I just want a 5K

Weird fact: There are, like, no 5K races in NYC.

Related question: Why does NYRR hate 5Ks so much?

I mean, it’s just strange.  The typical “short race” for NYRR is a 4-miler.  There have been at least six so far this year.  And 5Ks?  One.

I guess I don’t mind running 4-milers, but I’m slightly annoyed…if I’m gonna do a short, balls-out race it would be nice if it were at least a universally-common distance that I could compare times to, past and future.

Anyway.  This is grating on me because I’d really like to do a 5K or something this weekend and there are none.  Seriously, no races in the city.  There’s some 4-miler (of course) out on Staten Island and some stuff in New Jersey that would take two hours to get to, but nothing in NYC.  Pooey.

If any NYCers have any insight here, I’d love to hear it!

Today’s EAT: I’ve made a version of these Eating Well crab cakes before, but tonight I made them as they were intended to be served: as burgers!

The plan was to serve the “burgers” with a nice salad on sandwich thins.  But my salad got old and was nasty.  So sadly, no crunchy green veggies with this meal.  I sliced up a granny smith apple instead.

The crab cake burgers, however, were delicious.  And the sweet potato fries were slightly burned and oddly floppy, but still tasty enough.  It is hard to make sweet potato taste bad!

Today’s DRINK: Well, on the one hand, it’s a random Tuesday night and a sparkly pink wine might be just a bit much.

On the other hand, it was Lady Gaga night on Glee tonight.  The idea of “a bit much” is all relative.  We enjoyed our pink sparkly fabulousness!

Today’s RUN: Today was humid and gross, so I waited until dusk to run.  And everyone else apparently had the same idea…the Hudson River greenway was bustling with runners, walkers, and children and adults on all forms of wheeled devices!  Summer is fun.

Although it was track workout night with the club, I decided to give myself a little more recovery from Saturday’s half and just ran on my own instead.  I went out on my 5-mile route, taking the first half pretty easy, until I was satisfied that my legs had come out of Brooklyn unscathed.  I let myself pick it up a bit on the back half, for a mini-progression run.

2.5 miles – 21:35 – 8:38 pace

2.5 miles – 19:05 – 7:38 pace

Total – 5 miles – 40:40 – 8:08 pace

I am really thinking tomorrow might be a cross training day…it’s supposed to be 90* and rainy.  Yuck!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite race distance? Mine is probably 5K.  Which is why I am so irked at their scarcity here!


16 responses to “I just want a 5K

  1. I like the 5K as well, but largely because I am a newbie runner and can’t handle much more than that. Someday I aspire to do a half-marathon.

  2. I’m telling you, hit NJ Transit out to the Jerz and there are more 3.1’s than you can shake a stick at. No?
    I like 5Ks, and I thought I liked half marathons until this one, as I’m on day four of feeling like crap (walking is really hard). Maybe 15Ks? The three that exist?

    • I seriously looked in to it for this weekend…it would be like two hours though, and that’s not even taking in to account holiday transit schedules. Bleh. Being carless sucks sometimes!

  3. Those crabcakes look awesome!

    I’ve run a 5k and an 8k so far. I think I prefer the challenge of the 8k. I’d like to run another 5k to see how I’ve improved.

  4. Oh 5ks…you couldn’t pay me to run them…I hate them. They are so incredibly painful…half-marathons are my favorite, for sure!

  5. I’m down on half marathons right now after two craptastic ones in a row. I would totally like to run another 5K soon though. I think my half-hearted half marathon training may have fine tuned me for a decent (for me) 5K. We have a ton of them, all on weekends that we will be OOT.

  6. 10ks are my favorite so far. I have a half marathon coming up in September though so TBD!

  7. i have the answer – TIME TRIAL.

    we can go to the E. 6th st track and you can have at it. i’ll buy you ice cream afterwards 🙂

  8. I’m training for a 5k, which will be my first race since high school (when I ran 4×800 relays). So while I don’t have a favorite distance yet, I’ve had a hard time finding 5ks too. How disappointing that there aren’t many in the NYC area!

  9. Funny you mention this as someone told me recently that the dearth of 5ks in the city is solely due to the fact that none of the loops in central park are 5k friendly, which is why the 4 miler is such a common distance.

    On the other hand, if you came up here you could probably choose between 2-3 5ks every weekend!

  10. It’s not for a couple of weeks, but I’ve definitely been looking into the Coney Island 5k the last weekend in June, just in case we’re in Brooklyn that weekend. And from the website it looks like the Dolan Run 5k is next weekend.


  11. I always the wonder same thing about NYC’s lack of 5Ks and sought one out last month in Jersey City. It was held in Liberty State Park and a quick PATH ride away from Midtown. Here are some race calendars in NJ that I regularly consult: http://www.raceforum.com/

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