Movin’ on up

Well, look at that!  I got a red race number for tomorrow’s race!

What’s the big deal about a red number?  Well, nothing really.  NYRR seeds all race participants in to start corrals based on their previous race times.  My last couple of races, I was yellowRed is one step up from yellow and second only to blue, which is the first and fastest corral.

I guess that means I should run faster tomorrow, huh? 🙂

I’m also excited to rock out my new CTPC tech tee.  It’s my first race as part of the team!

Today was a pretty mellow day around here.  The hubs is out of town for a couple of days, so I spent today cleaning the apartment.  Exciting, right?  I hate cleaning but I love relaxing in the spotlessness after it’s done.  And with no sloppy dude around to mess things up, I get to enjoy it extra long!

Today’s EAT: Barren refrigerator + solo dinner = take out time!  I went for a little walk this evening and picked up a falafel sandwich from the wonderful Mamoun’s on the way home:

Along with a side of hummus and pita.  Can you believe this whole plate of food was only four bucks?  Mamoun’s is definitely one of the best food bargains in the city!

I also picked up some Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for later. 🙂

Today’s DRINK: Sipping on a glass of this Rose Valley Sauvignon Blanc:

But just one.  Gotta be ready to run in the morning!

Today’s RUN: None, day off!

Today’s QUESTION: How often do you clean? I sweep and dust daily (thanks, cats!) but only do a thorough cleaning every couple of weeks.


12 responses to “Movin’ on up

  1. What’s with the Canadian looking shirt? Or is that a hemp leaf?…a new “health” symbol?

    Good luck tomorrow hun, and hope you enjoy yourself!
    Love, Dad

  2. Wow, that’s a helluva deal right there. And good luck on your run tomorrow–that’s happy news about the red!

    I feel like I clean my kitchen every day. I cannot stand dishes in the sink or cluttered.messy countertops but did a full clean sweep tonight of the whole place. I hate the cleaning part but like you, love how I can relax afterwards since it’s all clean and shiny.

    • Dishes in the sink and crap on the counter are pet peeves of mine too! I have to do all of the dishes and wipe everything down one last time every night before bed. 🙂

  3. Well, you’re probably already warming up, but good luck Ms. Red! Hope your chickpea fritters fuel you to a fast race in this wind.

  4. I try to clean a lot. Lately with all the training I’ve been doing I’m too busy. 😦 good luck on your race!

  5. Send Devon an email or note on Strands so you can pick up the official singlet, shorts, etc.

    • Ah, good to know…my “welcome” email mentioned getting one at UA but when I inquired there, they said they couldn’t help me because of the sponsorship change (this was a couple of weeks ago). Thanks!

  6. 4 bucks? Wow, that’s a smokin deal!

    I clean quite a bit. Once a week I do a good cleaning of everything. Then during the week I do the dishes (obviously) and wipe counters, spot clean the bathrooms, dust, sweep the floor, bust out the vacuum if I think it needs to be done. Since I work at home, I try to use my lunch hour as follows: 10 mins eat (usually reheating leftovers), 20 mins tidy/laundry etc, 30 mins walk the dog.

  7. First of all I already know you did well, so congratulations!! Can’t wait for the race report 🙂

    Also also if you gchat me later tonight I can give you devon’s e-mail address/contact info. I just went up to her apartment yesterday morning to pick up the singlet! They’re out of shorts though. No biggie, because in two+ months we’ll be getting brand new uniforms! WOO!

    And cleaning. I LURVE cleaning. If I had the time, I would clean every day. Seriously. I love being neat and tidy and dust free!

    [also also I love that your dad commented on our uniforms :)]

  8. I hope the race went well!!

    I am really bad at cleaning. lol. but really, not enough.

  9. Hope your race went well! Can’t wait to read your report, they are always quite good!

    I hate cleaning, I’m horrible at cleaning, and I don’t do it near enough. I’m messier then my husband; so it doesn’t matter if he’s home or not. The house still gets messy quickly…. and the dogs don’t help the situation. Sweeping is a pointless venture.

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