Road Trip Haiku

Or, an Ode to Interstate 95:

New Jersey, hey now!
Nine dollars to cross your state?
Ridiculous tolls!

Delaware, road work.
Four lanes of traffic, merging
to one. Frustration.

Maryland is nice –
but home to the most ghetto
Travelodge on Earth.

Sunny Virginia!
Finally feels like the South.
Pretty rolling hills.

North Carolina,
where wildflowers and pine trees
make the miles fly by.

South Carolina:
Hey, you want fireworks with that?
Cute license plates, though.

Georgia on my mind!
Or maybe just Paula Deen.
Well done, Savannah.

At last, Florida.
End of the road, and the trip.
Time for sangria.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve taken the last couple of days off of blogging/tweeting/general internetting.  My amazing friend M was coming through town en route to Florida, where she’s moving – so I joined her for a little road trippin’!  We had such a blast.  M and I spent lots of time in the car together on climbing and camping adventures back when we both lived in LA, so hours upon hours of chatting on the road are second nature to us. 🙂  We’ve lived on opposite coasts for the last few years and haven’t had time to really catch up in ages.  It was awesome.

Bizarre trinkets, at far as the eye can see, at Pedro’s on the NC/SC border.  It was everything that the 3,000 billboards plastered all over the highway for the last 40 miles promised it would be.

Anyway, I’m back in NYC now, and writing silly haikus when I probably should be catching up on email or work or the 362 items in my Google reader (gulp).  So I’ll leave you with this picture of Emmy, who is currently sleeping in our hamper, just because it’s ridiculous and cute:

At least she’s getting fur all over clothes that are already dirty.

Back tonight with a real post!  I’ve missed y’all!


11 responses to “Road Trip Haiku

  1. south of the border. nice! i stayed overnight in the motel there on a road trip. once in a lifetime experiece.

  2. These haikus kick butt.
    Hope you bought the Indian–
    Kitty scratching post?

  3. You need to put a leash on that cat and bring it to Tues/Thurs CPTC workouts.

  4. New Jersey regrets
    Our expensive tolls. At least
    No self-service gas?

  5. oh man. so many haikus. you are talented 🙂

  6. AHH! have we talked about how our cats look alike? Just as fat too from the look of it…she doesn’t seem too impressed with YOU though. 😉

  7. Ha! Our Travelodge is extremely sketchy BUT they are in the planning stages of a full rehab. I work in a construciton office and saw the plans cross my desk a few weeks ago. Give us another chance in oh, say… 2013?? 🙂

  8. Great haiku and so true we made that same trip down from Philly. 🙂 NJ tolls suck!

  9. OMG Shelby. I went to college right by Pedros. Or, if you ever talk to my parents, WE went to college just north of Pedros. Good ol’ Lumberton, NC.

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