April playlist – old school

A decade.  That’s, like, a pretty big chunk of time.  Nearly one third of my life.

And yet, it seems like yesterday!

I admit, I’m a bit disillusioned with the latest in pop-crap-hop.  (Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock? Really?) So I looked to earlier times for this month’s tunes.  Circa 2000:

I had SO much fun putting this together.  It was like being back on the lawn in North Quad, drinking wine from a box and soaking up the sunshine!

Ten years ago, I was:

…halfway through my sophomore year of college.  I’d just changed majors from biology to something totally different and entered the Politics, Philosophy and Economics program.  (Great decision.)

…in the midst of my second season of college track – although my interest was waning.  I’d go on to finish out my college running career, but never with as much focus or drive as I’d had before.  As it turns out, having a normal college life outside of running was important to me too.  (Also a great decision.)

…a year and a half into a relationship with the guy now known as the hubs.  (Great decision?  Of course!)

…contemplating a marathon.  I would run my first one that fall, with no more training than a couple of two-hour runs, and cross the line in 3:42.  I’ve run one per year ever since.  And I’ve yet to beat that 3:42.

…logging lots of hours at the campus pool, basking in the sunshine, while “studying” and rocking out to awesome music, as demonstrated above.  (Yep, campus pool.  Resort style pool, complete with chaise lounges and a snack bar.  Be jealous.)

Ah, memory lane.  Such a fun place to take a stroll.  I can’t wait to relive the glory days every time I pop in my earbuds.

Today’s EAT:  I am so stuffed with chips and guac right now that I can barely move!  The hubs and I met up with some friends for dinner at Dos Caminos.  It was a tasty splurge!  I have zero self control when it comes to salty, freshly-made tortilla chips.

Today’s DRINK: A delicious margarita followed by a Corona!

Today’s RUN: Day off!  And very much needed – I’ve run the last eight days in a row.

Today’s QUESTION: Rewind ten years – what were you doing a decade ago?


14 responses to “April playlist – old school

  1. hm. a decade ago I was working in our local public library, begging my mom to let me drive .. i only had my learners permit- i was 15. I was a freshman in high school. I was “dating” the freshman football quarterback. I had a lot of haters ; ha ha. I went to youth group on Wednesday nights. I made a new best friend when I was working at the library. Man, that seems like forever ago.

  2. Fun post! Like Jena, a decade ago I did not yet have my driver’s license…I was also 15. I was just an awkward teenager in high school!

  3. You’ve been with the hubby for a while, huh? Good choice on college then!
    A year ago today…April 2000. I was 16 years old, a sophomore in high school. I had just acted in “Sunday in the Park with George” in my high school. I was freaking out because I didn’t get into a history class program for my junior and senior years that I thought would make or break my life (cough cough, it didn’t). I had my first job, working behind the counter in a bakery, which I got fired from because I was too unfriendly! And I couldn’t run a mile. GOOD TIMES.

  4. Y’all are making me feel old! 🙂

    @sarah – I got fired from Jamba Juice because I “couldn’t take direction” from whatever idiot 20-year-old was “managing” the place. Tear.

  5. I was 21 and would meet the husband next month! I had recently been dumped by a boyfriend and made the decision to move in with my dad & step mom. It was a huge help as I went back to school and was working full time so I had them to help with watching my son while I was at school and work. My son was just 2 years old!

  6. I was getting ready to start college, finishing high school. Best part of that year, being the school mascot…yeah, that’s right…the mascot!

    Looking forward to the beach trip with my girl-friends and hating the relationship I was in. Good thing it ended a short time later 😉

    Started fall of 2000 at a NC University and met some fabulous people, had some crazy times, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    My husband and I were attending the same university, hadn’t met *just* yet!

  7. That is one AWESOME playlist Shelby! I already have about half of that stuff on my shuffle but I’m definitely adding the other half before my long run this weekend!

    Hmmm, 10 years ago, like you, I was a sophmore in college (I refuse to feel old though!) in New Orleans. My days were spent in the Chemistry Lab and my nights were spent partying in the French Quarter/Bourbon Street (I was multi-dimensional like that) 😉 Good times…

  8. I love that play list! That Shaggy song reminds me of the dorms freshmen year because my room was across from the bathroom that had a radio inside playing the top 40 station 24/7.

    My husband and I had a blast one night when we ripped a bunch of our old burned CD’s from our high school and college days and relived the memories. Music is not the same today…and I don’t care if that makes me old because I still know all the words to Puff Daddy and the Family – No Way Out. That is the definition of cool.

  9. I love the playlist. It reminds me of hanging out in my dorm in college.

    Ten years ago…I was a freshman at Penn State thinking that I was the coolest kid ever. My roommate and I had snuck our cars onto campus for the Spring semester, which was kind of a big deal since freshmen couldn’t have cars. We could drive to Wal-Mart and the beer distributor. Yeah, that was living! 🙂

  10. dude. best play list ever. totally running to a mix like that in, oh, three months. okay, i’ll stop my pity party now. onto happier subjects: dos caminos guac and margaritas: fan-freakin-tastic. i love the outdoor seating at the soHo location. definitely need to get back there this spring/ summer.

    ten years ago I was the most awkward (almost) fourteen year old you’ve ever met – over-sized t-shirts were the most notable part of my wardrobe, and i couldn’t talk to boys. instead i played a lot of the sims on my purple iMac after school. real cool, sofia. real cool.

  11. I must go and recreate this playlist on my itunes immediately. LOL! 10 years ago I was 14… awkward and extremely dramatic.

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  13. Very nice playlist. 10 yrs ago? Entering b-school and awaiting the birth of my daughter. I’m old as dirt.

  14. Wow this is bringing me back to my freshman year of college…ODB, Juvenile, Big Pun…I need to burn this playlist STAT!

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