Accidental culinary genius

Sometimes, big mistakes work out for the better.

I set out this afternoon to prepare a lasagna to throw in the oven for dinner after track practice tonight.  Specifically, a tofu lasagna.  I laid out all of my ingredients – including a package of frozen fresh lasagna sheets, which I set in a patch of sunshine on the table to ensure thorough defrosting.

And then, happily enjoying my usual nooner with Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear, I cooked.  Clinton made a pithy comment about boobs as I chuckled and made pesto.  Carmandy chastised matte lipstick and I tsk-ed along with her as I finished off my marinara.  Stacy said “Shut the front door!” for the zillionth time and I kind of rolled my eyes – girl, you are so predictable! – while assembling my beautiful lasagna.

During the final reveal, I popped the dish in the fridge and patted myself on the back for my foresight and thoughtfulness in preparing such an easy and nutritious dinner for that evening.

And then I noticed the package of lasagna noodles, still basking in the sun on the table.

I had made lasagna without….um, lasagna.

What an idiot!  That’s like making spaghetti without noodles.   Or egg rolls without rolls.  Or…well, you get the idea.  Kind of an important ingredient to overlook.

After contemplating deconstructing the whole thing, I decided to just go with it.  The tofu could sort of take the place of noodles, right?  Worst case scenario, it’s a sloppy casserole.  It would probably be tasty anyway.

But as it turns out?

It was freaking delicious. The tofu gave my “lasagna” a wonderful structure and the spiciness of the red pepper and the sweetness of the pesto complimented one another perfectly.  I had managed to make an amazing, gluten-free, vegetarian, faux-lasagna without trying. The hubs – who normally wrinkles his nose at anything vegetarian and/or involving tofu – even proclaimed it “delicious” and went back for a second slice.

The recipe is below and I will definitely be making this again – yes, without the noodles!  The only problem is that now I have a pack of fresh lasagna sheets to use up!  Any ideas?

Brilliance from being a total airhead who is way too involved in her trashy TV show.  Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get!

Today’s EAT:  Want to try some noodle-free lasagna?  Here is the recipe as I recorded it.

Every bit as good as traditional lasagna.  I’m definitely keeping this close at hand if I ever need to cook for someone who can’t have gluten/wheat!

Today’s DRINK: I’m cleaning out the last couple of beers in the fridge tonight.  Tough track workout = beer reward.  It’s nothing that I haven’t blogged before so I won’t bother with any additional description except to say that damn, a cold beer hits the spot after a hard run.

Today’s RUN: CPTC track night was a slightly faster, and variable-paced, workout: 8 X 600M with the first four at 5K pace and the last four faster.  Only 200M recovery, which is not so much.  This workout flew by and was pretty fun!  I am kind of between two pace groups in the club and I opted to stick with the faster one tonight.  I was happy that I was able to hang with them for all but the last couple of reps – during which still I laid down great splits but those guys just took the hell off and I couldn’t hang. 🙂

Splits were: 2:25, 2:25, 2:24, 2:23, 2:18, 2:20, 2:22, 2:15.  Bouncing between 6:00 and 6:30 pace.  Fine by me!

I also did a 75-min Vinyasa class this morning.  It felt so good to stretch out the calves with lots of down dogs after Sunday’s hilly Mudder race!

Today’s QUESTION: Ever have an unintentional moment of brilliance in the kitchen? I am often a space cadet when it comes to cooking, but the results are rarely a pleasant surprise, like tonight!


9 responses to “Accidental culinary genius

  1. That’s too funny! Looks delish!

  2. Lasagna is one of my favorite foods, and that one looks delicious!! Funny story 🙂

  3. Hehe, I saw your tweet and giggled. I actually make an on-purpose dish that is pretty similar to the noodleless lasagna with tofu, and it’s delicious. Don’t know that I’ve had unplanned brilliance…um, unless you count adding ketchup to any recipe that needs a little something.

    And, holy crap, nice freaking workout. 6:00 pace for 600s? That’s amazing. Does it feel less horrible w/a group?

  4. That lasagna looks delicious!

  5. I accidentally created a really yummy dinner a few weeks ago. I had leftover quinoa and threw in chickpeas, steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower with a little dressing. It was delicious!

  6. That’s hysterical!!! And I totally think I am going to try it.

  7. That “lasagna” sounds awesome! I’m going to try it out for sure!

  8. lol that’s too funny! 😀 glad it worked out.

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