Central Park, sans running shoes

I spend a lot of time in Central Park.  Most of it is spent running.

But whether it’s an easy run or a killer team tempo, I always see these people, like, frolicking about while I’m pounding out miles.  Picnics.  Strolls with their loved ones.  General life enjoyment.  It always looks nice.

So tonight, I packed up a snacky dinner, rounded up the hubs, and hit the subway for a Central Park outing that involved flip-flops rather than running shoes!

It was delightful.  We spread out a blanket and lounged on the Great Lawn for a solid couple of hours, feasting and sipping wine and just talking and enjoying being outside.  It was a gorgeous night.  As the sun started to set, we wandered around and enjoyed the views.

I heart NYC. 🙂

This is probably a pretty obvious revelation, but it hit me tonight: picnicking is really underrated.  Our little date night cost about $25, including dinner and wine, and was such a relaxing alfresco dining experience.  Compare that with the expense and hassle of trying to find a restaurant with a patio – picnicking in the park is a major win!

And the best part, according to the hubs?  “No dishes to wash.”  True that.

Today’s EAT: I picked up picnic goodies at Murray’s Cheese Shop:

Manchego cheese, fig cake, duck breast pate and a baguette.  And an apple that was in the fridge.  Snacky dinners are the best!

Today’s DRINK: While I spread out dinner goodies, the hubs popped open our carton of wine:

Yup, a carton!  I took a page from nyflygirl‘s book and went glassless for our outdoor adventure.  Definitely a good call – easier, lighter, more discreet (I don’t think you’re technically allowed to booze in CP, although many of our fellow picnickers seemed to be sipping wine too).

I’ve actually blogged this Bandit wine before in its Merlot version.  Overall, I really like this brand – the innovative packaging is a huge plus for certain situations, and it’s worlds better than other “boxed” wine.

Today’s RUN: Recovery day, baby.  So nice.  An easy 5 on the Hudson.  43:50, 8:45 pace.

I had sorta thought of taking today off, but with the gorgeous weather, I just couldn’t.  And now I get to take Sunday as my weekly day off instead – when it’s gonna be 96* and humid (yuck).  Win-win.

Tomorrow is long run day.  I can’t avoid it any more.  It’s time to start training for this damn marathon.  Goal is two hours – so probably 13-14 miles.  Before work.  Bleh.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite picnic food? I’m planning on dragging the hubs out for DIY alfresco dining any chance I get this summer, so I need ideas!

4 responses to “Central Park, sans running shoes

  1. Duuude. I’ve been planning my CP picnic (Which is happening today) for at least a week now- promise I ain’t cramping your style 😉 I’m thinking wine, roasted veggies, hummus, cheese, fruit, etc. It will hopefully be as classy class as you and the hubs’ picnic! Happy long weekend!

  2. Perfect day for a picnic! I like pasta salads, fruit salads, and hummus or guac with veggies. Delicious!

  3. yay!! glad you liked the “box ‘o wine” in da park 🙂 Me and a few of my friends usually try and picnic in CP at least once, if not 2-3 times during the summer. Inexpensive and fun!

  4. What a fun picnic that looks like!! I’m just like you and I like to snack on cheese and bread and sip on wine for a picnic. Who needs “real” food when you have cheese and wine?!?

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