Saturday in Numbers

Seven: Miles run today in the Inferno, which continues to unleash its relentless heat on the city.

Six: Hours until I’ll be out the door again, for my long run.  Gulp.

Five: Slices of pepperoni pizza consumed today.  Lunch AND dinner.  I basically only ate pepperoni pizza today.  Healthy.

Four: Months I could go before eating another slice of pizza.

Three: Customers who raved about Mint Chocolate flavor Gu at the store today.  I hate the Chocolate Outrage so I’m skeptical, but…anyone tried this stuff?  Is it as amazing as everyone says it is?

Two: Dinners Parker apparently expects tonight.   Hey, ridiculous cat – did you forget that I fed you a couple of hours ago?  Stop meowing bloody murder by your food dish, please!

One: Hours I lasted at a friend’s birthday party tonight.  H and J, sorry for being a party pooper.  I was so exhausted I could barely stand.  Hope everyone else raged on and had a great time without me!

Hope you had a great Saturday!  I’m off to sleepy-land so I can be out the door bright and early to tackle this long run.  Night!


4 responses to “Saturday in Numbers

  1. Actually the Mint Chocolate GU is my absolute favorite flavor. LOVE it. 🙂

  2. I just had that flavor on my run today! I was impressed. Not too chocolatey and I love the mint flavor.

  3. You did look tired, glad you went home to get some rest. Drew was a trooper and followed us next door for some crazy dancing. Don’t worry, we will surprise Haitham again next year! 🙂

  4. People do love that flavor, but I haven’t had it either. Hope you had a great run!

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