A beast of habit

So, when we adopted our newest kitty Parker last fall, we didn’t realize we were getting such a regimented animal.  This boy has a schedule and he likes to stick to it!  10 PM is snuggle time, and if we are late, he lets us know about it.

The minute I sit down on the couch, he is all over me like a bad prom date:

And then he goes to sleep there.  Is he not the world’s most ridiculous cat?  Did I mention that he weighs almost 20 pounds?

Lest you worry about our other little fur-face, Emmy – she’s sleeping blissfully on the coffee table.  You know, like a normal cat.

Just another wild Thursday night in the eat, drink, run household!

Today’s EAT: Hubs was in charge of dinner tonight!  He opted for delivery.  I don’t blame him…our grocery situation is kinda bleak at the moment.

Sushi from Yama:

Budget tip: we went kinda light on the sushi and augmented with a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen edamame, thawed and salted.  There really is no difference between freezer edamame and restaurant edamame.

Today’s DRINK: It’s impossible to decide which is better with sushi: a cold light beer, or a sweet-tart sake.

My solution?  Have both.

Ta-da! Why make a difficult decision if you don’t have to? 🙂

Today’s RUN: Thursday night is CPTC tempo night, and it felt like the first time in a while that I’ve had a great workout on the roads at CP!

I’m sure it helped that tonight was Autumn in July.  Temps in the 70s?  No humidity?  Yessss.

The assignment: 4 X 1 mile repeats, approx 400M recovery.  The first two were uphill and 10K pace.  The last two were the reverse of the first two – so, downhill – and at 5K pace.

The results:  I feel pretty good about this!

Mile 1: 6:49
Mile 2: 6:51
Mile 3: 6:26
Mile 4: 6:45

Although I’m scratching my head a bit about the last one.  Our group got kinda spread out over the recovery jog, and when it came time to start the last repeat, my amazing teammate and I were not sure where exactly the start was.  We just sorta went, and ended up running long, and finishing in 7:00 in spite of the fact that we ran pretty damn hard.  Going back over the course on our cool-down, a 15-second adjustment seemed appropriate, but it sure felt like we were running faster than 6:45 pace!  Definitely possible that I was just tired at the end of a hard workout, though.

All in all, with warm-up and cool-down and such, 8 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you share your home with furry beasts? What are their quirks?


15 responses to “A beast of habit

  1. I think that last mile was some sort of time warp. Let’s call it sub-6:00 🙂

    Also, those compression socks are hot.

    • Yes, they are clearly a hot ticket in this household. (Says the girl with two cats competing for her lap.) Ha.

      That last mile was just weird. I really thought that we (*you, since you definitely pulled me along the last couple of minutes!) rocked it. I totally agree with just calling it a 5:59. 🙂

  2. Nice running! I have a pair of equally beautiful compression socks 🙂

    I don’t have any furry beasts currently, but would love nothing more than a wrinkly, drooling, snorting, adorable bulldog

    • A girl in my building has a chubby bulldog – it’s so cute! I see them coming back from a walk sometimes and the dog has to rest between flights of stairs. It’s pretty funny. 🙂

  3. Love the cat pic. And sushi? Yum.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the sweet comment. I do hope to break that 8 min/mi barrier, but for now I’m just thrilled to have broken 9 on three sequential miles! Haha. Your times are amazing, I will definitely be following you for some speed motivation. 🙂

  5. As you may already know, I am obsessed with my cats. 🙂

    Enjoy the cool temps again today – I heard that today is the last day until July 11 that the high isn’t supposed to be in the 90s! EEK!

  6. Nice job! I agree, that last mile must have been long. I’m calling it 6:20. Because I was there and would know, right?

    I don’t have any pets in my house presently, but oh boy, I have grown up with quirky cats. Spice, our oldest (who is sadly on the decline) will place himself squarely on my father’s chest whenever he is sitting on the couch. We are talking about paws under my dad’s chin, tail in his lap. This gets awkward when we try to make conversation. And Dad is such an animal lover, he won’t move until Spice is ready.

  7. LOL What a cute little bugger! Be happy that he likes his cuddle time! I have two cats and one is always under the bed. I wish she’d come out for cuddles…. 😦

    That sushi looks great!

  8. Oh man, our two cats are spoiled rotten.
    Jewels, who is 15 and had a mind of her own. During the colder months, she likes to lay on me with the blanket. She loves it so much, that I do not have time to even put it on me and she is already on it!! Also, she loves her dad’s (DH) workout shorts so she will sit on them and sleep on them.

  9. I share the bank’s space in the sky with 1 wife, 3 daughters and 1 fish. Not another living being is allowed in our home. Ever.

  10. I wish I shared a home with an animal. My apt, just isn’t big enough for one.

  11. Dude! I’m a frozen TJs edamame girl all-the-way. It’s the most efficient way to keep and eat edamame consistently without having to keep running to the store to stock up.

    Also also also your cats are amazingadorable. I don’t and have never had any pets 😦

  12. Your mile times rock and so do those socks!! Aside from the many cows at the farm – our house is home to one semi-spoiled dog! I never thought I’d let a dog live in my house, and now I can’t imagine it any other way.

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