Three years ago…

I was hanging out on a beautiful Bahamian beach in a pretty white dress marrying an amazing guy.

And it looks like third time is the charm!  This is the first anniversary we’ll spend together –  in the same city on the actual day.  It has always fallen on a weekday, and until our move to NYC last summer I worked a consulting job that usually required me to be out of town during the week.

So tonight, we’ll be doing some of this to celebrate!

We were truly blessed to have such an amazing turnout at our destination wedding.  It’s a lot to ask of friends and family to travel to a foreign country and we were thrilled that so many of ours did!  I know people may have varying opinions on destination weddings, but it was absolutely the right call for us.  At the time, we were living in Ohio, while most of our friends were in California, and our families were in Washington and Illinois and…yeah, most of our guests were gonna be getting on a plane no matter what.  So we decided that if we were going to ask people to travel, we might as well pick a somewhere fun!

And really, who doesn’t love a good dip in the Caribbean?

Happy three years, babe!  Here’s to many more.

(All photos: Steph Carson Photography)

Today’s EAT: The culinary highlight of this special occasion?  Oddly enough, will be a hamburger.

I’ve been dying to try Minetta Tavern, which happens to be about half a block from our apartment, and home of Manhattan’s so-called best burger, the $26 Black Label Burger.

(Photo: SeriousEats)

We have been talking about going to this place since we moved in.  Muy excited.

(But what happened to our non-resolution anniversary wager?  Well, the good news is that the hubs and I both met our stated goals!  The bad news is that we are broke and can’t really afford a huge dinner splurge at the moment.  More on the shape-up in a forthcoming post!)

Today’s DRINK: Guess what’s chillin’ in the fridge, waiting to be cracked open when the hubs gets home:

It’s nothing special, just a Trader Joe’s cheapie.  I love any excuse to drink bubbles though!

Today’s RUN: Day off.  Yeah, another one.  I am just not feeling it today, so rest day it is.  I’ve got a full weekend planned with a long run and a race though, so I don’t feel terrible about it!

Today’s QUESTION: Destination weddings – yay or nay? Fun excuse for a vacation or selfish extravagance?  As I said, our wedding was perfect for us, and I don’t feel bad about it at all – but I have to wonder if we’d think twice about it today, with the economy down the tubes!


18 responses to “Three years ago…

  1. Beautiful wedding photos!!

    Chris was the best man in a destination wedding last year on Kaua’i. We ended up making it a 2 week Hawaiian vacation.

  2. I would love a destination wedding. It seems like it would be a daunting task to organize and plan, however. My dream would be to get married somewhere mystical like the Rockies or the Redwoods…

  3. Congratulations! Your photos are fantastic, it looks like such a fun wedding!

    We thought about a destination wedding, but it didn’t make too much sense with the majority of our guests living in the same area. Funny though, it was a destination for us since the wedding was in Michigan and we were already living here in NYC!

    Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Love the photos! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Couple of things: I am in love with the wide lens shot at top. Your husband is a hottie. You are a hottie.

    I would go for a destination wedding with a party at home for family and friends. I think wedding is about two people – although I guess I’ll have to hash that one out with a future mystery man.

  6. Destination wedding – yay! But perhaps I am biased. Best for those whose friends and family are spread out and will be forced to fly no matter what (like ours). I love the fact that beautiful locations require little decoration. Yours was a fantastic experience!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary Shelby and Drew!
    Yes, YOUR destination wedding was absolutely the best! Your family and guests loved it and you guys loved it…most important.
    Enjoy your memories!
    Love, Dad

  8. Destination Wedding? Yes! I wanted to get married on the beach in Puerto Rico… you don’t have to have a passport to go there & no one in H’s family has passports…. couldn’t make it happen. We got married on the beach here in FL; it was still beautiful!

    Your pics are amazing! The Bahamas is my fave place!

  9. Happy Anniversary–I adore the wet picture of y’all. Ummm, that sounds dirty but I really didn’t mean it dirty lol

    I say yay for destination weddings. It’s your day don’t want you want and if people can’t make it, they can always buy gifts 🙂

  10. We actually wanted a destination wedding and had discussed it but in Texas the economy continues to get worse instead of better so its a no-go. Pre 2008, most deffinetly! And congrats on the anniversary!

  11. Your wedding was amazing. I am so glad that I got to go and it will be forever in our memories (and the pictures we took forever on our walls in whatever city we happen to live in at the time).

  12. hope you guys had fun last night! your wedding looked like an awesome time, and i agree with sarah: you guys are sexy fo sho’.

    you live five minutes from minetta tavern? do you have an extra room for rent?! 😛 also, please share with us a review of this supposed best burger.

    • We didn’t end up eating there!! I had planned that we’d just eat at the bar but the place was absolutely mobbed with douchetastical guys that all looked like they were there on the same expense account. Ugh. We went elsewhere. Someday I shall try this burger though!

  13. What beautiful pictures! Hope you had a great night.

    As for destination weddings, you know what I think! 😉 Loved having our wedding in Beirut and was so happy by the great turnout!

  14. I’ve always loved your wedding pics!

    Hope you two had a great anniversary! Sorry you didn’t enjoy that burger.

    And you know what I think about Destination Weddings!!! 🙂 Hell yeah!

  15. Your wedding pictures are amazing! I want to see more! Happy Anniversary. I wish we had gone with the destination wedding.

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