Crummy bedmate

Do you share your home with someone who occasionally does little things that just drive you nuts??

I love my hubs, but I will admit: sometimes we do not share the same views on cleanliness.  Today I came home to find the bed covered in a layer of Frito crumbs – on my side!  Topped off with a pair of dirty socks that were very nearly touching my pillow.  Um, gross.  Put your nasty sweaty socks on your own pillow!

And I won’t even mention the collection of cups that infests his nightstand on a daily basis (seriously?  how does one person use like five glasses in a day?) or his uncanny ability to pitch used clothing just about everywhere besides the hamper.

It’s a good thing he’s got so many other redeeming qualities.

Boys.  So gross sometimes.

Today’s EAT: Tonight’s dinner was an experiment in meal planning – and a successful one!  The menu was simple: flank steak, roasted sweet potatoes, salad:

Tonight was the first CPTC outdoor track workout of the year, and I knew I’d be out during the time I’d normally cook dinner.  So I prepared ahead: this afternoon, I stuck the steak in a marinade (just red wine, balsamic, garlic and red pepper flakes) and put it in the fridge.  Peeled and cut up the sweet potatoes, tossed them with olive oil, paprika and garlic powder, and put them in the fridge too.  When I got home, dinner was as simple as throwing everything in the oven!

(Actually, I instructed the hubs to throw it in the oven.  So I guess technically he made dinner.  See, he is good for something besides snacking on the bed!) 🙂

Today’s DRINK: After a delicious beer in the shower, I tucked into a glass of the wine I’d opened earlier for the steak marinade:

This Four Vines Zin was ridiculously cheap – I want to say it was like $5 or $6 at TJ’s – and totally drinkable.  I wouldn’t rank it among my favorite wines ever, but as an inexpensive cooking wine that’s drinkable too, it’s totally passable.

Today’s RUN:  Track repeats tonight – yay!  So much fun.  (Although honestly I’m spoiled with these evening team workouts; I am sure that if I had to run these workouts at the crack of dawn like some people, I’d be singing a different tune.)

Anyway.  Tonight’s set was simple and elegant: 4 X 1200m at 5K pace with 400m recovery.  My splits were 4:59, 4:52, 4:47 and 4:56.  I was happy with the consistency, and my pace was pretty spot on: right around 6:30 to 6:40.  A touch faster than my 5K pace from last week, but I felt great and wasn’t struggling to hit them, so I went with it.

And can I just say how much I love having a club to run with?  I’ve been doing speed workouts here and there on my own, but it’s so much more fun to run with other people during track workouts.

Total for today, including warm up and cool down: about 8 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a spouse/significant other/roommate whose antics drive you crazy sometimes? In a loving way, of course.  I wouldn’t trade my hubs for the world – quirks and all!  But I wonder what goes on in his head sometimes!


12 responses to “Crummy bedmate

  1. And I’m still awake! And at work!

    Better comment will be forthcoming.

  2. Danielle (aka Foodosaurus Rex)

    That steak looks awesome!

    Now if I only I can get my fiancé to bring me beers in the shower! [it reminds me of college when we used to drink Arbor Mist in the shower getting ready!]

    • I feel like I am the only person on earth who did not know about drinking in the shower in college! I only recently discovered it – and am loving it. 🙂

  3. My husband leaves used dishes all over the house. Sometimes I think he is completely incapable of simply getting up from the couch, table, desk, or wherever and placing them in the sink. It’s frustrating! But, like your husband, he has quite a few redeeming qualities to make up for it…lucky him!

  4. My husband, at times, can drive me insane. He does make the bed. If I am the last one up, I make the bed. He just leaves it unmade. He very rarely will rinse his dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Usually he just leaves them in the sink for me to take care of. And there are more, but I am sure there are things I do that drive him crazy just the same.

    I wish I had a running club to do speed work. I think I’d push a little harder if I had others with me.

    • My hubs thinks making the bed is “nonsensical” and makes a point of telling me so frequently. 🙂

      I’m really loving the club thing – definitely recommend it if you have a group near you!

  5. Isn’t that what Husbands are for? Although, I’d be a little peeved about the crumbs in bed!

  6. Whatever long sleeves shirt or jacked my FI wears automatically goes on the back of the couch, so no matter how clean the house is it looks like crap as you walk in the front door! He’s lucky he’s so cute!
    Glad your having fun with the running group.

  7. Your husband leaves dirty clothing laying around, not in the hamper?!?!

    Mine does too. Especially in the utility sink in our laundry room. Somehow in the process of showering he gets his undershirts completely soaked to the point that he feels the need to store them in the sink until he gets around to washing them.

    I think I am better off not understanding that one…

  8. men are slobs. i forgot about how annoying it is to share a bathroom with a dude. can’t deal with the seat being up every.single.time. those redeeming qualities better be stellar! 😉

    yay for club running NOT in the early morning. i’m incapable of doing speed work without at least a few hours of awake-time. not good.

  9. I absolutely LOVE my boyfriend and I hope someday we get married and have lots of little babies runnin’ around…but oh my god can the boy snore. It makes me nuts. And I suffer from insomnia too, so it aggravates that as well. UGH! 🙂

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