Brooklyn bound

Hey – guess who’s running a random Tuesday night 5K tomorrow!

When I got wind that JackRabbit Sports, one of the local running stores, was putting on an “Anyone Can Win” 5K tomorrow night, I was stoked!  For one thing, it’s a fun and different type of race: there are no mile markers, no clocks, and no watches allowed.  You guess your finish time in advance and the “winners” are determined on accuracy.  Kind of neat!

Aside from the novelty of the race format:

  • It’s a 5K.  I love 5Ks.  NYRR appears to hate 5Ks, as all of their races seem to be 4M and above.  So I jumped at the opportunity to do a shorter race!
  • It’s a small race.  It’s capped at 400 and as of this afternoon was not full.  Big races are exhilarating, but it will be nice to just show up and run without worrying about corrals and chaos and crowds.
  • It’s an evening race! I am sure I have mentioned this about a zillion times, but I am just not a morning person.  At all.  Evening races are really rare so of course I had to take advantage!
  • It’s not in Central Park.  Don’t get me wrong, I love CP, but I’m excited to run a race somewhere else.  This one is in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  I’ve never been there.  Which is kind of dumb because it’s really not that far away.  But it will be fun to see some new sights!

Bonus: this race will totally count as one of my speed workouts for the week, right?  Awesome.

Today’s EAT: A quick dinner of Honey Wasabi Shrimp – a made-up recipe that I absolutely love and have finally decided to memorialize on the internet.  Served with whole grain rice and this garlic baby bok choy from Epicurious.  (I didn’t love the bok choy, but I blame user error on that one.)

The hubs asked over dinner, “Is this healthy?”   And yes, I believe it is!  Sure, the shrimp are lightly breaded and pan fried, but the rest of the dish is quite low calorie.

Today’s DRINK: In honor of baseball season – Brooklyn Pennant Ale!

(It’ll be a cold day in hell before I root for the Yanks though.  Go Tribe and M’s!)

Today’s RUN: Nada – rest day!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite distance to race – and why? 5K is just about perfect in my book!  They’re over in less time than it takes to watch a DVR’d episode of The Office – and yet, when I’m truly going for a good time, they’re incredibly challenging.


6 responses to “Brooklyn bound

  1. Good luck tomorrow Shelb! Sounds like you will enjoy the experience!
    Love, Dad

  2. rock it tonight! brooklyn running is pretty awesome, you’ll find. take a walk in park slope after the race and you just might fall in love with the ‘hood… it was, afterall, rated the number one NYC neighborhood by NYMag this week. it’s true.

    • I’m definitely excited to check it out! Might have to do a longer cool down and explore a bit! As long as I can find my way back to the F train…. 🙂

  3. Whoa! Your dad comments on your blog! Awesome. Have a great time, and enjoy the neighborhood. There’s an evening run (w/pizza!) in Jersey in the summer. You should take a field trip.

  4. How fun! And this is why I haven’t done many races…not a morning runner. This would be right up my alley. Good luck!

  5. Just starting out, in fact, doing my first 5k this weekend and super excited. 🙂 Looking forward to following your runs though as I LOVE NYC!

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