Ghetto vitamin punch

Guys, I am almost embarrassed to post this, because it is that trashy.

Let me preface this by saying that tonight is a big TV night around here.  Glee, Deadliest Catch, and some NBA playoffs in between.  It would be criminal not to sip on a drink or two during my favorite TV night of the week.

And we are out of wine.  And it’s cold and gross out and I don’t feel like beer.  So?  I combined a lil’ of this:

…with a lil’ of THIS:

…to get a refreshing cup of this:

Ghetto vitamin punch. A shot of vodka and 100% of my vitamin C for the day!

Honestly, it’s a delicious mixer.  I feel ridiculous for drinking CVS Pharmacy vitamin fizz as a cocktail, but hey – if it works, why not?  My favorite part is that it’s not even name brand Emergen-C or Propel or anything.  Nope, CVS brand.  Ghetto fab all the way.

Today’s EAT: Leftover night!  One of my favorite things about casserole-style dinners is that they’re just as good – if not better – as leftovers!  This was Sunday night’s healthy-style, squash-based mac and cheese:

Round two is even better than round one.  Seriously one of my favorite recipes ever!

Today’s DRINK: See trashtastic concoction above. 🙂

Today’s RUN: CPTC track night!  I can honestly say I had a great workout tonight.  I love the track!

Tonight’s prescribed workout was 12 X 400M at 5K pace.  Except for the people who are racing this weekend, which is apparently pretty much everyone except me.  I thought that having most of the group drop off after 8 would be devastatingly difficult, but it was actually okay.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Then there was the matter of pacing.  Because tonight was NOT 5K pace.  Tonight was…well, a pace that would lead me to genuine PR if I could hold it for 5K.  My real 5K pace would be, optimistically, around 6:40/mile or 1:40/400M (100 seconds).  I was shooting for 95-100 for this workout.

We started out a little faster than that, but I felt great.  94, 94, 93, 92.

And then I said goodbye to the 90s and never looked back.  89,89, 88, 89, 88, 87, 86, 84.

That is blazing fast for me, especially the last one!  It’s been years since I’ve run an 84-second quarter mile.  And honestly, while I was definitely pushing it hard, especially on the last couple of reps, I felt great.  Not like I was going to drop dead, or pass out, or puke.  (Okay, the word “puke” might have escaped my lips after the 84.)  It’s such a nice surprise to feel like I can run fast again after several years of plodding along.

Huge thanks to my teammates and fellow bloggers at Runner’s Kitchen and A Marathoner for pulling me along too!  They are both racing on Saturday – good luck, guys!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a ghetto fabulous indulgence – drink, food, or otherwise?  I have to admit that in addition to enjoying my ghetto vitamin punch, I also see nothing wrong with ramen noodles, American cheese and Spam (!) once in a while.

And P.S. – If you’re a NYC food or fitness nut, check out my last couple of posts over at KartMe – 5 Ways to Get in Shape for Free and Four Fantastic Food Festivals!

13 responses to “Ghetto vitamin punch

  1. I love ramen noodles! My husband thinks they are disgusting! But I can definitely eat them on a weekly basis. Also, I can definitely eat Spam when it’s fried on the stove, but that I can only do once every couple months.

  2. First of all … great workout. I definitely find it harder to stay motivated when folks drop off and no one is pacing. Nice job.

    Dude, that concoction is not ghetto … that is UBER ghetto. That’s like Boone’s Farm, Old English 800 in a paper bag on the front stoop ghetto. Where the hell are you from again? It takes a special ghetto upbringing to roll like that on a random Tuesday night. 🙂

    • Tacoma, WA…the classiest place on earth. 🙂

      • You definitely surprised me with that mix! You would make fun of me about beer. My brew game is really weak.

        I remember in grad school in Philly we had this crap vodka called White Tavern. It came in a plastic bottle. Distilled in Lynchburg, KY. It had to be the runoff of some local moonshine. Literally tasted like kerosene. I have not been right since.

  3. Ah don’t feel too bad. The drink looks good to me! 😉

  4. haha, i love that you put a shot of vodka in your vitamin C drink.

    Awesome workout tonight! Woo-hoo 84!

    I used to drink 40’s alllll the time in college. Cheap. Drunk.

  5. Shelb – it pleases me to no end to hear you are doing cptc workouts and loving them! I’m so happy that you’re feeling great. You deserve it! Nothing like a fast and easy track workout to make ghetto drink go down smooth.

  6. Suuure…”5K” pace. Whatevs, you killed it! Did you end up doing those last ones alone? I love 400 workouts. Sort of. When I’m done with them. You are going to obliterate that 6:40 pace in your next 5K.

    To answer: Boone’s, in a bag, watching college-sponsored movie matinees. I remember liking the berry-flavored ones, which were all of them. Usually I made it through two. Oy.

  7. wow. that’s a winning beverage right there. mmmhmmm!

    my ghetto fab indulgence? mcdonald’s ice cream cones. i could eat one of those like… every day. sad but true.

  8. 12 400’s?? 12!?!? That is an amazing workout!

    And hey, the fact that you used Stoli cancels out the generic vitamin mix. It could have been a $10 plastic 1.75 of vodka , brand name varies by region I am sure, but here it’s Karkov or Burnetts! I never drank either of those in college…never 🙂

  9. love the ghetto cocktail. I may have to suggest that to DH.
    I love ramen noodles, Zoodles, and baked beans in a can on toast. I may or may not be super stoked that I now have a toddler so I can justify buying zoodles again.

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