Shower laundry

Do you ever get home from a workout so completely drenched in sweat that you think, “Wow, why don’t I just jump in the shower clothed – I’m already soaked.”

Well.  Why don’t you?

Lately, I have been doing just that.  Shower laundry.

Because there is nothing worse than accumulating heaps of dirty, damp running clothes.  They end up smelling like moldy ass and force you to do laundry far too frequently.  And also, if you pay for your laundry by the pound like I do, you end up giving way too much money to someone else to put your sweat-laden running clothes through their laundry machine.

[I must disclose that the seed of this brilliant idea was planted in my head by my most-resourceful teammate Jacqui – whose blog I cannot link to because she doesn’t have one even though she should because she is funny as all heck. And full of great ideas, like washing your running clothes while you shampoo.]

So, shower laundry.  Here’s how it goes:

1) Get home from workout, all sweaty and gross.


2) Procure a bucket.  (Bonus points for a beer-branded bucket!)  Allow it to fill while your shower warms up.

3) Get some laundry soap, too.  Put some in the bucket while it’s filling.

I suppose technically something like Woolite would be better, since it’s made for hand-washing, but this Method stuff has worked pretty well for me, and I like the convenient size and pump bottle.

4) Disrobe and toss your stanky threads, along with any other accumulated items, into the bucket.  While you wash and shampoo, agitate the contents of the bucket with your foot.

5) Rinse yourself.  Don’t worry about spilling your soap/shampoo/conditioner into the bucket – it’s all a soapy mess anyway!

6) Now, rinse your clothes.  Twice, to make sure you don’t end up with a suds explosion in your shorts during your next workout.

7) Wring gently and hang dry.

And there ya go – clean running clothes for tomorrow.  No laundry machine necessary!

Today’s EAT: Big plans for homemade sushi tonight.  Big plans that required spontaneous modification when I sliced my avocado open and found it brown and mushy. Yuck. Why do avocados have such a narrow window of usefulness?

I rummaged a bit and proceeded anyway, with an eclectic set of ingredients: crab, mango, and egg.

With a little spicy mayo (mayo + sriacha sauce) and some panko on top.

While I won’t be winning any awards for my rolling technique, I thought the flavors came together quite nicely!  The hubs and I gobbled this up.

(FYI – I basically followed the recipe and video linked in my post on making sushi from a few months ago.)

Today’s DRINK: Most specious excuse ever for opening a bottle of wine: I needed 1 teaspoon for the sushi rice.

But any excuse is an excuse, right? 🙂

This Excelsior Chardonnay was very cheap, but is fairly decent, considering!  Quite fruity and lemony, but not at all sharp of vinegar-like, as some wines at this price point ($5) would be.

Today’s RUN:  Dreadmill.  Ugh.

The heat wave continued today and I just had no desire to drag myself out there.  So I opted for some trash TV on the TM instead.   6 miles, 54:00, right on 9:00 pace.  Nice and mellow for a recovery day.

After my dreadmill session, I hit up a 90-minute Vinyasa class  before heading home.  It was a slower class than usual, but lots of stretching, and I felt great afterward!

Today’s QUESTION: How many loads of laundry do you do a week? The hubs and I send a huge bag (30+ pounds) in about once a week.  It would probably be 2-3 loads if we were doing it ourselves.  As expensive as it is, I have to admit that I love the wash-and-fold thing!


16 responses to “Shower laundry

  1. Wow. Sushi, yoga, and penny-pinching. A post after my own heart. 🙂

  2. gotta love some good old fashioned sweat 🙂

  3. When I lived in NYC, I could definitely have benefited out of the brilliance of this idea…

    you should patent a special formula for “shower laundry” detergent…you could do for the athletics who dread doing laundry what George Foreman did for people without the space or inclination to grill.

  4. Look at you. The Martha Stewart of the running world. 🙂

  5. Moving to a home with a washer-drier was practically at the top of my list of necessities when I was looking for a new place – I refuse to go to laundromats, and ended up carting home my laundry to my parents’ house. They didn’t love it. These days, I probably do two to three loads a week. I try to conserve, but, man, when you a schvitzing through a shirt just by making a sandwich, the dirty clothes tend to add up quickly. And stink.

  6. genius!! I am grody — I just throw my sweaty clothes in the dryer and wear them dirty for 4-5 days until laundry gets done. By the end of the week they can stand up on their own!

    And now I am craving Chard and sushi..thanks a lot! 🙂

  7. Seriously, what a great idea! lately I’ve been wearing my running gear more then once to avoid having to wash them. Kind of gross but I figure I am just going to get smelly and sweaty in them, so why not wear them again. I am definitely going to try this shower method though!

    I do a ton of laundry. Between the husband and the son, plus my clothes and our towels, we accumulate a lot!

  8. What a funny idea about the shower laundry! I guess it does make a lot of sense though…especially if you don’t have laundry in your apartment! Go you for being so frugal! 🙂

    We probably do 3-4 loads of laundry a week. His damn ACU’s (Army uniform) take up one whole load each week. Soooo annoying! I could get on board with the whole sending your laundry out and getting it back washed and folded. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

    P.S. That sushi may be slightly odd but it is making my mouth water! I’ve never made my own sushi but maybe I will have to try some time.

  9. That is a sweet trick!! I thought that impressed me until I saw the hand-rolled sushi. You are a DIY force to be reckoned with!

  10. What a great idea! It never even occurred to me but now I want to try it!

  11. This made me LOL: “While you wash and shampoo, agitate the contents of the bucket with your foot.”

    I heart you, Shelby.

  12. I think I need to try shower laundry… especially with my running clothes. I go through this so quickly, and this way they won’t stink up my hamper 😉

  13. I like your cleaning product, looks people and environment friendly.

  14. i’m that girl that avoids doing laundry for a month until i run out of underwear – and i have been known to solve that problem by buying more underwear. of course, the more i put it off, the more laundry i have to do, and the more i dread it. viscious cycle.

    this shower laundry idea is kind of genius, i’m not going to lie. i wash my yoga clothes in the sink sometimes after a hot class when i don’t want to pay for a load of laundry, so why not in the shower? multitasking, i like it.

  15. I love your many ideas for shower multi-tasking. I end up doing a lot more laundry in the summer between both of our stinky damp workout/running clothes and not wanting them to fester in the hamper. I probably do 4-5 loads a week.

    I think you are on to something here. Especially since I have noticed a lot ofthe tech fabric stuff says to not put it in the dryer anyway.

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