A novel idea

So, I think I need to write a book.  How hard can it be, really?

This flash of inspiration hit me today while munching on my lunch and working my way through some trashy chick novel.  Because the book was total crap.  And yet there I was, devouring it:  Is there any reason why I can’t write a book like this?  No, there is not!

Of course, this is only one in a long line of money-making schemes to worm its way in to my brain since I’ve been partially-employed.  I tend to become obsessed with them for a few days and then forget about them entirely.  Like the automated gift-wrapping machine I was going to design.  Or the laundromat with a bar attached.  Or the infamous “party train.”

Yep.  This is why I am spending my afternoons in my pajamas instead of being a productive member of the workforce.  Seriously, I totally admire my friends who have gone to med school and law school and such.  That level of career commitment is just amazing to me.  I wish I had enough confidence in my interests and abilities to say with certainty what I’m going to be doing six months from now.   Forget about several years.

So back to my forthcoming novel.  Any ideas?  Because I really think I might have a shot at this one.  After all, I am actually a writer (kind of).  And this novel doesn’t have to be good.  It just has to be a notch better than a lot of the garbage out there.

Well, I’d better get started.  My track record shows that I have approximately six days to make this happen before I lose interest and move on to the next big idea.

Today’s EAT: I made some bangin‘ turkey meatballs for dinner tonight.  Seriously.

My meatballs always fall apart.  Always.  But these beauties, the product of this Giada recipe, held together beautifully.  And hello, lunch leftovers for the week.  I can’t wait.

Today’s DRINK: I am nursing a Harpoon Summer Beer tonight.  I think tonight is going to be an early night around here.  I am still exhausted from the weekend shenanigans.

Today’s RUN: Just an easy 5 on my Hudson River loop.  I finished in a leisurely 44:00.  I love mini-taper week already.

Today’s QUESTION: What do you want to be when you grow up? If you could do anything you wanted and money/schooling/geography/etc were no object, what would it be?

And a P.S! If you’re an avocado fan, check out my latest post over at KartMe – I’m getting wild and crazy with some weird avocado recipes.


7 responses to “A novel idea

  1. i’ll help you edit your new book, so long as it’s more engaging than those trashy wal mart-esque novels you speak of. in exchange for my services, you can help me embellish some true stories to make them more interesting for my book, which I won’t call a memoir… fiction allows for more freedom. yeahhhh.

    aaaand i’ll be changing my mind about this in a week, too. although i have been talking about starting to write a book for a year now. it’s the doing part i’m struggling with. sigh.

    bangin’ balls. love it.

  2. Yes, write a book! Your blog is great. There’s so much crap out there and you clearly have the ability to do better. 🙂

  3. I totally think you should write a book. Your blog is so well written and entertaining. You are talented!

  4. If you write a book, dear lord, don’t make it trashy chick lit. We need more funny women writers who write good stuff out in the world. You could write about working from home in your PJs. There’s a niche market for that, I think.

    Also…overeducated doesn’t equal happy, or successful, or rich or more fulfilled.

    Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer. Then a writer. Kind of not making it on that one.

    • Whatever, you totally made it, ms. reporter. 🙂 Even if you’re choosing a different path now. I always wanted to be a writer too and you made it a hell of a lot farther than I did! Haha.

      Don’t worry, I will never write chick lit. Most of it is highly embarrassing to the female gender.

  5. Meatballs definitely do look bangin!

    I would buy a book about real life of someone at home in their pj’s. I sometimes hate how all these books I read have a Sex and The City vibe to them with women with great jobs, perfect relationships, no debt, happy hours galore and no problems.

    I am 30 and still trying to figure out what I want to do. Definitely something with people but unfortunately I have a journalism degree and stuck in the debt finance field. Meh.

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