Using protection

Sun protection, of course. 🙂  I pay lip service to this every year, but I’m not great about it.  This year, though…well, I’ve started by purchasing expensive products, which is usually good motivation, right?

Procuring this was actually a little funny.  And frustrating.

My desire was simple: I wanted a face moisturizer that had a decent SPF and was at least a little water/sweatproof, so I wouldn’t have to slather on a whole separate product before running.  So I hit up Product Mecca: a store which shall go unnamed but might almost rhyme with Plethora.

Me: Hi, I am hoping you can recommend a moisturizer to me.  I need it to have an SPF and hold up to sweat and activity.

Plethora employee: Well, do you want a sunscreen or a moisturizer?

Me: Um…both?

Plethora employee: (sighing loudly and marching me over to a shelf of stuff) Well.  If you want a moisturizer, they are here.  If you want sunscreen, they’re over there (gesturing toward the other side of the store).

Me: Uh, okay.  Are any of these moisturizers sweat resistant?

Plethora employee: No.

Me: None?  Not water resistant at all?

Plethora employee: No.

Me: What about this one that says “Very Water Resistant” in big letters on the front?

Plethora employee: Oh, yeah, I guess that one is.

Stupidity and apathy.  Never a good combination. I mean, really.  I don’t expect you to know everything about every product on the shelves, given that there are twelve billion of them in that store, but still.

Anyway.  I’m happy enough with my “Very Water Resistant” SPF 30 moisturizer.  Here’s to using protection!

Today’s EAT: Yet another late dinner!  I got home at 9 tonight and was famished with a capital F.  Hubs and I ordered Thai food from our favorite neighborhood Thai place:

Pad Thai was inhaled.  I’ve gotta get better about snacking in the afternoon.  Or something.

Today’s DRINK: Another pink wine!

Well, it was pink.  Now’s it’s empty!

I don’t know much about this Remy Pannier Rose – the hubs picked it up.  It was decent – not great, but not bad.

Today’s RUN: Thursdays are actually tempo night, right?  I feel like I haven’t done a Thursday speed workout in weeks.

And none tonight either.  This afternoon I took a look at the next ten days:

– Thursday – hard-ass tempo run

– Sunday – 5K race

– Tuesday – track meet

– Saturday – 10K race

Something had to give, and I decided it was the tempo run.  So I went pretty easy tonight: a couple of mellow loops around the Bridle Path with Elgin and Jacqui, followed by some quick 200M pickups.  My legs definitely felt not-so-fresh after yesterday’s triple-down, and the heat/humidity were pretty brutal tonight, so I’m glad I went easy!

I’ve still got the three races in the space of a week coming up, which should be interesting!  I think it will be okay: Sunday’s 5K and Tuesday’s track race (1500M or 3000M?) are both short, so recovery needs should be minimal.

Looking forward to an easy day tomorrow and then a day off on Saturday!  I’m pooped from logging some decent miles the last three days.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you use protection when you run? If you have a favorite sunscreen – give it a shout out here!


9 responses to “Using protection

  1. I am in love with the dermologica sprf 30 sunscreen and moisturizer. It is sweatproof but not waterproof.
    I wear sunscreen every day all year round. Yes, I am one of THOSE goody too shoes.
    BTW-while I am 88 and pasty ass white, I will be laughing at the leather skinned 70 years olds who thought tanning was AWESOME in college.

  2. I have not been so good about wearing sunscreen when I run but that is going to change this year! I tried using the normal drug store stuff (Banana Boat Sport) but it is clearly not sweat proof as it states on the tube. So, I am in the market for a very sweat & water resistant sunscreen to wear when I run.

    I also need to find a good oil free SPF 30 moisturizer for my face.

  3. I put on sunscreen before I run if I head out after 7 a.m., but I almost always sweat it off. I am really, really sweaty. For normal use, I try to remember to put on the Neutrogena whatever dry touch spray on stuff.

    Good luck at the track races! I say, go for the 1500. It’s mind-blowing how fast you’ll run. And it’s over in less than six minutes.

    • I’m thinking I might actually do the 800 and the 1500. Because me running an 800 is just a hilarious concept. I don’t even think I’ve done it since high school.

      I am also a drippy mess when I run. I was literally wringing sweat out of my sports bra the other day – grossness.

  4. I am trying to be better at using sunscreen EVERY time I run, even if it’s overcast. I’m really fair and burn easily. I use a sports sunscreen that supposedly doesn’t run or drip.

  5. protection. not part of the foreplay, but very important. conchords anyone? aaaanyway. i use aveeno on my face every day:

    and i like it. on sunny summer days i use whatever sunscreen i’ve got hangin’ around on my body. but for the face i always stick with the aveeno. i trust it and it’s not too smelly.

    good luck with your races! can’t wait to get back out there. and that thai takeout is making me question whyyy i rarely eat thai food. looks fab.

  6. I usually skip the sunscreen because I usually head out 5:30 on weekdays, 6:30-7:00 on weekends. That said, if I do put anything on I highly doubt it withstands my sweatiness for very long. Boo.

    Good luck racing this weekend!

  7. I use Neutrogena’s facial moisturizer every day, which has SPF 15, and in the summer, I use it on my neck too. It’s just about the only sunscreen protection that doesn’t cause my face to break out, luckily.

  8. Hey…how was the rose compared to the Remy Pannier Vouvray we had in PA?

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