On fireflies and memories

Growing up on the arid west coast, I always thought fireflies were some sort of storybook fantasy.  Bugs with a light-up butt?  Really?

It wasn’t until the hubs – then, the boyfriend – and I moved to Ohio a couple of years after college that I fully understood that they were real.  Real But still kinda magical.

There is a summertime Midwestern memory that will forever hold a place in my heart.  That hour, at dusk.  The heat and humidity backed off just enough to make sitting outside pleasant.  The hubs and I would relax on the broad porch of our beautiful colonial home, sipping a glass of wine, watching the front-yard light show.  First, a blink here – then over there.  So fleeting that you’d wonder if you really saw it.  Then, within minutes, the whole lawn began to sparkle.  For a west coast girl, it was simply mesmerizing.

I miss that porch, that yard, and those fireflies.  And yep – I miss Ohio sometimes.  New York is amazing, but there was something so simple and relaxing about life in the midwest.  It was so easy to have it all there.

Tonight, standing on the bustling corner of 6th Avenue and Bleecker, I spotted what I assumed was a cigarette butt.  A flash of amber at the curb.  But a moment later I saw it again.

A firefly. What was it doing here, performing its bizarre incandescent mating dance over a sewer grate in lower Manhattan?  It should be among the swaths of its kind, hovering over moist grassy fields in the country somewhere.  Or the suburbs, at least.

I watched it flash two more times before crossing the street.  For a few seconds, I was headed back to my roomy old house with its creaky floorboards and copious square footage, a glass of wine waiting for me on the wide front porch.

Thank you, little firefly.  And good luck in the big city.

Today’s EAT: I had great intentions for cooking tonight.  In fact, I dragged the hubs out to the Greenmarket today so we could pick up something fresh and delicious to cook for dinner.

The hubs honed in on a vendor selling locally-raised pork.  We bought a pack of spareribs along with fruit, corn, and a big bunch of frisee.  Except when we got home, I realized the ribs were frozen.  Um, oops.  Not happening tonight.

So our great local meal will have to be another day.  We went out for Thai food instead, tonight.

On the way home, we stopped to pick up some sweets at Rocco’s, a very popular little bakery in our hood which we’d yet to try:

Wee pastries.  So cute.  Fun and decadent without being over-the-top unhealthy!

Today’s DRINK: Since we are on the topic of fond memories, the label of this Santa Barbara Landing chardonnay totally brought me back to my Cali days!

Ahh, the days of wide beach boulevards!

Unfortunately the wine is just okay.  I mean, it was like $5 at TJs, so expectations were pretty low, but I think two-buck-chuck is probably just as good.  Or better.

Today’s RUN: Uh…um…I’ve got nothin’ for today.  I had an easy five-miler planned, but never got to it.  It’s a pretty unimportant run, in the grand scheme of things, though.  Not sweating it.

Tomorrow morning I have a long-ish run planned: 12 or 13, maybe.  A bunch of the CPTC guys are racing tomorrow for their team-scoring race (since last weekend’s was a scorer for the women) – planning to end my run in the park and give them a quick cheer or two before heading home and getting ready for work!

Today’s QUESTION: What do you find magical about summer?


4 responses to “On fireflies and memories

  1. thehungryscholar

    Love the blog. I like that I have more time to relax and go out for drinks in the summer.

    Those treats look delicious.

  2. Fireflies definitely remind me of growing up in Indiana and happy times as a youngin.

    I love the happiness in the air—the sun is shining, days are longer so it seems like you have more time to get stuff done and in the words of Sublime—the living’s easy.

  3. ah, what a delightful NY moment!

    and I certainly have that problem of grocery shopping and then deciding to eat out. all. week. long. oops?

    summer magic… hmmm. I’d say walking through the city at sunset. or dining al fresco at sunset. or just sunsets. those are pretty. so are rainbows, but i only see those when i’m hanging at my parents’ place in the catskills, so that’s a rare moment. also, ice cold water after a hot run. i miss that. so refreshing!

  4. Fireflies! Amazing.

    Sunsets and sunrises seem more magical during summer. Hot New York nights and sidewalk cafes 🙂 I could probably go on…

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