Born a travelin’ cat

I have nothing much to say today, so I’m going to talk about my awesome cat.

Dinner plans with friends tonight.  They have  a cat.  We attended – and we brought our cat on the F train up to 34th street so she could come to dinner, too.  Our Emmy loves traveling and exploring new places.  It’s weird…but I don’t mind being that crazy cat lady on the subway.  Kitty play date.  Yes, I am that girl.

Cat and owner both thoroughly enjoyed the excursion!  Thanks J & H for having us over!

Today’s EAT: My cook-at-home lunch plans were easily sacrificed when the hubs left a critical work thing at home this morning.  I knew at some point, when he realized what he’d forgotten, I’d get an email asking for a lunch date.  Sure enough, at 11:15, it hit my inbox!  I suggested Simple Kitchen in Chelsea for our lunch date.  It was a great choice!  Clean eaters would rejoice at this place – everything was so fresh and healthy and delicious.  I must constantly remind myself of how lucky I am that eating out in NYC doesn’t necessarily mean eating unhealthy.

Dinner was cooked by my awesome friend J – a traditional middle eastern dish of chicken, rice, yogurt and spices.  I can’t wait to get the recipe and try it.  So simple and flavorful!

Today’s DRINK: A decent amount of red wine.  I really couldn’t tell ya what it was.  Dinner parties rock my socks.

Today’s RUN:  I couldn’t make to to CPTC Tempo Thursday, due to my dinner party date. 🙂  But in the spirit of keeping myself on the same schedule, I set out for a 5-mile tempo run today.  I had such a great run on Tuesday night without my watch that I decided to just ignore it tonight and focus on pushing my pace a bit on my normal five-mile Hudson River route.

I was shocked when I finished: 36:10.  Um, what?

After I got home I double checked the distance on mapmyrun: 4.96 miles.  I added 20 seconds to my run for the 0.04 I was short – which is generous.  Still.  Damn.  ~7:18 pace.  And it felt totally carefree and easy.

I’m starting to think that I just have issues with my watch and should start leaving it at home all of time!  Clearly I run better when I’m not constantly aware of my progress!

Today’s QUESTIONDo you run with a watch, a Garmin, a Nike+, or nothing at all?  What do you like – or don’t like – about it? I am starting to think there might be something very valuable about a sort of “intuitive running” process.  Lately I’ve been loving just running according to my perceived effort and have been running much faster!


9 responses to “Born a travelin’ cat

  1. Congrats on your fast run! I run with a Garmin. I did 6mi yesterday and for the last 2 miles I completely focused on my music and an object in front of me instead of looking at my watch every 20 seconds and my run improved. (not 7:18 like you =) .. ) but it was faster then what i had been running the first 4 miles at. But I can not go w/o my watch i just need to train myself not to look at it so friggin’ often. I run on a trail and there are no markers to tell how far i’ve gone so i kind of need it for distance! Wish i was brave enough to run my 10k tomorrow w/o it.. probably not though. Happy Friday!

  2. Sometimes I run with my Garmin, sometimes a watch and sometimes nothing. I don’t get to attached to any of those, but I’m a pretty laid back runner when it comes to splits and stuff.

  3. I jsut run with a watch. I time my run and then calculate my pace when I get home. I want a Garmin, but just can’t swallow the fact that I need to spend so much money on one.

    I think it would take away from the enjoyment I have when I run but at the same time, would help me with my marathon training this summer.

    • This is the same dilemma that I have! I kind of want one because I think it could be a good thing, but I can’t justify the cost and I worry about it making me a headcase or taking the fun out of running.

  4. I got a Garmin for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I am still a fairly new runner, and it is helping me push my pace and get faster. Occasionally I’ll go without, which I suppose is nice for a change. Since getting the Garmin, I know that I will always race with it!

  5. Garmin whore over here. I’ve been running with one for nearly two years, and I really wouldn’t go back. For all the neuroses it fosters, I think it’s a really spectacular training tool, especially when you’re running an unfamiliar route. The older model ones are also very affordable on eBay.

  6. I use my Polar heart rate monitor to calculate calories and to stay within my heart rate range. I use my Nike+ for the ipod feature only. I want to use the Nike+ for my pace but I don’t think it’s very accurate….

  7. Congrats speedy!

    I run with $12 watch I got two years ago and my cellphone. My cellphone tracks my run for me, but I don’t usually check it, unless I need to check my distance (I tend to roam around exploring without a planned route).

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