Bed hog

It’s late, so I’m gonna keep this short and leave you with a little something to ponder:

The hubs hit the sack before me last night and this is what I was confronted with when I came to bed.  What am I supposed to do with that?  How does one person possibly need the entire width of a queen-sized bed and four pillows to himself?

His (very sweet) explanation: that I am normally there, on the window side.  So he was attempting to cuddle with absent-me.  Aww.

Still, I had no place to sleep and had to fling him around in order to carve out a space for myself!  It doesn’t help that it’s been sweltering here, and in spite of our window unit’s best efforts, sleeping is a sweaty event.  I’m not so much of a cuddler in the summer.

Also, not pictured: 30 pounds of furry cat.  Hot, furry cat.  Somehow their snuggling efforts do not wane in the heat.

We definitely need a bigger bed!

Today’s EAT: A quintessential summer feast!

BBQ ribs, green beans, corn and watermelon.  It was my first time cooking BBQ ribs!

And there was just one complication: we don’t have a barbecue.

For “oven ribs,” I thought these turned out amazingly well!  I followed this recipe for the most part, but instead of their ketchup-based sauce, I used this sauce recipe.

BBQ sauce is actually incredibly easy to make.  Certainly no more difficult than marinara.  I love making homemade sauces instead of cracking open a jar!

And as a bonus: this dinner came almost entirely from local farms, via the amazing Union Square Greenmarket: local pork, beans, melon and corn.  So excited that fresh corn is starting to come in to season here!

Today’s DRINK: I kinda wanted to open a bottle of wine so I’d have something interesting to write about here, but with BBQ?  You’ve gotta go with beer.  So I had a bottle of the same stuff I blogged yesterday.  Highly refreshing.

Today’s RUN: I can honestly say that I enjoyed every step of my run today.  Wow.

Somehow the weather went from humid and miserable to sunny and dry overnight.  When I headed out for my run in the late-afternoon today, it was a very pleasant and sunny 70-something degrees.  With low humidity.  Yes.  This is how summer should be!

I logged an easy 6 miles along the Hudson greenway in a little under 51:00, 8:20-something pace.  Such a pleasure!

Post-run, I ended up at my gym and hit up a 90-minute Vinyasa class.  It’s a lot to bite off in one workout, I know – almost 2.5 hours of exercise.  But as usual I felt awesome after yoga, even if I was rather exhausted!

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a cuddler or an independent sleeper? I go back and forth.  In the winter when it’s cool, I’m definitely more of a snuggler, but in the summertime I like my space!  (Take note, bed-hogging husbands and pets!)


12 responses to “Bed hog

  1. haha, i love this. the AC is absolutely necessary for summer cuddlin’. don’t know how one goes without it! or with a crummy unit. no fun!

    i have a cuddling problem. a problem in that i’m addicted to it. i call myself the cuddle monkey, since i’m long-limbed and all. embarrassing!

  2. lifeisbeachykeen

    I am an independent sleeper. My husband likes to cuddle. He also goes to bed before me and he is usually laying diagonal across the bed when I go in the bedroom…i usually push his legs out of the way and climb in bed.. i eventually push him enough times that he’ll move out of the way.

  3. I am not a fan of DH cuddling up to me, but if he is sleeping on his back, you will find my leg an arm thrown across him. Not so much to cuddle, but because I like to spread out and hog the bed. lol

  4. Tom sleeps on a 45 degree angle managing to take up the entire bed when I’m not there. Then I have to someone move him to a different angle to sleep. So, the fact that Drew left you with some space is quite considerate. =)

  5. Oh. No no no. I am the anti-cuddler. I can’t sleep when someone is touching me. I have a very weird sleeping position – fetal position, head tucked under – and it is not conducive to being cuddled. Incidentally, I’m not huge on hugs when I’m awake either. Yes, it’s a little weird, but hopefully my soul mate out there will be down with that.

  6. Yummmmm, I want your BBQ dinner.

    And I agree – this weather is running perfect 🙂

  7. Haha! Those hot furry animals really do warm up the bed…i have 40lbs of furry dog that likes to spoon with me. It’s both sweet and miserable in the summer.

  8. I’m both. I like to snuggle as I fall asleep and then I roll over to be alone. I have kitties who like to cuddle too. 🙂

  9. I’m an independent sleeper all the way!

  10. Mmmmm…. Ribs 🙂

  11. That BBQ looks tasty. Get yourself to Dinosaur.

  12. This weather is amazing! Those ribs looks soo delicious, and corn on the cob = summer for sure!

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