Turning off the tube

My living room, in all of its 100-square-foot glory, is dominated by this big fella:

The hubs and I were sorta late adopters on the whole HDTV thing, so when we finally got one a couple of years ago, we went pretty big.  And I love our TV.  It has actually saved us a ton of money: much of the time, we’re perfectly content to spend our time in our own private home theater rather than going out.

But lately I’ve been feeling like it’s on all of the time.  Which, I guess, it is.   When I am working from home I usually have it on, at least on the music channels: I need some background noise in order to be productive!  Then, in the evenings, it’s pretty much just ON.  Jeopardy while making dinner, DVR surfing after dinner, channel flipping while blogging and finishing up work…the TV’s ON.  We do usually turn it off while we eat, but that’s about it.

Anyway.  Since the hubs has been outta town, I’ve experimented with turning the TV off.  Especially in the evenings.  Tonight, I’m listening to my iPod instead, and it’s kind of nice!  I’m sure our DVR is going nuts, racking up a bunch of stuff for us to catch up on this weekend, too.  Score.

Today’s EAT: Dessert before dinner!  Yay!  After our track workout tonight, a group of CPTCers wandered over to Lula’s for some post workout ice-cream.  Not just any ice cream – but vegan ice cream.  An entire shop devoted to nothing but vegan ice cream – only in NYC!

It was amazing, though!  I don’t know what was in there but it was every bit as creamy and delicious as its dairy-based counterpart.  I had a strawberry cone and the real-berry flavor was out of this world.

Then, dinner.  I knew I wanted a big-ass salad, but didn’t have any greens at home.  I’d have to stop at the store.  And since Whole Foods was just a few blocks away, I decided just to hit the salad bar there instead!

This BAS was amazing, and so different from what I usually make at home.  The players: mixed greens, sesame tofu, squash, red cabbage, edamame and sunflower seeds with a lemon-tahini dressing.  See, this is what makes the WF bar worthwhile: I really don’t think I could create this salad in my own kitchen!  Worth every penny, and I ate every last bite!

Today’s DRINK: I’ve been thinking about cider lately.  Not, like, that Woodchuck stuff, but REAL cider.  The kind that’s not fizzy and meant to be served over ice.

When we were traveling around Scotland last spring, the hubs and a enjoyed a lot of this style of cider.

…and occasionally made friends with random Scottish dudes. 🙂

When I spotted this Crispin cider as I was heading to the checkout with my BAS, I knew I had to have it tonight!

Mmmm.  So crisp.  So refreshing.  So…strong.  Good thing there’s only one bottle. 😉

Today’s RUN:  Tonight’s team track workout was a ladder – one of my favorite style of track intervals!  When I read our coach’s weekly note describing the workout, though, I was a little intimidated.  It sounded hard:

400, 600, 800, 1000, 600, 800, 400.  200 recovery (not much!) after the first four, then 400 after the 1K, and back to 200 thereafter.  We were supposed to hit 5K pace for the first four and 3K pace for the last three.

Thinking about this, I knew I’d have to run true 5K pace for those first few in order to make it through this. I tend to fudge this a bit during track workouts.  Yeah, those sets of 12X400 where most of them are sub-6:00 pace?  Not my 5K pace.  I wish.

Well, I was still a bit fast (5K pace is probably 6:45 for me), but I finished the workout strong and happy!

400M – 1:34 – 6:16 pace
600M – 2:27 – 6:32 pace
800M – 3:12 – 6:24 pace
1000M – 4:00 – 6:24 pace
800M – 3:06 – 6:12 pace
600M – 2:22 – 6:18 pace
400M – 1:28 – 5:52 pace

Right where I wanted to be.  I was very happy with tonight’s effort!  Total with warm up, recovery, and cool down = ~8 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your TV philosophy? Is it always on in the background at your house – or more of a rarity?


20 responses to “Turning off the tube

  1. You guys ran FAST!!! That is a hard workout. Now I understand whyfor all the Twitter love bouncing around last night.

    I watch maybe 40 minutes of television a day. Usually less. When “True Blood” or “The Amazing Race” (the two shows I really follow) are in season, I watch those. But as a rule, the boob tube stays in the off position. Part of it is that I really can’t concentrate with any distraction in the background, and my TV is broken and makes a weird buzzing noise. But I’ve never been a television lover – when I lived without one for a year, I barely missed it.

    • I feel like some people just need the background noise and some can’t live without it. Unfortunately, I’m the former and the hubs is the latter, so it makes for some interesting negotiations when we’re both working from home.

      Workout was hard but fun! You should come out next week! 🙂 🙂

  2. My tv is on a lot. I put it on Food Network for background noise – I even have it on when I take a nap. It’s like having friends around.

    • I also watch a lot of FN during the day. They are my friends. In my head. 🙂

      (Sorry I missed you guys this AM! And last Saturday night! Life has been a lil crazy lately!)

  3. Nice workout. Beautiful night to run.

    Forget the Big Ass Salad. That’s a Monster Ass TV. 😉

  4. Ooops. Forgot: Saw you talking to TR before the workout. Very smart. He knows his stuff and if you can get alone time with him, he really will help. With 40+ runners pulling at him, it’s hard. You are wise to seek his counsel.

    • Yeah, it was a good chat! Prognosis was to take a few weeks off of racing, which is sort of what I expected to hear. Will look to make my glorious return to the corrals sometime in early July. 🙂

  5. My tv is always on. I get nervous if its not. Seriously. It gets too quiet. I might lapse into catatonic schizophrenia without it. (Note: I have NO life.)

    I’ve gotten better, I can go SOME periods with it off…but it just…I dunno. I’m weird. I also have yet to get a HDTV and mine current set was purchased in ’02. (Can’t afford an upgrade 😦 )

  6. lifeisbeachykeen

    We don’t watch a lot of TV. We can never find anything to watch. During the fall there are a few shows that I watch, but the summer is snoring boring. If i’m home alone and cleaning i’ll put on the music channel. but for the most part the TV is off.. sometimes I wonder why we even pay for cable. We didn’t have cable for the first 3.5yrs.. we were fine. and we don’t have DVR .. lol.

  7. Wandered over from a_marathoner’s blog…anyway, your TV question: I actually have gotten a lot better at leaving it off in the evening when I get home. I enjoy music or piece and quiet after a day out in NYC. I have an HDTV,etc but oddly enough I don’t really watch that much tv.

    Last night was a gorgeous night to run, wasn’t it?

  8. The BF and I are completely different in our TV habits. When I lived alone, I had basic cable (like 10 channels) and watched a lot of Discovery Channel. He has EVERY station. He would love to spend an entire Saturday watching TV. I would rather do stuff. He’s adopted my active-level since we started dating so that’s cool. 🙂

  9. Our TV is ALWAYS on and we should definitely try spending more time with it off. We even have on in our bedroom because my husband “can’t fall asleep” at night without the background noise. UGH!

  10. Mmm ladders – haven’t done those in a while.

    Fun fact: Crispin is made right here in the Twin Cities. A few places near my house even have it on tap!

  11. You are fassst! I remember being able to run that fast 🙂 It’s been awhile!

    We have the TV on a lot in the evenings, but I pay it no attention as I’m usually in the kitchen and then enjoy a show with hubs before bed.

  12. I was thinking about this earlier today. I always have the tv on—I leave it on for the dog during the day, have it on throughout the night, even when I am not paying attention. When I cook dinner, I’ve been turning it off and listening to my itunes instead and sat the down the other night with it off and read for two hours. It was nice, I definitely need to do it more often.

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