Domino effect

So, I actually went to the grocery store today.  And planned a healthy, home-cooked dinner.  Pat on back.

And then, on the walk home, a nasty migraine stuck.  Nasty.  I don’t get these often, but when I do they roll through me like a summer thunderstorm: suddenly and rather violently.  Literally all I can do is take some advil, lay down, and doze for an hour so.  After which I feel totally fine and back to normal.  So weird.

Anyway…the migraine monster attacked precisely during my dinner-cooking window, so it didn’t happen.  The hubs came home, gently woke me, and suggested delivery.

Then he held up this:

A flier from…Domino’s?  Really?

“But look at the price,” he insisted.  Yeah, I had to admit.  Pretty unbelievable.

I’ve had my share of Domino’s pizza and have never been terribly impressed.  At my old job, it was one of the only places that delivered late at night.  I suffered through many a mediocre pie.

But they have done this whole image-flavor-makeover thing, I guess.  Okay, willing to give it a shot.

Since the special was for two pizzas, the hubs and I each created our own.  Me, chicken and feta on “crispy thin crust”:

And the hubs, a pepperoni-and-pineapple deep dish:

This pizza was….well, it was alright! Certainly a step up from the “old” Domino’s.  There was still something sort of fake about the cheese, and the crispy crust was not exactly crispy, but I enjoyed the sauce and the rest of the ingredients.   Certainly at $5.99 per pizza, it’s a great deal!

Now it’s time for some relaxing and email/work catchup.  I hope I’m not an insomniac tonight, after my migraine power-nap!

Today’s EAT: It is not an exaggeration to say I ate nothing from my own kitchen today.  Kind of sad.

Breakfast was a biscotti and iced coffee from a coffee shop.  Lunch: turkey sandwich from Cosi.  And dinner…well, you know about that.

I spent way too much money feeding myself today.  Tomorrow, it’s back to home cooking!

Today’s DRINK: I didn’t really feel like having wine after my migraine.  I am sipping on an itty bitty glass of port now, though!

This was open from cooking dinner the other night, and I wanted a little something sweet.  Perfect 🙂

Today’s RUN: Running also fell victim to the migraine monster.  Oh well, Wednesday is a good day to take my weekly day off anyway!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you get migraines?  How do you deal with them? Mine are quite infrequent, so I haven’t really felt the need to go to the doctor or anything.  Just advil and rest for me.   But man, they are so incredibly awful on the rare occasions that they do strike!


9 responses to “Domino effect

  1. Sorry about your migraine!! I’ve never had a migraine BUT I deal with almost daily headaches. They aren’t debilitating (thankfully) but they are SO annoying. I’ve been meaning to make a Dr. appt about it actually…

    Oh and I’m a sucker for chain pizza. I actually think they are delicious!

  2. Bummer about the migraine! And rock on $5.99 pizza….I don’t blame you for caving to the coupon!! 🙂

  3. I don’t get migraines, but they sound awful! I’m so sorry. Good thing Dominoes came to your rescue. Haven’t had it since college, but I remember it being fairly delicious and consumed mostly after 2:00 a.m. (and on my speed dial, sadly) 🙂

  4. My dad used to get migranes. Bad, bad stuff. Feel better.

    You are not alone on the Domino’ front. In my absence and incented by the same deal, wifey fed the dependents the same mediocre pie.

  5. Never had one (knocks ferociously on wood), although they sound miserable. I was actually talking to my dad the other day about Domino’s pizza: I don’t think you can call it pizza outside of its brand name, but sometimes it just hits the spot. Those times are usually just pre- or post-hangover (or when you’re starving), but Domino’s certainly serves a purpose.

  6. Luckily I am not a migrane sufferer, but I do occasionally get these nasty headaches that make me throw up. Not pretty or fun – but I generally just lie down with a cold rag on my forehead.
    I have not tried the “new and improved” Dominos yet, but the crispy thin does look a bit tasty:)

  7. I had a pounding headache all day yesterday – and we went out to eat too, because I didn’t feel up to cooking!

  8. Migraines are the worst! I had one last summer that came with an aura (weird visual changes, black spots, etc). FUN.

    I love that you ate Domino’s. It reminds me of my college days 🙂

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