking his lips.

    Went to Petco today and saw someone who *might* be a great friend to Ahlein…..all I need is to convince H….

  4. Wallet-friendly crab cakes? SCORE! I know this is lame, but I don’t really have a favorite cocktail. I usually drink vodka/water with a lemon and lime. Sounds gross, but it’s low-cal and actually pretty good if you squeeze the heck out of the lemons and limes. Hrm… but if I had to pick one, I’d say a mojito!


    • Mmm, I enjoy mojitos too! Especially when the weather is warm.

      Thanks for the comment, I checked out your blog and love it. 🙂 Adding you to my reader!

  5. Awww, your cats look just like my cat, Fraidy Cat Fred! I lurve cats…and Fred is teaching Chris (DH) to love cats too!

    Not a drinker….so I’m out on this question! 😉

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