Nicely played, Brooklyn

This is how you do a 5K race on a hot-as-hell day:

Free unlimited beer at the after-party.

Seriously, this is what’s missing from all of the NYC races I’ve done!  And no, I don’t just mean the beer, although it was a fantastic touch.  Today’s Dolan’s 5K in Prospect Park just felt totally local and fun.  Post-race party at the neighborhood high school with burgers and hot dogs and a live band.  Totally reminded me of my Ohio days.  Awesome.

Unfortunately, my race face wasn’t exactly on today.  But it’s okay.  It was hot and humid and this race didn’t start until 10 AM, which didn’t help things.  So I made a 5K sandwich with a 4-mile warm-up and 4-mile cool-down and logged 11 total today, treating the 5K more like a tempo than a race.  Here are the dirty deets:

Race Stats:
Race: Dolan’s Memorial 5K
: June 6, 2010
Conditions: Hellishly hot (85*+) and humid
Time: 23:15
Mile Pace: 7:30


Major props to teammates Gabriel, Al and Budd, who actually managed to race today and take home some age group hardware.  Thanks for giving me an excuse to stick around the after-party while y’all waited for your trophies! 🙂

I was wiped when I got home.  I’m not sure which was more exhausting – 11 miles of running or a hot dog and five (I think?) beers!  The hubs is outta town and a snooze sounded delightful.  The cats agreed and took full advantage of the extra space in the bed.  The three of us sprawled out for a luxurious afternoon catnap.

Now I am watching some trash TV: MTV Movie Awards, you make me feel old!

Today’s EAT: Cooking tonight?  In my post-race, post-beer, post-nap haze?  Noooo.  I took the easy way out and clickity-clicked an order from Baoguette via Seamlessweb.

Banh Mi sandwich:

And, of course, fresh summer rolls with peanut sauce:

I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese food and I thought this was pretty decent!  The summer rolls especially were crisp and flavorful and just about perfect.  The banh mi was pretty good – not as good as Nicky’s, but definitely enjoyable.

Today’s DRINK: Morning beers!  There is something hilarious about drinking a Bud in a plastic cup in a high school gymnasium.  In Brooklyn.   At 11 AM.

Today’s RUN: Total for the day: 11 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: If it was hot as heck for you this weekend, too – how’d you handle it?


15 responses to “Nicely played, Brooklyn

  1. That is just terrific. It’s really the least they could do for you, right? After holding a race that starts when it’s boiling outside? Did they actually have kegs set up? And why don’t they do that at MY local races? Sorry the time wasn’t what you were gunning for, but surviving in that weather is a victory unto itself.

    I took two showers daily. I know! I’m getting kicked off team treehugger. But a second shower, ice-cold, right before bed, did a nice job of taking my body temperature down. And maybe fending off nasty heat rash.

  2. lifeisbeachykeen

    That is a pretty darn good time!! Congrats on your race.. I ran tonight.. at 9pm . It was still in the 80’s and the humidity was sick. ugh. I came inside and laid on the floor.. lol. I don’t really like ice cold showers so i just laid on the floor till i cooled down. pretty gross.

  3. Nice job on the race! I don’t know how you can manage to do physical activity when it’s so hot out. I’m impressed! Just walking around in that heat & humidity makes me want to die a little.

  4. Nice job. I love how you turned a 5K race into an 11 mile run!

    It was humid on Saturday but that was also an off day from running due to a half marathon Sunday morning. So I lifted weights in the AC gym.

  5. I woke up late, stayed in the apartment all day drinking ice coffee and eating, watched amazing TV (house marathon + beach volleyball tournament), and then headed out for my run @ 9:30 pm 😛

  6. wowie! I am impressed. I must say I handled the heat this week by being a giant wuss and working out indoors on a treadmill. Most of the drinking also occurred indoors.

  7. I’m totally impressed with how you turned a 5K into an 11-miler! I ran a race on Sunday and it was definitely humid. I didn’t feel bad at all during the race, but the rest of the day I felt unusually drained.

  8. Nice work, Shelby!! I wish I could run that fast in a setting other than being chased by a bear…

    Soooo it was NOT hot at all in MI this past weekend, which was a bummer because I really wanted to do fun outdoor activities. It was overcast at cool.

  9. Free beer after a run? Now thats what I am talking about! I bet alot more people would start running if they had something like that after 5K’s (I may or may not be talking about me).

  10. Nice job! It definitely was not ideal racing weather on Sunday. let’s hope this Saturday is not a repeat of that…

    And how I dealt with it-by sleeping in on Saturday, doing my 10 miles in the heat of the day…hey a girl’s gotta acclimate! 🙂

  11. 5k sandwich?

  12. Totally got it well after the fact 🙂 Love the free beer, wish we had some of those around here!

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