Manhattan’s backyard

I love hanging out in NYC’s parks on sunny days.  For the millions of us who are cooped up in tiny apartments throughout the city, the parks truly are our collective yard.

My long run today meandered along the Hudson River Greenway up to Riverside park and then over into Central Park.  It was a fascinating day to be out and about – the weather was perfect and every green space was teeming with sunbathers, frisbee tossers and picnickers.

I loved the family playing nerf tee-ball with their kids – complete with bases and everything.  I’ll bet it was a major effort to haul all of that plastic out to the park.  From the joyous shrieks of the kiddos, I am sure it was worth it.

I loved the woman doing a full on yoga practice, iPod earbuds firmly entrenched in her ears, on a patch of grass about two feet from the bustling traffic of the footpath.  It didn’t seem to bother her at all.

I loved the kids selling lemonade in Central Park.  I’m sure it’s totally illegal or whatever, but seriously, how cute?!  I have such fond memories of my lemonade stand.  I’m glad that enterprising city kids have the same experience.

(Incidentally, the lemonade stand was not the most profitable of my childhood entrepreneurial adventures.  That title goes to the time I collected a wagon full of empty gallon jugs from our recycling pile, filled them with water from the hose, and went door to door selling my “special water.”  I made loads of 7-11 money from that one!  I guess people just took pity on me or thought I was, myself, “special” or something??)

Today’s EAT: The main meal of the day was a late lunch at Galanga, a Thai place in our neighborhood that we hadn’t tried yet.  It was tasty!  How can you go wrong with duck pad-see-ew??

Today’s DRINK: Nothing special, just cleaning up yesterday’s leftover bottle of red.  I am exhausted and will be in bed early tonight, I think!

Today’s RUN: I headed out without a specific plan today: I just knew that I wanted to get a longer run in, and planned to start from my apartment and end in Central Park.  I started out up the Hudson, through Riverside Park and cut East at 95th street.  Once I got to CP, I decided I wasn’t feeling road running so I opted for a loop on the bridle path, then a loop around the reservoir, and finally made my way down to the South end of the park to finish up.  According to a combo of and knowing the distance of various park loops, I’m thinking I did 13 miles or perhaps a hair over in 1:53.

Hooray for a long, pleasant, meandering run!  Today was truly a running treat.

Today’s QUESTION: Lemonade stands and the like: did you have one as a kid? I harassed my neighbors frequently in the summer, peddling my wares!


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