After my tempo run tonight, I was totally parched.  I stopped at a street vendor and bought a Gatorade, then hopped onto the subway.  Where, literally as I was pounding sugary orange goodness, I noticed this lovely ad:

Um.  Oops.

Now, I don’t really see a problem with the use of a drink like Gatorade in my specific circumstance – I’d just run over ten miles and several of them pretty hard – but it gave me pause.  I’ve mentioned before my general dislike of plain water, and I usually opt for something flavored when I pick up a post-run thirst quencher.  But maybe I shouldn’t be?

I’m not a calorie counter, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I generally drink some of my daily caloric needs.  *Points to title of blog.* I’m totally okay with this, as I’m not really trying to lose weight, and I enjoy a daily indulgence.  But good lord, if I’m going to go home and suck down two beers after dinner, maybe I really don’t need that Gatorade too.

Sigh.  Thank you, NYC subway ad, for ruining my Gatorade.  Well played.

Today’s EAT:  The hubs was pulling this awesomeness out of the oven as I walked in the door tonight:

A plain Amy’s cheese pizza, all gussied up with with pears and caramelized onions.  Nice work, hubs!  Thursdays are usually pretty random dinner nights around here, so I was very pleasantly surprised to munch on this pizza instead of foraging in the fridge.

Today’s DRINK:  I swear, I am not normally a drinker of girly beer.  But this Blue Point Blueberry Ale sounded so refreshing and summery, I could not resist!

It is delicious.  Not sweet at all like some froo-froo-fruity ales I’ve tried: it just has a slight hint of fresh blueberry flavor.  This will definitely be in my summer drinking rotation.

Today’s RUN:  CPTC tempo night!  We did 2 X 3 miles at half-marathon pace, with a mile recovery between.  I felt pretty good tonight and while it was a challenging workout, it wasn’t nearly as vomit-inducing as I feared it might be.  I hit the first 3 miles in 22:50 and the second just a few seconds slower, keeping a mile pace of about 7:35.  With the two recovery miles and a mile each warm up and cool down, I did 10 total tonight.

Today’s QUESTION: Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc – do you drink it?


10 responses to “Haterade

  1. I like G2, but I prefer water or Hammer HEED over sports drinks. Hammer HEED isn’t a sports drink to me. It’s not loaded with a ton of sugar and has a very light taste.

    • I’ve never tried Hammer HEED – where do you buy it? Sounds good – I don’t love how sweet regular Gatorade is, but it’s usually what’s available at the time.

  2. Very rarely do sports drinks appeal to me – like, in the middle of an 85-degree, 14-mile run. When they do, I’ll take whatever. More often I just want soda or water after runs.

    And, hehe, I too shun girly beers. Beer should taste like beer, in my opinion, not pomegranate whatever. I’ll take your suggestion to heart, though.

  3. Wow – that ad is ” way harsh, Tai.” I get what they are doing there I guess.

    We buy G2 at Costco, so I have one from time to time. For some reason I like to have a G2 or Vitamin Water zero when I am traveling/on vacation and feel like I need the electrolytes. I’m not big on full sugar Gatorade just because of the taste.

    p.s. I told my husband your play list has Soul Decision – Faded on it and he responded with a very enthusiastic “awesome! It’s on my ipod too!”

  4. If I’m going to drink my calories, I want wine. 🙂

  5. Ever try Nunn? Electolytes without the sugar. Love it.

    I was craving gatorade like a madwomen over the last few miles of Boston. Sometimes you need the sugar, I suppose.

  6. I couldn’t get through a long run without Gatorade! I love the sweet sugary taste 🙂 I don’t plan on giving it up…. well ever. I think after or during a long run its justified.

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