A bit fruity

Screw veggies.  I like fruit with my pasta.

Dinner tonight was pretty random, yet perfectly harmonious.  I had pasta leftover from last night.  Needed: a protein. I dug in the freezer and pulled out some Apricot-Rosemary chicken sausages.  As it happened, I also had a bunch of fresh apricots that needed to be used up.

Bizarre coincidence?  Kind of.  Apricot Pasta it was:

This was absolutely delicious.  I browned the sliced sausage, then added chopped apricot and a generous splash of white balsamic vinegar.  Tossed the pasta in the pan, and it was good to go.  Even though it only cooked for a few minutes, the apricot sort of deconstructed and combined with the vinegar to form a sweet-and-tangy sauce.  Unexpectedly divine.

I know, I know.  I should be eating more veggies.  But fresh fruit in pasta is still pretty good, right?

Today’s EAT: Aside from my weirdo fruit pasta concoction, I’ve gotta give a blog-out to my awesome lunch today at Piada, a cute little Italian sandwich shop on the Lower East Side.

Talk about fresh and delicious: a super-thin Italian flatbread, prosciutto, salty cheese and lots of arugula.  It was heaven.

I don’t have a pic because, well, it was sort of a work lunch and I didn’t want to go all food-paparazzi.  Especially given that I had already sort of established my “weird quotient” for the day as “medium-high” by wearing booty shorts, compression socks and road-racing flats to my meeting.  (Yeah, I love my job.)

But trust me, it was good!  Piada is definitely worth a stop of you’re on the LES and in need of a quick, delicious and relatively healthy sandwich.

Today’s DRINK: After tonight’s sweltering track workout, I had cold beer on my mind.  Big time.

So I made a stop on the way home and picked up this:

Awwww.  An angry hippo wearing lipstick. Of course I had to buy this River Horse Summer Blonde Ale.

The beer is nothing terribly special – in fact, it’s pretty darn light – but enjoyable enough!  I even had one in the shower when I got home.  And that is always blissful.

Today’s RUN:  Tuesday night track workout!  Tonight’s workout was “short,” which is unfortunately not a synonym for “easy,” especially given the high-80s temps tonight.

The assignment: 4 X 600M @ 5K pace, then 4 X 400M @ 3K pace.  200M recovery throughout.

The results:

600M – 2:20 – 6:13 pace
600M – 2:18 – 6:08 pace
600M – 2:16 – 6:02 pace
600M – 2:18 – 6:08 pace
400M – 1:27 – 5:48 pace
400M – 1:25 – 5:40 pace
400M – 1:27 – 5:48 pace
400M – 1:24 – 5:36 pace

Can’t complain about that!  As usual, I ran faster than I was supposed to.  And as usual, it felt great and I finished strong with gas in the tank.

Does this mean I should be able to run a 5K at just over 6-minute pace?  Because that would be pretty awesome.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you do fruit in your pasta? Or am I the only fruity one?


11 responses to “A bit fruity

  1. Great workout Shelby. Dropping that 84 at the end is impressive stuff. I knew you planned to drop the hammer when you showed up to the track in the compression socks. 🙂

    • I’m not sure if I believe that they actually work, but I was wearing them around all day yesterday in an attempt to convince myself that I’d be speedy. 🙂 Plus they look totally hot. Haha.

  2. I’ve never had fruit in my pasta, but it doesn’t mean I am not willing to try it. wait, isn’t tomato a fruit?

    I really want to start incorporating track work outs into my training, but I am 1-unsure I know what I am doing and 2- scared I will fail.

  3. To Stephanie up above: just go to a track and run the straightaways fast! Then recover on the turns. Easy peasy, don’t use a watch, and when you’re sucking air, you’ll know you’re doing it right.

    I am sooo not a sweet and savory person. I reject mixed genres. So I don’t know how I feel about apricot in my pasta. I trust your palate, but still, give me arrabiata over fruit any day. As always, a beautiful track set, especially in the heat.

  4. i’ve never tried fruit in my pasta but i think the idea is GENIUS. i am doing this asap! fruit is so delicious right now too. hmm. pasta with cherries, balsamic, and parmesan? my wheels are turning.

  5. I have one tried and true recipe involving fruit that’s super easy and eminently tweak-able. Three ingredients for the basic recipe: stovetop stuffing, apple pie filling, pork chops. Apples go into bottom of baking dish, then raw pork chops, then the stuffing, premade. Cook 40 min, at 375, under foil until very end when you crisp up the top layer. I’ve played around and make so many versions of this – chicken breasts with a base of apricots and dried cherries in a blueberry bourbon bbq sauce, pork with caramelized onions, garlic and apricots with apricot spice marinade (Can you tell I bought a giant bag at Sam’s?), and any stuffing/risotto/potato you want to put on top. This goes from easy and kid friendly to exotic and organic with a quick shuffle of ingredients.

  6. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually had a fruity pasta (unless you’re counting tomatoes as a fruit!) but this sounds really good to me! Just bookmarked it. 🙂

  7. Apricot in pasta?? Sounds delicous!! I will definitely have to give that one a try.

  8. OK, just tried a variation on this recipe – I’m literally typing over my plate right now – and OMG AMAZING. I used Chicken Apple sausage + nectarines + farfelle – and AMAZING. This is a new standard in our house – plus a great way to use fruit that is starting to get too mushy. A+ work!

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