Rampin’ up

I love cooking with random ingredients that I’ve never heard of.  When I saw these ramps at the Greenmarket last week, and chatted a bit with the woman selling them, I was immediately intrigued:

Also known as wild leeks, they have a garlicky, oniony, scalliony flavor and are apparently in season in early spring.  You can use the bulbous white part as you would onion or garlic, and the leafy green parts are edible too – milder than the green part of a scallion, they have a delicious herby flavor that would be awesome tossed into a salad.

I minced everything up, mixed with a bit of olive oil, and brushed over some thick cut potatoes: Ramp Oven Fries.

They turned out delightful!

So excited to see what else turns up at the market over the next couple of months.  Playing with obscure foods is so much fun!

Today’s EAT: Shiitake Buffalo Burgers with Ramp Oven Fries:

This dinner was SO good!  The burgers were simple – Trader Joe’s Buffalo Burger patties, cooked in a pan with a little melted sharp cheddar and some sauteed Shiitake mushrooms.  I saved some of the leafy ramp greens and tossed them on there as well – they added a deliciously oniony flavor to the burgers!

As for the fries: the flavor of the ramps really came through and they were delicious!  Definitely a huge flavor upgrade from plain potatoes and salt.

Today’s DRINK: Puttin’ the ass in classy:

Sometimes ya just want a cold beer, nothing fancy. 🙂

Today’s RUN:  An easy 15 miles all the way up the Hudson to the 119th st tennis courts.  And back.  Finished just under 2:15, a hair under 9:00 pace.  I say “easy” – but really, 15 miles is never easy.  The pace was easy, but getting through that amount of distance is always tough on my body.

Why the distance?  I really want to run better in my half marathon next month than I did in my last half.  And I think that includes pushing the distance as well as the pace (not at the same time obviously).  Truthfully, I’ve never really trained to race a half.  It’s always been just adding in a couple of 10+mile runs and calling that good enough.  So when my CPTC coach recommended a 16-miler for us this weekend, I decided to take heed and put in an extra-long run.

Hopefully it will pay off next month! 🙂

Today’s QUESTIONEver had ramps?  What did you think?  What other random ingredients have you discovered?


6 responses to “Rampin’ up

  1. I haven’t had ramps. I am totes lusting after your sautéed shiitakes, however. My random ingredient purchases peaked with my dandelion greens, although I did purchase kasha at the grocery store yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.
    p.s. – You’re running the BK half, right?

    • Kasha? Ok, I had to look that up…it looks like the original non-branded-and-over-marketed version of Kashi 🙂

      P.S. Yes’m! 27 days to go!

  2. I have never even heard of ramps before! I am intrigued… looks delicious!

  3. I’ll have to stop by the Greenmarket this week, I love ramps. They’re really good sauteed like you would spinach and finished with balsamic vinegar.

  4. what a fantastic name for a vegetable. i feel like ramp should be a verb. this meal looks amazing. cook for me please? 🙂

    i need to be more adventurous in my food choices – haven’t tried any new veggies or anything lately. although i did buy some coconut milk recently – i’m trying to dream up a thai shrimp-peanut-coconut thing. should be good.

    also: kasha is great — it’s the same grain as roasted buckwheat groats, i believe. you can make kasha varnishkas which is an amazing dish. mmmm.

  5. I haven’t had ramps, nor had I heard of them. Thank you for the introduction. 😉

    No doubt you will rock that 1/2 with that kind of mileage.

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