Chinese: healthified

I love takeout Chinese with a capital L.  Those deep fried chicken pieces smothered in orange sauce or sesame sauce?  They make my mouth water.

But they also make my tummy hurt.

Nonetheless, no matter how many food comas I endure from my dalliances with General Tso, I continue to crave Chinese food.  (Or, I guess to be more clear, American Chinese food.  I know that this Panda Express shit is not really what they eat in China every day.)

So I set out on a mission tonight to create one of my favorite Chinese dishes in a way that wouldn’t make me feel like a disgusting mess afterward.  The result: Healthy Honey Walnut Shrimp.  And it was divine.

The hubs and I both raved about this as we devoured it and licked the platter clean.  And in truth, the hubs gets credit for thinking of this idea.  Although the execution was all me.  (This could be said about many aspects of our relationship, actually.  Hmm.)

Anyway, the light breading and pan-frying give it all of the satisfying crunch of that deep-fried PF Chang’s crap.  And the crisp veggies complimented it perfectly.  A healthy Chinese food win!

Today’s EAT: I have to give credit to this recipe from Allrecipes as the general framework for this.  You can find my version here: Healthy Honey Walnut Shrimp.  Simple to prepare and highly recommended to curb a Chinese-food craving!

Today’s DRINK:  I sipped a Harpoon UFO Pale Ale while supping:

And just might crack another one, because it was darn tasty!

Today’s RUN:  The mini-taper continues: today I did a very easy 5 miles.  I left my watch at home and approached it more the way one might approach going out for a casual stroll.  It was lovely to not think about my time or pace and just enjoy being outside!

Today’s QUESTIONWhat’s your favorite ethnic cuisine? I have something of as Asian fetish, I admit.  Thai and Vietnamese are my absolute favorite, and when a craving for Chinese hits, it’s hard to resist!


10 responses to “Chinese: healthified

  1. ooooh, I’ve never had that one. I’m pretty much a dick for pale ales, IPAs, imperials. Anything with obscene amounts of hops…

    Favorite ethnicity would have to be mediterranean. We went to this lovely place called Saffron the other night and had the most amazing seafood paella EVER…but I think Asian runs a very close second.

    Maybe Asian is in a two-way tie for second with Mexican. I do love me some tacos.

    The End.

    • I definitely need to get some beer recs from you at some point! I love trying new stuff and am gonna exhaust the options offered by my grocery store at some point.

      And this also reminds me, I need to whip up some paella soon! Yum.

  2. Yum. Yum. Frying scares me – not fried food, the actual frying process – so big ups for tackling that one. Lucky husband.

    My love for ethnic food spans continents. I will never turn down Vietnamese, but can always go for Lebanese or Persian food. Yum. I need to cook more.

  3. Ethiopian food is my favorite. So tasty!

  4. Mexican is my most favorite food. I make a Mexican inspired mealed at least once a week!

  5. i LOVE ethnic food. my favorites are probably thai or indian. or middle eastern. ironically, the only ethnic food i cannot eat is chinese – i had a traumatizing experience in chinatown several years ago involving a dead duck in a plastic bag, and i’ve never really recovered.

  6. If I could eat takeout Chinese everyday, I would be a happy gal. I love love love it. But at the same time, I love making healthy-fied Chinese at home. Random fact-when I lived in Phoenix, I went to alot of Chinese takeout places and never saw General Tso’s on the menu. What’s up with that?

    I love ethnic food but need to try more–my faves are Chinese, Greek and Thai. I would love to try Vietnamese one day.

  7. Okay I’ve never heard of that dish before but it looks SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!! I’m totally making this soon. Thanks for sharing!

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