Wake.  Eat.  Sleep.  Eat.

A most enjoyable Saturday!  The hubs and I had no plans, and I needed a day off of running/working out, so I decided to take a cue from the cats and sprawl on the bed for an afternoon nap in a patch of sunshine.  Glorious.

It’s kind of funny how I gravitate toward a two-meal schedule on the weekends.  Unless I’m going a long run or something, I tend to defer breakfast in favor of a giant brunch-lunch.  Then fast until dinnertime.  Odd, considering I always eat breakfast during the week and snack throughout the day as well!

Today’s EAT:  Stop one on the two-meal train: dim sum in Flushing.  Visiting the “real Chinatown of New York” has been on my list for a while, and with the day wide open, today was a perfect opportunity!  After lazing around all morning, the hubs and I rode the 7 train allllll the way out to its terminus, deep in Queens, and grabbed some brunch at Ocean Jewel.

I love dim sum.  I love everything about it: you get lots of little plates of food to try, and can approach your meal in a most carefree way, just taking whatever looks good off of the carts that come by.  I also love being the only white people in a restaurant.  That’s a sign of good things!

(Also – random question – do the dim sum cart ladies get a commission from the food they serve you?  They seemed genuinely thrilled when we accepted their offerings.  Maybe they’re just really friendly?)

On to stop two.   Since we ate out for brunch, staying in for dinner seemed like a good idea.  I did not feel like actually cooking, though.  (Still groggy from my nap!)  So I threw some salami on a frozen cheese pizza, along with a sauteed mix of minced bell pepper, onion and garlic, for a dressed up pizza:

Amazing how a couple of extra toppings can turn a plain pizza into deliciousness!

Today’s DRINK: This bottle of Monte Ducay red table wine was a last minute addition to my TJ’s run last week:

They were sampling it so of course I helped myself to a cup.  And it was fantastic!  The packaging is a little odd (are they trying to channel a bottle of Mad Dog wrapped in a paper sack?) but this wine tastes far more expensive than its $10 price tag.  It’s nice and smooth and not grape-y or sharp like many cheap reds.   I will definitely buy it again!

Hubs and I may also be headed out to meet some friends in Meatpacking later this evening.  Maybe.  If the pull of the couch isn’t too strong.  (Right now, Anchorman is on TV and the couch is scoring major points.  We’ll see.)

Today’s RUN: Day off!  Planning a longer one tomorrow, something in the 10-12 range.  Hope the weather stays cool and dry like today!

Today’s QUESTIONAre your weekend eating habits substantially different than your weekday schedule? I’ve gotta admit, I love the two meal, brunch-dinner weekend formula.  It’s easier to indulge. 🙂


5 responses to “Naptastic

  1. I adore your blog. New York sounds incredibly interesting. I live in Central FL and I admit, its pretty boring compared to the craziness of NY. .. the only thing FL has are the beaches, I can’t live without the beaches.

    In response to your question about eating habits.. It varies, it depends on what is going on during my weekend. Yesterday I worked a 10.5 hr day so it was a regular eating day for me. Today i got up at the asscrack of dawn to go for a little run, had an English muffin, came home, starving- ate some cereal.. now I’m doing school work and drinking coffee and it’s almost lunch.. i’ll probably skip lunch and wait for the pulled pork that’s in the crock pot right now for dinner. yum.

  2. My weekend eating is sooo different from during the week. I’m stuck at a desk all week so I eat breakfast and snacks like fruit or nuts and then something decently healthy for lunch and a normal dinner. On the weekends its kind of anything goes. We usually eat a big breakfast around ten and then either fast till an early dinner or grab a sandwich. I don’t do ny of my snacks and I seldom ever miss them.

  3. I just woke from my 2 hour slumber following 19km this morning. An afternoon nap is the perfect reward for a long run, I love weekends!

  4. Don’t skip breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day. 🙂

    I eat bad on the weekends & fairly good on the weekdays. Ooh and lots of late night snacking on weekends…sooo bad!

  5. I didn’t eat a single vegetable today (Sunday). Thankfully, that’s not the norm. Although I wonder how far I could get on the pizza + beer + brownie diet…

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