Night moves

Hey, early birds.  You can keep your stinking worms!  Because with my new job and evening running commitments, I feel myself gravitating more and more toward a night-owl schedule.

Case in point: today.  I laid in bed until just after 9, then puttered about the apartment for about 45 minutes: feeding the cats, dusting and sweeping and general tidying up.  At 10 I had a light breakfast.  Then worked for a couple of hours on some freelance/client work.  Around noon it was time to shower up and eat some lunch before heading in to work at the store at 2.  Hussled my butt around there all afternoon, then headed home – on foot, for my 6-mile run-slash-commute – at 9:30.  Back in the hood by 10:30, grabbed some pizza to go and a bottle of wine.  11 PM dinner time.  Now it’s 11:30 and I’m settling down to another couple of hours of client work before hitting the sack.

Fortunately, this is just fine with me.  I loathe morning and am more productive at night anyway.

However, there are a couple of problems.  One, even though I’m working plenty, I feel like kind of a degenerate for sleeping in so late every day.  And two, I’m gonna have to get up early for my long runs this summer…and I have a feeling that transitioning from a 9 AM wake-up to 6 AM on long run days is gonna be brutal.

I know that plenty of people do it, but I really am in awe of people who get up before the sun every day.  You’ve all done your daily exercise and are hard at work by the time I roll through my first series of yawns and stretches.  I guess I’ve been really lucky that I’ve never had a job that required me to be at my desk before 9:30 or so…and now, since I freelance and work retail, I can usually make my own schedule in the mornings.

Tomorrow, though?  I might be aggressive and try to make it to an 8:00 AM yoga class.  I dunno though, 7:30 alarm is pretty darn early… 🙂

Today’s EAT: eat, drink, run is on its way to losing any credibility it had as a semi-cooking blog, huh?  Tonight was another take-out dinner!

z pizza is a national mini-chain, but new to my neighborhood!  The schtick?  Organic pizzas, whole wheat crust, etc.  Healthy pizza.  A sign at the register claims that a slice of their pepperoni pizza has just 210 calories!

I went with the Napolean and some plain cheese:

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical.  But this pizza was really quite delicious!  The flavor, especially on the garlicky Napolean, was bold and well-balanced.  The crust was buttery-tasting and chewy and didn’t taste like whole wheat at all!  And for a five-dollar-dinner, I’ll definitely be back to z pizza again.

Today’s DRINK:  I also picked up a bottle of wine on the way in from my run-commute.  Cupcake Chardonnay:

As the name suggests, it’s pretty sweet!   It’s enjoyable enough, but reminds me a bit of Yellowtail.  It’s wine that somehow tastes like it has sugar in it.  It’s perfectly drinkable, but I guess I have enough to a wine palate to suspect that something is artificial or mass-produced about this wine.  Oh well!

Today’s RUN: As I mentioned above, I ran home from work again tonight!  I am really loving this method of commuting.  An easy run down the Hudson River greenway on a beautiful night is far more relaxing than bumming around in the subway.  I come home from work feeling clear-headed and energized instead of exhausted!

Tonight was around 6 miles, I think.  Maybe a little less.  My legs felt surprisingly springy and fresh and I actually had to make a continual, conscious effort to keep the pace easy.

Tomorrow night, I’m headed up to the track at Icahn Stadium instead of the track on East 6th St!  NYRR hosts periodic Tuesday track meets during the summer, and a bunch of teammates and coworkers are running this week.  I’m undecided as to whether I’m going to race or not…if I’m feeling plucky, maybe I’ll jump into the 1500M or something.  If not, I’ll just trot around, get in an easy run, and cheer the others on. 🙂

Today’s QUESTION: What time does your alarm go off in the morning? Do you like it, or would you prefer a different schedule?


17 responses to “Night moves

  1. Nice, busy schedule you’ve got.

    Ha! I was asleep when you were running home. I’m usually up 6 and out running by 6:30. I live the life of an old man. Late for us is 11pm. :-/

    Tonight may be scary at Icahn. If I run a 400 the humiliation will be over faster.

    • You’ll be fine tonight – I’ve seen you bust out some pretty speedy turnover on the last repeat during those 400 workouts. 🙂

  2. Mon-Fri my alarm goes off at 5:50am. Sat-Sun it goes off at 7am (if I am not up before that). I love waking up bright and early. I feel like I have a longer day.

  3. I really wish I worked from home because I REALLY feel like a degenerate since I’m almost never at work before 9:30. I get dirty looks from people who have been there since 7. Especially the ones that stay as late as I do anyhow. Because 9:30 stretches the limit for me anyhow…I’m not the least bit productive till say…noon. Or at least until my coffee has done its job.

    I have a bad habit of starting summer long runs at 10. (THAT’S EARLY) Its bitten me in the ass more than once.

  4. Also OMG that pizza looks so, so, good. And reminds me of why I wish I lived closer to the city.

  5. I’m so jealous you get to sleep in! I would totally trade my 8:30a to 5:30p desk job to freelance and work at a running store! My fiance and I were just talking about our inability to get up before work to run yesterday. I mean, I know it’s possible because people do it all the time, but I don’t think it’s possible for me!

    Oh and I love Cupcake Chardonnay (really just because of the name)!

  6. Ooh, I think I am gonna have to try out that pizza for lunch sometime (looks like its sorta within walking distance of work for me!)…looks SO good.

    If I’m not running before work, I have my alarm set for 6 am, then hit the snooze button til somewhere between 7:10-7:30. If I am running before work, I set it for 5 am. (I wish I could slink in a little late to work, considering I almost never leave “on time”, but they are sticklers about that sorta thing…)

    Have fun at Icahn tonite-good luck if you do decide to race!

  7. It must be tough adapting when you are really not a morning person. Hell, I’m rarely excited when my alarm goes off (at 6 a.m. normal days, 5:45 a.m. when I have to do 6:30 a.m. track). I ease into it a little bit…but it’s not awesome.

    Good luck tonight if you jump in a race. I wouldn’t push it though…so soon after a 5K might be a recipe for craptastic duxelle.

    • Coach says no on the race tonight, too. You guys are all smarter than me. But I’ll listen up and just spectate tonight. 🙂

      I did the morning thing all through college (XC practices were always 6 AM, 7 days a week – ugh) and it did get easier, but I never enjoyed it.

  8. um. I swear when I saw that pizza I could actually SMELL it. *drool drool drool*

  9. Since I started my new job I’ve been waking up at 5:00 a.m. to get my workout in. But that’s entirely by choice. I could exercise after work, but I’m a morning person at heart.

  10. during the week my alarm usually goes off between 5:30 and 6, depending on the day – i’m a total morning person though, and i don’t have to be at work until 10, so i get a lot accomplished in the am. even today, my yoga class wasn’t till 7:15, but i was up at 5:45. i don’t sleep enough, basically. 🙂 i think you have to work your schedule around well, your schedule though – a year ago i was waitressing until 2 or 3 in the morning, so my sched was obviously more like yours is now!

  11. Alarm clock? What alarm clock? haha Now that D is OOT I don’t usually roll out of my bed until 8:30 or 9:00. Nice!

  12. 8:15 just in time for a quick face wash, teeth brush, sweatpants and coffee before I make myself be at my basement desk for 8:30am.
    I don’t have to start then, but if it were up to me, I’d really only work 11-2 and that’s not ideal, so it’s good to give myself a time to get up and get to work.

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