Gym with a view

Generally I’m not much of a gym rat, but this view makes logging some time in the weight room pretty pleasant:

Sometimes I’m still in awe of the fact that I live here.  I really never imagined myself living in NYC – and when I did imagine it, I thought I would hate it.  I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how much I love it.  I can’t believe it’s only been 8 months – it kind of feels like home!

One of the things I love is how scenes from stereotypical American life crop up in the city.  Like this little league ballgame (which I watched between sets of weights):

A little slice of suburbia, smack in the middle of the West Village.  (Sorry for the crappy picture and weird reflection – I took these using my iPod’s video camera!)

The view from the other side of the gym is equally spectacular, looking out over the Hudson River and NJ.  I really love my gym!  It isn’t super fancy or a “scene” or anything like that, but the space is very nice.  Not a bad place to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Today’s EAT:  I’m kind of a pasta addict and this morning I realized something kind of shocking – I haven’t had it all week! Time for a pasta dinner plan.  After settling on a general seafood theme, I set out to pick up the goods:

I lovingly refer to this as the Trifecta of Neighborhood Food Awesomeness: Amy’s Bread, The Lobster Place and Murray’s Cheese Shop.  Buying delicious food literally could not be more convenient!

From Murray’s: a hunk of Parm and some fresh linguine

From Lobster Place: mussels, rock shrimp and scallops

From Amy’s: mini baguettes (and a cupcake) 🙂

The destination for these goodies?  A take on this Epicurious recipe for Fettuccine with Shrimp, Scallops and Mussels.

This turned out SO well and will certainly be made again in the future.  The only mods: I left out the squash (didn’t have any), used dried herbs, and added some white wine to the garlic when it was cooking.  Oh, and a tiny splash of cream at the end to give the sauce a bit more body.  Delicious!

(And the cupcake?  That will be consumed later tonight!)

Today’s DRINK: Food and wine pairing FAIL, take two:

I didn’t feel like having red with dinner, and this JW Morris Riesling was the only white I had chilled.  Oops!  It was definitely too sweet to pair well with the meal.  Even on its own, I think this wine is a little on the sticky sweet side.  Not a huge fan.

Today’s RUN: A mellow 6 miles along the Hudson, which felt great!  I ended at the gym for some weenie runner lower-body weights – an attempt to figure out how I can lift and get a good workout without making myself too sore the next day.  I definitely didn’t feel the jello legs as much as I do when I lift hard, but I think it was still a pretty good workout.

  • 5 X 12 lunges with 24 lb body bar
  • 5 X 1 min hold squat with 12 lb body bar
  • 5 X 10 quad presses at 75 lbs
  • 5 X 10 seated hamstring curl at 65 lbs

The best part – in and out in half an hour.  That is a nice change from my usual hour-long weight sessions!

Today’s QUESTION: Random – NBA playoffs started today!  The hubs and I lived in Cleveland for several years and are huge Cavs fans – I’m pulling so hard for LeBron and company to go all the way this year!  Who are you rooting for?


11 responses to “Gym with a view

  1. Foodosaurus Rex

    That pasta looks SO good! And I wish my gym had views like that – there’s only one wall of windows and it looks out onto a parking lot… boo!

  2. I wish my gym had views like that! I don’t know if I could handle living in NYC, but reading posts like this makes me want to give it a go!

    • I was honestly 100% convinced that I’d hate it. I used to think people were dumb when they talked about how much they loved living there. Now I feel like the dumb one because it is awesome. 🙂

  3. Ummm NYC envy!!!! What a spectacular view!!! And all those delicious little restaurants you have to choose from…yum!


  4. I don’t have an answer to your NBA question because I don’t follow basketball much, but I just wanted to say your pasta dish looks AMAZING! I will definitely be adding it to my recipe list. My husband is from NYC and is dying to get back to the city…I’m still not convinced I want to live there although your post helped a tiny bit. 😉

    • Thanks! I was really stoked about how well it turned out. It’s hard to find fettucine-type dishes that aren’t doused in a heavy cream sauce.

      Glad I could help with your NYC dilemma! 🙂 Although I am obviously biased!

  5. 1) I don’t care about basketball, I’m a football girl

    2) That view is AMAZING

    3) You make me want to move to NYC.

  6. Since David Stearn (NBA Commissioner)and the good ol boys from Oklahoma City stole the Sonics, and we have no team now, I will root for your team…go Cavs!

    It is Spring in Tacoma!…70 today and a wonderful walk on the golf course!

    Love, Dad

    • I’ve wondered about how Sonics fans have reacted…if they’ve joined team Thunder, jumped ship for a more local team (the Blazers?) or just stopped caring about NBA at all?

      In any event, the Cavs wagon welcomes you with open arms!!

  7. I clearly remember saying that I would NEVER want to move to NYC (senior year of college). Three years later I can’t see myself being anywhere else. I think many people have a gross misconception of the city – living in New York is nothing like being in Times Square or Rockefeller Center (eww). I’ve become fiercely loyal of this city and feel the need to defend it when people say they “wouldn’t want to live here”. Hehe.

    So much to love – Central Park, NYRR, restaurants, bakeries, bars, museums. I think NYC has stolen my heart.

  8. you DO have gorgeous views from your gym! Beautiful! I would love to workout there, but you’re right, it is a bit far for us right now.

    I never thought growing up that I’d live here either, and now I’ve been here six years! Time flies!!

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