Toot, toot

That would be my own horn.

Now, I realize I live in one of the dining capitals of the world, so maybe what I’m about to say sounds naive and overblown, but:

The more I cook at home, the less I miss eating out.

There, I said it.  I think that most of the things I make in my kitchen are better than what I’d eat the average restaurant.  Even here in New York.  For instance:

Pulled chicken nachos with mango guacamole.  This was so easy and inexpensive and healthy and for the life of me I cannot understand why I can’t walk into a restaurant and order something like this.  So much better than restaurant nachos.

Sigh.  I feel like I’m getting a big head – I am definitely no gourmet chef.  But when you take the cost and nutritional value into consideration, I just see fewer and fewer reasons for eating out on a regular basis.

Which is not to say I don’t love eating out a couple of times a week. 🙂  But although I thoroughly enjoy choosing from a menu and being served and not having to worry about the dishes, most of the time I secretly think my homecooked stuff is better anyway.

Today’s EAT: Happy Cinco de Mayo!  The beautiful nachos pictured above were seriously so simple and delicious:

  • Blue corn tortilla chips
  • Grated cheddar and mozz
  • A faux-pulled chicken breast – I just sauteed some garlic, added two cups of water along with a bunch of Southwestern-ish spices, poached the chicken for 15 minutes, then shredded it with a fork
  • Mango guacamole – simply smashed avocado, diced fresh mango, diced tomato, minced jalapeno, lime juice, salt and honey
  • Nonfat greek yogurt (which was indistinguishable from sour cream – really)
  • And a special topping on top that I picked up at the Greenmarket today:

Micro scallions.  Harvested at two weeks old, according to the friendly local farmer.  “Try one,” she said.  “They taste just like green onions.”

That was an understatement.  A pinch of those little guys created a scallion flavor explosion in my mouth.  Sold.

Sprinkled on top of these nachos, they added a great oniony flavor – not to mention making for a gorgeous presentation.  And I just have to say it again.  WAY prettier and tastier than any restaurant nachos I’ve ever had.  Booyah.

Today’s DRINK:  In keeping with the fresh-and-homemade theme, we made fresh strawberry margaritas tonight:

Fresh berries, cheap-ass tequila, triple sec, ice, and a splash of diet lemon-lime soda.  My blender kind of sucks so it left some chunks of berry in there, but that was OK.  I’ll eat liquor-soaked fruit any day of the week.

Today’s RUN:  A mellow loop around Central Park, 6 miles in 53:00.  Although it was quite warm outside when I went for my run at 5 PM, the trees of the park provided a lovely respite from the heat and it was very comfortable.

I have to confess though, I ran in just a sports bra.  Which is totally fine and normal in the summer.  But…that means I took the subway in just a sports bra to get to the park.  I was okay with that, though, because my twitter peeps said it was OK.  But then I went to the liquor store in just a sports bra to buy cheap tequila on my way home.

Um.  I think I might be white trash.

Today’s QUESTION: Which do you like better – cooking at home or going out? I have always enjoyed cooking but until recently had been solidly in the going out camp when it came down to it.  Changes, changes.


22 responses to “Toot, toot

  1. I love this dinner! You deserve to toot your own horn 🙂

    And I approve of sports bra only excursions. I frequent the local Starbucks in only my CPTC bra. I just tell myself the weird stares are “looks of envy”. Bwahaha.

  2. I enjoy going out…to someone’s home cooking. 🙂
    It’s good for a Dad’s heart, to see a daughter’s transformation to good, nutritious home cooking!..and I hope for a chance try some of those fabulous looking meals sometime!

  3. Ha to the white trash. 🙂 Otherwise yum to the grub and booze. Wife has my cold from last week so no CDM margs. Bleh.

  4. LMAO! I love buying liquor right after running. I’m so jealous you get to run in Central Park. That’s one of those things that just sounds wonderfully idealistic, kind of like skiing in the Alps or…drinking on a Wednesday.

    Impressive looking margaritas btw. 🙂

  5. Those nachos look AWESOME! I’m definitely saving this post so I can make them in the future!

    And I would totally head out in a sports bra! Let’s be honest, in NYC, there are much weirder things people wear!

  6. As long as you didn’t buy cheap tequila and Mountain Dew, I think you’re set. I’ve definitely got winter tummy syndrome going on, but the second it cracks 80 degrees, I’m going shirtless. Yeah, the contractors in NJ better get excited!

    I cook at home a LOT, so when I go out, it’s a real treat. I think I like them both in equally, in their current quantities. I think I’d like cooking at home a lot more if I didn’t have to clean up after. By, the way, please have me over for margaritas? Thx.

  7. i freakin’ love homemade tex-mex and margaritas. i do agree it is easy to make delicious things at home, but i love eating out almost too much (don’t we all?)

    i totally rock the sports bra in the summer – why not? it’s hot, you’re hot, it’s all good.

  8. We rarely eat out. I’d much rather cook at home. I can make a much healthier meal for a fraction of the cost!

  9. Completely agree about the cooking @home vs. eating out. I made a taco feast last night for H and I and, if I do say so myself, it rivaled anything Rosa Mexicano could put together.

    Prefer eating in since it’s so much healthier too.

  10. Wow no wonder you like eating in- that looks delicious! I’m more of an eating in fan too, just because I love my random concoctions 🙂

  11. Chris and I were debating the appropriateness of wearing sport bras in public last night.

    Verdict – Totally fine!

  12. Wow those look amazing! I looooove nachos – – I need to make them at home to save calories + money!

    I love cooking at home, but love the convenience of eating out, too. I’m torn on this one!

  13. Love the strawberry margaritas! Since we have cheap strawberries and cheaper tequila here I think I’ll give it a try!

  14. I like eating out sometimes. It’s usually hard to stay healthy when eating out. I try to order things I know I’d never made at home.

  15. I admit it…we eat out as much as we eat at home. Most of that is because of pure laziness, though.

  16. Nachos are my first love. Mango avocado – what a great idea.

    I enjoy cooking a lot more now. I used to be all about going out. The only places I am interested in dining out at these days I can’t afford!

  17. mango guacamole? genius. seriously. i love the mango-avo combo, so this is perfect!

    i love to cook as well, but dining is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. i need a balance of both, and i try to choose restaurants that really excite me, or dishes i wouldn’t necessarily make on my own. but being that this dinner is seriously restaurant quality, i can clearly see your point.

  18. As long as D’s cooking I’d eat at home every day vs. eating out. 🙂

  19. We say this all the time – the food we make at home is better tasting, better for us, and better for our wallets! Plus, we always get the best seat in the house (or the patio as the weather has it). Totally, totally agree with you.

  20. My husband and I stopped going out to try and save money, and I don’t miss it at all. Especially now that I eat vegan 90+% of the time, it’s just easier and much cheaper to make it all myself!

  21. Um yeah, those nachos seriously look restaurant quality. I was about to ask you where you got those since I am going to NYC in July.

    I prefer to cook at home as well. Mostly because I like knowing whats in my food, I can portion it out and experiment without feeling bad about trying something, hating it then wasting a bunch of money at a restaurant. I grew up going to restaurants though so cooking for myself is a welcome change.

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