Spotted in Central Park

A few random observations from my run this afternoon:

Toddlers can bike.  Seriously, this kid couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 years old and was pedaling the smallest two-wheeler I have ever seen, sans training wheels, like a pro!  Way to kick ass, little man.  Your peers are still effing around with Big Wheels and you’re ready to take on Lance Armstrong.

Cats can be walked.  I knew I was on to something when I bought Emmy that pink harness with rhinestones when she was a baby!  (Yes, really.)  If only I’d had more discipline in her training, she could have been like the big gray tabby I saw today, trotting along Central Park West beside his owner.

Two people hugging while wearing roller-blades:  there is no way for this not to look awkward.  Especially if you’re on a hill.

And some additional Sunday randomness:

The hubs and I try not to leave our dresser drawers open.  Because this is what happens when we do.  White cat hair is the new black….?

Today’s EAT: I informed the hubs that I was NOT cooking tonight.  Because I’m just not in the mood.

He informed me that a fancy dinner out really wasn’t in the budget.  Killjoy.

We are compromising and heading to Hummus Place for dinner.  I’m excited to try this neighborhood cheapie – NYC has a ton of inexpensive dining options if you know where to look!

Today’s DRINK: Wine in bed?  Sure, why not!  I’m spending my Sunday afternoon unwinding with a glass of Oxford Landing Merlot – while curled up on the bed with a book!

This wine is pretty tasty.  The flavor is a tad light, but that’s okay with me – if I didn’t know otherwise, I might guess that this was a Pinot Noir.  But I love Pinot Noir, so we’re cool, Oxford.  For a TJ’s under-$10 cheapie, it’s definitely a good value and one that I’ll be buying again!

And just for kicks, because I seem to be in a view-posting mood this weekend, and this post chock full ‘o random anyway, the view from my perch on the bed:

The reward for dealing with five flights of stairs: we can actually see sky from our apartment!  Unless you have a bajilion dollars to spend – or are willing to sacrifice your quads to the climb – this is pretty hard to come by in NYC.  Well, at least in the old little pre-war buildings like ours.  This view is one of the things that I love about our apartment. 🙂

Today’s RUN: Since I am theoretically training for the Brooklyn Half in May, I’ve been trying to get a long run in every week.  Last week I did 13, so today I decided that 10 was enough.  I did a big loop (6 miles) and a little loop (4 miles ‘n change) in the park and finished just under 1:24.  It was a lovely day for running – 55 and sunny, pretty much my ideal!

And my butt?  I am happy to report that it’s not too sore from yesterday’s weight room experiment!  I know you were all wondering. 🙂

Today’s QUESTION: Spread some Sunday randomness – what did you do today?


13 responses to “Spotted in Central Park

  1. I had my first day off since March 23 and it has been soooo relaxing! I ran 11 miles, made my meal plan and grocery list, and had a really nice afternoon nap.
    Enjoy your dinner out!

  2. mmm, i do love the hummus place. and wine in bed. and tequila in the shower. it’s the little things in life, right?

    what did i do today? hmmm… (grad school) class in the morning, wobbled around union square, and purchased an iPhone. currently downloading apps. good times.

  3. I’ve been meaning to try out Hummus Place. It’s on my (never-ending, always expanding) list. Today I woke up at 6:30, ran, played two frisbee games and drove 4 hours from Delaware to New Jersey. And did laundry. Now I’m tired.

  4. This morning – Target & Christmas Tree Shop w/ my mom. Got 2 tees for me and diapers for the kiddo at Target, and a new end table & lamp at the Christmas Tree Shop.
    This afternoon – BBQ w/ friends.
    This evening – lounging on the couch watching the Country Music Awards 🙂

  5. Ok pleasepleaseplease don’t ever walk your cat. Cats are adorable and I love them, but walking them is just so weird!! I’ve been seeing it happen all around the city recently and I’m just. so. confused.

    Today I studied electricity and magnetism, got my eyebrows threaded, ate 3 free sandwiches for lunch that my roommates jacked from a bridal shower, and went for a run. Woo!

  6. Oooh, poor cat! Hopefully it was at least an older cat. Fred would probably eat my face if I told him he had to stay on a leash!

    Today I bummed around. Got some much needed penny counting and cleaning done. I did play on the Wii Fit (my mom brought her’s over, I had to try it). Otherwise I was lazy, recooping from my 10mile Saturday! 🙂

  7. Can’t say that i’ve ever seen a cat on a harness being walked..

    today I did nothing. one load of laundry, went to the grocery to get a few things then came home and i’ve been laying on the couch ever since- oh, I did throw some really yummy chili stuff in the crockpot this morning. I didn’t get out for a run bc it rained off and on all day ; and running in the rain is not my cup of tea.
    Happy Sunday!

  8. I ran the Run for the Parks four miler yesterday morning, and then did absolutely nothing else 🙂 Well, that’s not entirely true. Some cleaning, some wedding planning, catching up with friends on the phone… It was a really relaxing day, just what I needed!

  9. I grocery shopped at 7am! I spent close to 2.5 hours in the gym (lifting, core and running), ran into Sam’s Club, did laundry, watched the Red Wings, irons all my work clothes for the week, packed lunches and read my latest copy of RW. It was a nice Sunday.

  10. Wow, curling up in bed with a glass of red wind sounds like the most amazing thing I’ve never done!

  11. My husband works right in your neighborhood! I recognized Hummus Place immediately when I saw the link in your blog!

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