Albacore love

Once upon a time, many moves ago, I lived a fabulous early-twenty-something lifestyle on the west side of Los Angeles.  I worked hard and played harder: namely, eating out nearly every night and spending way too much money on food and drink.  It was tons of fun.

And one of my favorite restaurants was a tiny little place called Musha on Wilshire in Santa Monica.  It was like a Japanese tapas place – before “small plates” dining was uber trendy.  My friends and I drank so-chu and feasted there weekly.  It was awesome.

And my favorite Musha dish?  Their seared albacore salad.

It’s really weird.  Albacore is a delicious staple at sushi joints and Japanese restaurants on the west coast, but I rarely see it out here (except as canned tuna, which is completely different).  It’s too bad, because it’s one of my favorite cuts of fish when prepared well: marinated in a vinegary Ponzu-like sauce and gently seared, the center still cool and raw and fresh.  Drool.

Anyway.  When I saw frozen albacore steaks at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago, I picked them up, with a vague plan of re-creating my beloved Musha salad.  Tonight was the night, and it didn’t disappoint!

I was uncomfortable eating this fish nearly-raw, as it’s meant to be eaten on this salad – I mean, it’s $4/pound TJ’s discount fish.  Wish fresh fish from a seafood market, it would have served it much rarer.  But even “overcooked,” it was delicious!

And it totally brought me back to the glory days. Being young and hot and marching through velvet ropes at the trendiest clubs in town.  I miss you sometimes, early-20s-LA.

Today’s EAT: I guess technically this dinner is a big-ass salad!  Yessss.  I love big-ass salads.

This Seared Albacore Salad – recipe here – is totally easy and ridiculously healthy.  (You won’t want to eat a crappy Chinese Chicken Salad from a restaurant again after having this!)

Because it was a Friday night and a healthy salad seemed too responsible, I also made some Crab Rangoon, following this recipe, as an appetizer.  Mmm, fried goodness. 🙂

Some of my filling leaked out as I was pan-frying them, but they were still delicious!  We dunked them in Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce.  Next time I might try brushing them with sesame oil and then baking them.  Making these turned my stove-top into a splattery mess!

Today’s DRINK:

I stopped at the wine shop on my way home from the gym – yes, those are my priorities – and picked up a couple of new bottles.  Tonight I sipped this Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay.   It was good!  Definitely a little milder and less buttery than a typical Chard.  It was a little sharp at first, but after a couple of sips it tasted lovely.  The price point was a bit higher than my usual, at $15, but part of that is the jacked-up pricing of the neighborhood liquor store compared to my beloved TJs!

Today’s RUN:  I hit the dreadmill today.  I failed to get up early enough this morning to make outdoor running tolerable.  Ugh.  This is going to be the story of my life over the summer, I fear.

Anyway, I got a decent 5 miler in, nice and easy at 43:55, 1.0% incline. While watching TMZ (goodbye, brain cells). Off tomorrow and lots of foam rolling and TLC for my stiff legs – gotta be ready for this 5K on Sunday!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite type of fish? For me, a good salmon is hard to beat, but I’m horribly picky about my salmon, having grown up in the PNW.  I’ve been trying to get more fish in my diet though, as it’s so inexpensive and healthy!


8 responses to “Albacore love

  1. danicastacijo

    I love a good tasting halibut, steelhead , or salmon.

  2. I am really bad about buying/eating fish. I’m okay with lighter white fishes rather than fishier fishes like salmon or tuna, but I never buy them because they seem so delicate to cook and I’m a big wiener.

  3. Mmm your crab ragoons look delish!

    I love salmon (raw, cooked, smoked), tuna (raw), amber jack (raw), red snapper, red fish, flounder. I love all kinds of fish!

  4. You are the queen of good foodie finds at TJ’s! This looks amazing. And your LA lifestyle sounds like mine right now, except in NYC. Is it wrong that I don’t want it to end… ever?

  5. Good for you on the treadmill. Running outdoors this weekend is worse than a stick in the eye.

  6. Rainbow Trout reminds me of my childhood. I love Salmon of any kind. And recently I started eating a lot of halibut. I think those are my favorites!

  7. Thanks for posting the crab rangoon recipe, that’s one of my favorite things in the world!!

    Fish wise. I love salmon but raw salmon and not baked or grilled. Actual cooked fish-catfish would be my favorite.

  8. WILD salmon for sure!

    hey, also check out the Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc (a fave of Allison’s too) and my fave – the Kim Crawford Pinot Noir. mmmmm Have 2 glasses for me please.

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