Champagne and bacon

Thanks so much for the anniversary well wishes yesterday!

I swear, we had plans for a somewhat-classy evening.  But, well…

Here’s what happened.  We had planned to partake in some bubbly and appetizers at home, pre-dinner.  (This is a common tactic around here, both a strategy for lowering dinner costs and extending our evening out.  If you go to dinner totally starving and stone-cold-sober, you’re more likely to overindulge.  It’s pretty much the grown-up version of pre-gaming before a kegger.)

Anyway.  As the hubs walked in the door last night, I was casually preparing some tasteful goodies for us to munch: sliced pears and plums, goat cheese drizzled with honey and rosemary, crackers…classy, right?

Just as I was presenting my pretty plate of fruit and fromage, I hear the hubs rooting around in the fridge.  And then: “Hey, we have bacon!”

Um, well…yes, I picked up a small package of thick-cut bacon from the store last week, with a decadent weekend brunch in mind.

Hubs: “We should have bacon with our appetizers.”

Say what?  I love bacon as much as the next girl, but I hadn’t exactly envisioned munching on bacon strips as part of our classy h’ors d’oeuvres.

Before I could object, it was too late.  Hubs had the frying pan out and was cooking up a bacon feast.  But my favorite part about the whole thing?  Was when we got home from dinner to an apartment that absolutely reeked of bacon.  And sayeth the hubs:

“Wow.  That smells amazing.”

And it still smells like bacon in here!

(Also, in the spirit of plans going astray, I must sadly report that we did not eat at Minetta Tavern for dinner.  Two steps in the door of that place and we saw that it was an absolute tool factory.  Seriously, packed with dozens of douchy guys who looked like they were all on the same expense account.  Ugh.  So we wandered down to SoHo and had a lovely dinner at Shorty’s 32, which was probably better than the stupid Black Label Burger anyway.  Hrmph.)

Today’s EAT: That eating out budget?  Way blown this week.  Time for a Friday night dinner at home, which isn’t a bad thing.

A super simple – and healthy – pasta with shrimp.  So easy.  Boil whole wheat noodles.  Melt 1 TBSP butter and 1 TBSP olive oil in a pan.  Cook 1 TSP minced garlic and a few sundried tomatoes for a couple of minutes.  Add shrimp and cover until cooked through.  Drain pasta and toss into shrimp mixture along with dried basil and oregano.  Less than 20 minutes total!

Today’s DRINK: I am a cheap wine fiend.  But occasionally I get to drink non-cheap wine and I must admit that there is a difference.

This 2007 Lucky Star Zin comes courtesy of my mom and her husband, who awesomely sent us a little wine-anniversary gift pack!  So I have no idea about the price point of this, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s a step up from my usual $8 Trader Joe’s cheapies.  Thanks, mom and J!

Today’s RUN:  Confession: I have really struggled with getting quality workouts in this week.

I’m not sure if I’m just tired from last week’s spike in mileage (47 miles!) or mentally burned out or what.  But every time I’ve run, I’d had to drag myself out the door.  Today was no exception.

This week has also been a game of fitness tetris as I’ve tried to squeeze in two speed workouts, a long run, and an obstacle race on Sunday – the Tough Mudder, which is really sort of a mystery in terms of how taxing it will be.  I also missed last night’s CPTC tempo run, which this week was hellish hilly intervals.  (Although given that I’m going to be running ski runs on Sunday, I don’t feel too bad about that one.)
Anyway.  Needless too say, it’s not all gonna happen.  I set out to do a 10-mile progression run today, in an effort to combine a speed workout and a long run.  I ended up only doing less, feeling exhausted and just blah.  I did manage a semi-tempo pace though, finishing two loops of the bridle trail at Central Park (5 miles) in about 38:30.

Even if this week is a little disappointing overall – low miles, zero strength training – I’m a big believer in listening to your body.  And this week, my body was saying phooey.  Hopefully I’ll feel rested and ready to run long and hard again next week!

Today’s QUESTION: Bacon – delicious or disgusting? I have to admit that I love bacon and am constantly drawn to recipes that feature it.  And although I’ve tried to cut back since I’ve been cooking healthier, I do appreciate that in spite of its high fat content, bacon can add a ton of flavor to a dish with just a slice or two!


6 responses to “Champagne and bacon

  1. Bacon! My kids & your Hubs would get along great. Bacon brokers peace in this household.

    Nice audible on the dinner locale. You don’t need ass hats ruining a special evening. Congrats On the anni and good luck at Tough Mudder.

  2. Never had it, never craved it, although I’m super curious about the caramelized bacon served by the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. I wouldn’t stress about the running…I mean, what’s the point anyway? Have a good time and don’t get burned in a hay bale at the Tough Mudder, and I bet you’ll have a new lease on running life come next week.

  3. This post just brought a smile to my face so thanks for that….especially with you fixing up the nice food then he wants bacon and the fitness tetris saying. I love it.

    I love me some bacon but really don’t buy it enough (ironically enough I did buy some earlier tonight) but when I do it’s turkey bacon. And the smell always lingers, it’s fabulous.

  4. LOVE bacon, but can’t stand the smell of it cooking in the house (or that lingering smell that Hubs was raving about!). So I order bacon when I go out.
    Great anniversary gift mom!!! Best of luck muddin!

  5. BACON IS THE BEST THING EVER! okay maybe not, but it’s pretty high up there on my list of favorite things ever. 😀

    I love that he made bacon. Too funny.

    fyi homemade bacon is the best…one day when you visit us in TX you can get some. 🙂

  6. I am completely amused that he made bacon.

    Bummer about the Black Label Burgers, I was curious to read about them.

    When do we get to hear about the Tough Mudder?!?!

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