Complaining about the heat – I know, how original, right?  And I’m sure y’all are sick of hearing people do it.  So I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Holy balls, it’s hot out there.

Seriously.  What was I thinking training for a fall marathon?  For that matter, why do fall marathons even exist?  So people in Anchorage can train comfortably?

I set out this evening with plans of doing a longer run.  Maybe even my weekly long run, if things felt good.  Instead, I shuffled through the sweatiest run of my life (no joke) for about an hour before throwing the towel in.  The figurative towel that I – along with my fellow subway riders – really wished I’d had.  Because there was literally a puddle under me as I rode home on the B train, standing as far as I could from everyone else on the car and hoping that they didn’t think I’d just peed myself.

Ugh.  It’s not like I haven’t run through summers before – I’ve done several fall marathons, including NYC last year and Marine Corps the year before – while training in Ohio, which isn’t exactly known for its lack of summer heat and humidity.

This summer just seems so much worse somehow.

Someone please remind me of this when I’m yapping about doing a fall marathon next year.  Springtime only from here on out!

Today’s EAT: After a week of eating on the road, I was craving one thing tonight: a big-ass salad.

This BAS was truly ginormous, taking over an entire dinner plate and spilling off of the sides.  And oh, it was glorious.  Kind of a Southwestern theme going on.  All of the basic elements were there though – salty, sweet, meat and treat:

  • Baby lettuce mix
  • Marinated shrimp (meat!)
  • Red bell pepper
  • Mango (sweet!)
  • Crumbled feta (salty!)
  • Avocado
  • Crumbled blue corn chips (treat!)

All drizzled with a chili-lime vinaigrette.  With a fresh cob of corn on the side.  Perfect summer dinner!

Today’s DRINK: I’m kind of in to buying these big bottles of beer from Whole Foods lately.  The selection is awesome, and I’m not stuck with a whole six-pack of something if I don’t like it.

Tonight I tried this Morimoto Soba Ale from Rogue Brewing Company:

I’ve had (end enjoyed!) other Rogue beers, like their Dead Guy Ale, which prompted me to pick this off the shelf.  But the Soba Ale?  Eh, it was just okay.  For some reason I expected a bolder flavor and it was just kind of weak, with a very mild citrus flavor.  I mean, I enjoyed it – but I’d just as soon pick up a pack of Blue Moon or whatever.

Today’s RUN: I’m calling my hour-and-five-minute slogfest seven miles.  It was too bad I already had taken a couple of days off this week, because today really would have been a perfect rest day!

On tap for the rest of the weekend?  Some more easy miles tomorrow and then my long run (shooting for 17-18 this week) bright and early on Sunday!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite beer? I’m really trying to branch out and learn more about beer!  I tend to like things like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Fat Tire, but will happily consume a Guinness (yum) or a Bud Light too. 🙂


11 responses to “Inferno

  1. Paulaner Hefeweizen is my all time fav. Tastes like bananas, but in a yummy hefe way.

    Feel you about the heat. 3 miles seems like 10 when you try to run it any time before 6 at night or after 6 in the morning!

  2. i’m not really a beer person. so i tend to drink whatever is handed to me haha. and ugh about your heat. i really wanted to do a fall marathon but the idea of training through this was not so pleasant. good luck and props to you for doing it!

  3. I’m out of town this weekend so I had to get my long run in yesterday…and I so wanted to sleep in and run it later in the day, thankfully I dragged my butt out the door in the AM-oh, what a difference. Good luck getting your long run in-tomorrow looks to be the better of the 2 days for what it’s worth…

    And yep, I’ve been saying on my blog too, this summer seems unusually brutal (that and last summer was unusually cool!)

    I’m more a wine person than a beer person, but I’ve been on a Blue Moon/Honey Moon kick as of late. I tend to like fruity beers too…Blue Point Blueberry, whatever fruity wheat beer is on tap at Chelsea Brewery…Sam Adams Cherry Wheat…

  4. I’m really into the Harpoon brews right now. I like their raspberry hefeweizen and Potts Landbeir. Long Trail beers are refreshing too (I like the berry varietys).

    And yes, hot runs=death. I’m running a fall marathon, but I keep telling myself that running through this heat will make the cool, fall day seem so much better.

  5. I hear you on fall marathons. Dumb idea. Really dumb.

  6. Yeah dude. It’s bad. I hear you on marathons…any marathons…This morning’s run was pitiful. I have to run long tomorrow, too. Am dreading it. At least you didn’t register for the Queens Half, eh?

  7. Abita Strawberry beer-made locally in Abita Springs, LA. Problem is it’s only seasonal (from around March-May) so the rest of the year I satisfy my beer craving with Purple Haze-delicious raspberry wheat beer =)

  8. Well, on the West Coast we all own cars and can plan our long run ahead of time by driving out and stashing ice cold sports drinks along the route and even park a car at the end of the long run to come home. It’s OBVIOUS you are training on the WRONG coast!
    Suggest you find a training partner and follow a subway route, heh,heh….
    love ya!
    Marathon Maniac #100

  9. My favorite beer is Mac and Jack’s Amber. It really helps me train for fall marathons. That’s my training secret for all those back to back East Coast Fall Marathons that I completed.

    Marathon Maniac #45

  10. UGH – I hear you – this summer does seem much worse than previous ones. I think I sweat 600 pounds off this morning. Good luck on the long run – after about 90 mins into my run this a.m. I stopped feeling the sloggy-ness, so maybe you will too!

    Delicious-looking BAS…

  11. I had a bright and early long run planned for Sunday too. It’s now noon on Sunday and I still have not changed out of my PJ’s. The husband made me help clean the basement. So now I am waiting for the clouds to part and the humidty to break…

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