Sugar, sugar

And sugar!  And caffeine!!  OMG!!!

Breakfast: granola bar.  Lunch: giant cup of fro-yo from Forty Carrots (a.k.a. the best yogurt on the planet).  Snack: Venti iced coffee.  Other snack: jelly beans.

Tatatatatatatatatata. That’s my fingers drumming on the counter all afternoon at work.

Even though I don’t really consider myself a health blogger, I have to admit, the day was looking pretty shameful when I headed home from work and started contemplating dinner.  I needed a real meal. Hmm….what to do with a boring-ass chicken breast?

Chicken salad! This was super simple to whip up and packed with protein (thanks to swapping the traditional mayo for Greek yogurt) and flavor.  (Recipe here!)  On a sandwich thin with some baked chips and a sliced apple, it hit the spot!

Now it’s time for some couch time.  The hubs is still away, and guess who thinks he is man of the house now?

Parker is completely shameless when it comes to demanding attention.

Today’s EAT: I think this Chicken Yogurt Salad will become a summertime staple around here!  So easy to whip up a big batch and then graze on it for a few days – on crackers, as a sandwich filler, or straight outta the bowl.

Nummy – and healthy!  What did I do before Greek yogurt?

Today’s DRINK:  What’s a night chillin’ solo with the kitties without come Chardonnay?

This Chateau Lafayette Reneau chard is a little too sweet, but not terrible.  I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to buy it again, though.

Today’s RUN:  I ran home from work tonight – through the park and around the lower loop, then down the Hudson greenway.  About 7 miles total, I think.  Not sure – I didn’t have a watch.  Other than the fact that is was rather damp outside with the humidity, it was a pleasant run!

Amazing how just yesterday I was cursing the entire sport of running and vowing to never do it again.  Race headcase: that’s me.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite sugary treat? I am on such a huge fro-yo kick lately, it ain’t even funny.  At least it’s somewhat healthy!


12 responses to “Sugar, sugar

  1. ahhhh I’ve been to Chateau Lafayette Reneau several times. Decent, but not the best among Seneca Lake wines. Though if I recall, the vineyard is on a GORGEOUS piece of land.

    If you’re into whites (I only drink reds at this point, but I used to drink whites…so this is from memory) and ever find yourself looking at Seneca lake wines? Go for Wiemer or Cascata’s Riesling. Particularly Wiemer, as that’s what they are famous for. But Cascata? I’ve never had anything from there that I didn’t LOVE.

    Ok, you didn’t ask for any of this…but I had to share. 😉

    • I feel like an idiot, I just went back and looked at the bottle…I didn’t even realize I was drinking a “local” wine! That is very cool and ‘splains why it’s so much sweeter than the California chards/whites I’m used to.

      Thanks so much for the recs! I am into whites, reds, pinks…I don’t discriminate. 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for the Cascata. Sounds like it would be a perfect summer wine!

      • Yes! The Finger Lakes whites are definitely much different than the California wines. Climate wise, Rieslings work well in NY – the Cascata tastes…I don’t know, flawless?

        Also, I think this calls for a blogger wine tour ;p

  2. Ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie, to be exact. Heaven.

  3. I too am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of fro-yo! I go to a local place at least once a week…Unfortunately it is so freaking expensive! I actually tried my hand at making fro-yo at home today and it turned out very tasty. The only problem is it freezes solid so it doesn’t keep well at all. 😦 I’m going to have to keep experimenting!

    • Oh yeah, it is absurdly expensive. I try to justify it by making it a meal. But that’s not so healthy.

      If you perfect your recipe, let me know! It would save me a small fortune. 🙂

  4. I just discovered a 40 Carrotsesque frozen yogurt place in Morristown (where I live). They have a frequent yogurt card. It is bad news bears. But my go-to sugary food is pretty boring: cookies. Can’t turn one down, ever. An eminently likable food.

    Your talk of the Greenway makes me miss running there. I need another boyfriend who lives on the UWS.

  5. I love that you run home from your job at a running shop… And then blog about food and running and booze. The whole deal is pretty sweet.

    My favorite sweet treat has always been ice cream, but yesterday I had a magic bar and it was life-changing. Almost magical. Yep.

  6. Discovered taro flavored fro yo in Hawaii! I loved it, but now I’m in trouble, because when the craving hits there is no way I’m going to recreate the flavor! Wrote about 5 crappy haikus for yesterday’s post but nixed them all, btw.

  7. greensandjeans

    I’m with you on the froyo! It is the perfect hot weather food in my book

  8. I love sugar. And caffeinie. And Shelby. Yayyyy. Froyo and ice cream in any form is my favorite sweet treat 🙂

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