Run like a mother

This morning, I hauled my butt out of bed and into the chilly air to run a Mother’s Day race in Central Park.  Sadly, my own mom is 3,000 miles away, but it was only fitting that I run hard today.  Why?

Because my mom is one hell of a runner herself.

It wasn’t always so.  When I was a small kid, she was always slim and athletic, but except for running after me to keep me out of trouble (ha), it wasn’t really part of her lifestyle.   My freshman year of high school I joined the cross-country team, and at that point running became something of a family affair.  I cannot even tell you how many loops of Point Defiance Park I dragged her on through my high school running years!  She caught on amazingly quickly though, and by the time I graduated, she’d almost lost her nickname of “scooter” – sorry, Mom – that was kind of mean, huh? She was definitely becoming a runner in her own right!

It was when I was in college, though, that she took it to a whole new level.  In 2000, in her late 40s, my mom ran her first 26.2, the hilly Portland Marathon.  She finished in 3:36 and change.

Yes, my mother’s marathon PR is better than mine.  And she ran it at her first marathon.  In her late 40s.  Badass.  (I’m coming for you this year, though, Mom!)

She then joined this Marathon Maniacs club which, I’ll admit, I still don’t entirely understand, except that they run a lot of marathons.  She has since crossed the line of dozens of marathons and races all over the country, including Boston, Chicago, and a handful of relays and ultras.

One was particularly special, the Tampa Marathon in 2006, as my mom married a great guy and fellow crazy marathoner.  Literally.  The ceremony was in the finish area and took place just as soon as bride, groom, attendants and officiant (runners, all!) crossed the line.

I was her maid of honor and we ran the whole race together.  It’s the only race we’ve ever run together and it was so special and fun!

Now in her 50s, my mom is still out there kicking butt.  Her 20th marathon was just a few weeks ago.  She easily looks a decade younger than her years and I’m pretty sure she could kick my butt in the weight room, too.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  You are truly an inspiration – to me, and so many others.  Love you!


So, about that race this morning.  It wasn’t bad.

Race Stats (updated official results):
Race: R Baby Mother’s Day 4M
: May 9, 2010
Conditions: Chilly (42*) and windy
Time: 28:17
Mile Pace: 7:04
Overall place (all):  367 / 4,765
Overall place (females): 46 / 2,761
Age group place (F25-29): 12 / 526

I really thought I’d be able to get under 28:00, but it didn’t happen.  Oh well!  It’s still almost a minute and a half faster than the two races I’ve done earlier this year on the same course.  There was quite a bit of crowding at the start – I am convinced that until I am speedy enough to be in the first corral, crowding will always be a problem at NYRR races.  And the 25-30 MPH gusting winds didn’t help either.

My mile splits were approximately: 7:06 (with lots of stopping short and crowd weaving), 6:59, 7:20 (yikes!), 6:53.  The third mile always kills me on this course.  It’s a rather hilly course and the third mile is especially brutal.  And honestly, I should have really been going faster on the fourth mile too, as it’s pretty much all downhill.  Things to work on.

Today’s EAT: The hubs is on his way home from his trip and I am cookin’ up something tasty for dinner!  A while back I blogged this Mac and Cheese with Squash and Peas from Branny Boils Over.  We raved about it repeatedly as we ate it for leftovers all week.  So it’s making a triumphant return tonight – except instead of adding bacon, I’m adding some sweet turkey sausage.  The squash is roasting right now and it’s making my mouth water:


Honestly, this recipe is probably the least-healthy-tasting healthy recipe I’ve ever made.  Love it.  It’s a tad labor-intensive, but a hundred percent worth it.  Definitely check it out!

Today’s DRINK: Grocery delivery arrived just in time for the start of the Cavs playoff game, so I’m enjoying a Harpoon Summer Beer while I tend to my squash and half-watch TV!

Go Cavs!!

Today’s RUN: I tacked on an easy 5 after the race today to make it an even 10, with warm-up, race, and extended cool-down.

Today’s QUESTION: What is something that YOUR mom is awesome at?


11 responses to “Run like a mother

  1. Whenever I have social etiquette q’s (what to buy for a wedding present, when to send a thank-you card, etc), my mom always has the answers!

    Your mom sounds awesome – so lucky to share the running bond 🙂

  2. My mom is an awesome listener. She is also the best Scrabble/Rummy 500 player I have ever met. She still beats me, and it drives me nuts. So I feel you on the PR battle – ha!

    Again, awesome job on the run in sub-par conditions.

  3. Wow! You’re mom is a rock star too. Nice! I think it’s pretty cool that she got married right after the race. 🙂

    My mom is awesome @ pretty much everything. She is always there for me and her loved ones & she makes pretty great tortillas too. 😀

  4. Very nice story about your mom. She’s a beast! Again, great job today.

  5. Congrats on your run! That story about your mom is so inspiring! My mom is an amazing teacher. She teaches Spanish and continually amazes me at how she inspires every single one of her students over all those years.

  6. Wow, what a post about your mom! So inspiring and I absolutely love the wedding!!

    My mom is good with people, she is very talkative and usually makes new friends wherever we go since she is a walking chatter box (like me)

  7. What an amazing story about your mom!! Thank you for sharing this.

  8. I totally missed the QOTD. My mom is an amazing singer! She has a very beautiful voice which was not passed down to me. LOL!

  9. Are you from Tacoma??? I see your link to Point Defiance Park…I’m from Tacoma and now live in NYC too (and run, which is why I read your blog:))

    Awesome post – aren’t moms inspiring?

  10. I just want to say thank you Shelby. This was the best Mother’s Day gift you could ever have given me! And YOU inspire me!

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