A medium race

I am headed out of town, so I’ve gotta make this speedy, but:

Race Stats:
Race: Brooklyn Half Marathon
: May 22, 2010
Conditions: Warm (60*) and humid
Time: 1:43:21
Mile Pace: 7:53
Overall place (all):  1,298 / 7,006
Overall place (females): 222 / 3,585
Age group place (F25-29): 77 / 1,206

I was initially kind of bummed about this because I really wanted to get under 1:40.  But you know what?  Not every race can be a good race.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are medium.  Most are probably medium.

Well, today’s race was solidly medium.  And there’s nothing wrong with medium.  At least it wasn’t bad!

And with that, I am off on a train to Baltimore to catch up with some girlfriends for the weekend.  And I’m ridin’ dirty:

Drinking on the train is awesome.

Have a good weekend all – see ya Monday!

P.S. Congrats to Sarah for her age group win and to Megan for a big PR today!   Three cheers for good races as well as medium ones!

13 responses to “A medium race

  1. Congrats on a great race. I was out at the same time and found the conditions a bit tough.

    Forget the race, is that an iPad in your bag? I hate you. 🙂

  2. A beer sounds SO good right about now. Enjoy – you’ve earned it!! 🙂

  3. Medium is a-okay, and 1:43 is a more than respectable time. Hope the train is treating you well, and thank you for putting Riding Dirty in my head.

  4. Medium is great and and 1:43 is better than medium! Nice race!

  5. Next time you’re in Baltimore we should have a little blogger “meet-up” for lunch or dinner. 🙂

  6. I love how your medium race is a PR for me. =) You are a speedy woman! Have a great time in Baltimore!

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  8. medium ain’t bad at all! give yourself more credit, puhleez! hope you are enjoying your mini-vacay. boozy bloggy date soon, maybe next week? we’ll discuss.

  9. Jesus. I am always flabbergasted by how fast “normal” people can run. Especially normal people who drink beer like I do. Great job!

    And – yay for drinking on trains! My husband makes fun of me because every time we take the train into Chicago from his parents house in the suburbs I have to drink a beer. Its like a rule. I’ll do it even if I don’t feel like drinking.

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  12. I think we were running near each other on ocean parkway for a little bit-I remembered seeing a woman in a CPTC singlet and my time was similar to yours. Great race-you definitely earned those beers! 🙂

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