Short stuff

Nope, I’m not talking about my stature, although at 5’3″ I sometimes feel like kind of a peanut.  I’m talking about races!

Unofficial stats from tonight’s Tuesday Night Speed Series at the Icahn track:

Race: 1500M
Time: 5:29
Place: 7 / 15 (maybe?)

Race: 800M
Time: 2:42
Place: 6 / 18 (I think)

I had an absolute blast at this meet and was pretty happy with my times.  5:29 for 1500M translates to roughly a 5:50 mile, which is certainly faster than anything I’ve run recently.  And 2:42 for 800M?   I didn’t think I still had that in me!

And, I took some new shoesies for a spin tonight:

Spikes.  Rawr.  They will eat your face.

I haven’t owned a pair of spikes since probably high school!  I don’t think I ever even used them in college.  It was kinda fun.  (Although I’m not wild about the color of these.  Why must shoe companies make women’s shoes pink?)

The only thing that bummed me out tonight?  That the Speed Series is over.  Boo!  I want to run more short races!  Way more fun than slogging through 10Ks in Central Park.

Today’s EAT: The grocery situation remains dire in the eat, drink, run household.  Dire, I tell you.  We ordered Chinese food tonight.  Even the cats are suffering, eating crappy cat food from CVS.  One of these days I’ll get around to grocery shopping!

Today’s DRINK: Beer.  Cold, cold beer.  There was one left in the fridge and I popped it into a glass and sucked it down with the Chinese food.  Sweet goodness.

And you know I’ll be grocery shopping now.  Because a fridge barren of beer is a kick in the ass like no other.

Today’s RUN: Low mileage!  I am not sure if I even cleared 4 miles today.  That’s ok, though.  Speed or distance, right?  And tonight was more about the speed.

Today’s QUESTION: Have you surprised yourself lately – either athletically, or otherwise? I have to admit I was a little surprised tonight that I can apparently run a sub-6:00 mile and still have plenty of gas left in the tank!


13 responses to “Short stuff

  1. Congrats Speedy! Running for distance in the soup is a no win proposition. Hammering it on the track is good times. Very glad this lifted the spirits. Missed you guys, but as you now know … I’m never coming back to NYC. CPTC Bay Area Division!

    • We missed you too! It was fun times, at least until the massive thunderstorm at the end of the meet 🙂

      You back in town for tonight’s workout, or still traveling?

  2. You surprised when you said you’re only 5’3″!

  3. What is FAST!! Wow! I am pretty certain I couldn’t pull a 5:24 1500 out of my slow twitch ass. And those as sexy spikes. Damn. Are there any other track meet opportunities for you?

    • I’m not sure! There’s the indoor stuff in the winter but I don’t know what else is around in the summer. I’m definitely gonna investigate. Maybe there’s something out in Jerz! 🙂

  4. Wow that is FAST! Kinda puts my answer to shame. I recently held a 9:30-mile for 6miles, which I was pretty happy with because I hadn’t done anything over 3 miles in a while!

  5. Dammmmmmn girl, you’re fast. I can’t wait to see what you can do at the Armory this winter 🙂

  6. haha..I’m inbetween 5’3″ and 5’4″, but it says 5’4″ on my drivers licence…and I usually say my height is “5’4″ on a good day” 🙂

    anyway, smokin fast races last nite!! you oughta consider the 5th Ave Mile at the end of September, if you don’t feel like it’s too close to Chicago.

  7. Awesome times on those races! That must have been so fun. I would love to do that sometime!

  8. I am completely in awe of your running abilities! Seriously impressive!

  9. Sub 6 minute mile? Okay that is what I call impressive!!!!!

    Here’s a question for you: was the track meet atmosphere more supportive/less trash talking like in the high school days?

    I find it interesting how some people become more mature competitors while others stay sore losers.

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