A cold day in hell

Well, I finally made it happen.  6 AM came along this morning, and as the clock struck, I was slamming the door behind me.  Out for a long run.

This is huge for a couple of reasons.  Number one, I am not at all a morning person.  Getting up at 5:30 AM is pretty much my personal version of Hades.  And number two, I’ve been procrastinating training for Chicago for several weeks now.  After today, I feel like I’ve finally gotten on board.

The run itself was kind of a slog.  I always feel slow as molasses in the early morning and today was no exception.  But it was okay.  It wasn’t about the speed today.  It was about logging at least two hours of running.  Which I did.  To the tune of about 13.5 miles.  Somewhere just south of 9-minute pace.

As much as I hate (hate!) getting up at the crack of dawn, I think I can do it once a week.  Especially if I can come home and go back to bed afterward!  (I wanted to do that today, but I had to go to work.  Damn, that would have been nice, though.)

Today’s EAT: No groceries in the house is a great excuse to try a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.  And a new cuisine!  Tonight, the hubs and I hit up Sigiri in the East Village for a delicious Sri Lankan dinner.

As it turns out: Sri Lankan is kinda like Indian.  But, um, spicier.  A lot spicier.  It’s a good thing we read up a bit on Yelp before we headed over there and were forewarned that they really don’t mess around with the heat factor in Sri Lanka.  We were given the choice of three spice levels for our Pork Black Curry: medium, hot or very hot. We went with medium.  And I was still a huge sweaty disaster, practically squirming out of my seat as my tongue burned!

Don’t get me wrong – it was absolutely delicious.  I love spicy food – and this curry pushed just to the edge of my enjoyment.  Most places don’t make it spicy enough, and I’ve become accustomed to ordering the very hottest level offered at your average Thai, Chinese or Indian restaurant.  But I’m pretty confident that I’d be in the hospital right now with a seared esophagus if I’d ordered the “very spicy” at Sigiri!

Today’s DRINK:  We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home for some dessert fixins and I decided to pick up a beer.  My palate was still smoldering and a beer sounded fantastic.

After much perusal of the single-beer selection, I landed on this:

This Pretty Things Baby Tree quadrupel attracted me for three reasons: (1) the cute label, (2) the high ABV, 9% and (3) the cute label.  (Wheee, look at that shiny thing over there!)

I knew I’d had quadrupels in the past, though, and liked them, so I figured this would be enjoyable enough.  Actually, it’s kind of a winner!  It doesn’t taste puckeringly bitter like some high-ABV beers, and has almost a earthy-fruity taste that’s is quite smooth.

Today’s RUN: Runs plural, actually.  Because 13+ miles at 6 AM just isn’t enough for one day!

I was also called upon to lead a pace group for our Saturday group run at work.  So, just two hours after finishing my long run, I headed out for another easy 5.5!  This actually felt really good: while I definitely noticed the morning’s mileage, it did feel good to warm things back up again and subsequently get a good stretch.

Total for the day: ~19 miles.

Marathon training indeed.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you like it spicy? I definitely do.  The hubs and I put red pepper flakes or sriacha sauce on many a food!


9 responses to “A cold day in hell

  1. That place sounds delicious! I LOVE spicy food and can barely get it spicy enough when I go out, too. I checked out the website and I’m super psyched that their other location is literally minutes away from me… I definitely have to check it out!

    • Oh wow, I didn’t even realize they had a Jersey location! That is cool! Definitely give it a shot…it seemed pretty darn authentic – we were the only table of white people in the place, haha.

  2. danicastacijo

    I am terrible with spicy foods I literally can’t handle it. But I do like it in small doses, my husband has an iron stomach he can eat any spicy food and it dosen’t even make difference to him.

  3. That was so funny, I was imagining my husband sitting there sweating his ass off too. I love a good spicy dinner, even if I have to watch him sweat it out.

  4. Yep – I was waiting for the day of reckoning to come. Chicago waits for no woman!!

  5. One of my favorite eating experiences was at a tiny Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, slurping down hot and sour soup that had every orifice working in overdrive. Seriously. I was sweating out of my ear drums. It was incredibly delicious and I’ve been trying to recreate the moment since (to no avail). So, um, yeah. I like it hot.

    I’d tell you that getting up at 5:45 sucks less the more you do it, but I can see that you’re resolute. Can’t believe you tacked on after the run, though – what pace do you guys do your group run at?

    • Mellow. I usually take the 9-10 minute group. 🙂

      Resolute? I hope so! We’ll see next weekend.

      (PS I feel like a wussy now…your 15+ put my 13+ to shame and you’re not even marathon training!)

  6. 19 miles in 1 day?!?!!? That is totally inspirational!!!! You go girl! 🙂

  7. wow – 19 miles! I actually like breaking up workouts if I have the time.

    As for hot stuff – yes. We go through red pepper flakes, sriacha, and cholua like it’s nobody’s business. I find it really hard to tone things down when cooking for people who have no heat tolerance. Not spicy for me is like my sister’s version of hell.

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