Holy roller

Knock on wood, I’ve spent most of my seventeen years as a runner injury free.  (And I’m knocking on wood vigorously – I know how lucky I’ve been!)

Still…an ounce of prevention, right?  When I started to notice some tightness in my IT band after the NYC Half a couple of months ago, I invested in one of these:

The foam roller.  I’d heard about them, but never used one.  Until recently.

Admittedly, I felt a bit silly paying $20 for a large chunk of foam and even sillier hauling it on the subway.  But since I’ve been rolling my legs religiously, twice a day, for the last three weeks?  No more tightness in the leg!  I’ve even come to enjoy the sensation – yes, it’s painful, but in a pleasurable way.  Like a really hard massage.

Bonus?  My cat likes to chew on it.  (Okay, kind of weird – but she seems to enjoy it.)

Today’s EAT: My dinner tonight was of the find-food-and-inhale-it variety, so I’ll share my rockin’ lunch instead:

Ever since Katie posted this salmon wrap a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had a hankerin’ for some smoked salmon.  So today I lunched on a smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese and pea shoots.  Along with a salad and some salt ‘n vinegar chips.  So simple and tasty!

Today’s DRINK: I always crave beer after a hard workout.  During a marathon once in Arizona, I saw the hubs spectating and instructed him to go buy beer and bring it to the finish line.  (He did – but had to wait at a gas station until such an hour when they could legally sell it.  Kind of funny.)

Anyway.  I enjoyed a refreshing Sierra Nevada Summer Ale after track practice tonight:

It was delicious, although not much different from regular ol’ Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  But I like SNPA, so it’s all good!

Today’s RUN: CPTC track night!  I am really enjoying these workouts.  Tonight was 3 X 1 mile at 5K pace with 400M recovery.  I hit 6:50, then 6:47, then 6:41.  It was kind of a brutal day for a track workout, with constantly gusting wind and chilly temps.  But I’m happy with that pace, and even happier that I did NOT do what I always go – namely, go out way too fast then then burn out.  Hooray for (re)learning to pace myself.  With warm up and warm down, about 8 miles total.

In other running news, I updated my races page with a couple of new events!

First up, I’m doing the Tough Mudder 7M in Allentown, PA on Sunday.  This is definitely not your typical race – it’s more of an obstacle course complete with muddy swamps, log hauls, high dives and fire.  I’m really looking forward to it!  If nothing else, the pictures will be memorable, I’m sure!

The following Sunday, I’ll do an NYRR 4-miler in Central Park.  Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mothers Day!

Today’s QUESTION: How do you roll? Are you addicted to the mighty foam cylinder too?


6 responses to “Holy roller

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Now I’m craving smoked salmon again…so good!

  2. Aw heck yeah mile repeats in the wind! It’s totes gusty out there. Good luck this weekend, too.
    Good call on the roller. I have a Trigger Point roller, which is a little smaller and a little more painful. I don’t know if it helps, but it takes like two minutes to do both IT bands and hasn’t crippled me yet.

  3. I LOVE my foam roller! Now that I do it more regularly, I really wish I had splurged and bought the longer, larger roller. But I always feel sooo much better afterwards.

  4. I roll almost every night. Since increasing my miles, I have found it to feel even better on my legs. I think I need to get The Stick and/or a harder foam. Mine seems to be getting too soft for my liking.

    Good luck in the race – that sounds crazy!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my foam roller. I have chronic IT problems in my left leg and it’s the only thing that keeps it under control!

  6. I roll with my yoga tune up therapy balls as well as with the stick and sometimes my foam roller. Nothing beats the therapy balls.

    So wish I was doing track workout with CPTC!

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