Long day, easy curry

5:45 AM is way too effing early to get up on a Sunday.  Just sayin’.  But more about that in a minute.

Working retail – even part time – I’ve adapted myself to expect that weekends aren’t really weekends.  Friday feels like Tuesday.  Sunday feels like Thursday.  The days are all over the place and crazy.

But that doesn’t mean that I can really get out of doing my long run on the weekend.  Remember when I complained about Fitness Tetris?  Well, it’s alive and well these days.  Trying to squeeze in a long run during the week would screw up some other workout – so a weekend 18-miler it would be, even if that meant pairing a long run up with a long day of work.

I suppose it’s just as well that I was out the door at 6:15 AM today, given the heat.  And the other benefit of weekend long runs?  Having some company.  I met up with a teammate for the middle part of my 18-miler and it made the whole thing go by so much more quickly.

Being a non-Garmin-person, I did my run based on time, and I went for a little over 2:40.  At 9:00 pace, that would be 18 miles, so that’s what I’m calling it.  My legs and feet were cursing it a little bit by the time I finished my 8+ hour work shift, but overall the whole thing went well. Hoping for minimal soreness tomorrow!

Today’s EAT: With a run to rival the length of a Peter Jackson movie and a full day of work craziness, dinner needed to be quick and simple.  So I threw together this Red Curry with Beef:

Cheater confession: I used jarred Red Curry sauce from Trader Joe’s (awesome stuff, BTW).  Into the wok went sweet potato, onion, garlic, red bell pepper and a bit of sriacha sauce along with the prefab TJ’s.  Over brown rice, it was an easy, hearty and delicious dinner.

Today’s DRINK: I’m becoming sort of notorious around this house for finding ridiculous excuses to open a  bottle of bubbles:

Really, I just love champagne/prosecco and don’t need a special occasion to enjoy it.  Tonight I was like, well, I finished my long run?  And I put away the laundry?  And I brushed my hair?  Let’s celebrate!

The awesome part is that TJ’s has such a great selection of cheap sparkling wine that my bubble addiction is easy on the budget.  This bottle of Louise d’Estree Brut was under $10 and perfectly enjoyable.

Today’s RUN: Tacking on today’s 18-miler brought me to 44 total for the week.  A little lower than I’d like, but not bad considering I took two days off!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a traditional work schedule – or do you end up working on the weekends?


11 responses to “Long day, easy curry

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    I have a traditional work schedule; Mon-Fri 830ish to 4 or 5..just depending on what we have going on. I am the Office Manager @ a Surgeons office, and we are a brand new practice so sometimes there is nothing for me to do. But even with a traditional work schedule I some how can not find time to get in runs some days. My life, or my husband, just take over the rest of my day and running falls into last place. =/

  2. I’ve got my day job (8-4:30 M-F) and then the dairy which normally consumes me 5:30 – 7:30ish M-F (unless I have a work event in the evening) and then Saturday evening, Sunday morning and evening with some possible flexibility on the weekend depending on schedules. Sat. is my long run morning, but if we have anything extra going on, then that gets moved . Occasionally I’ll do Sunday am long runs and then go to the farm, but that makes for a LONG day. A new arrangement I’ve tried a few times is “commuting” from our house to the farm (about 9 miles) and that works ok. My schedule is always about compromise and flexibility!

  3. I am a Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

  4. Staying on my feet after a long run usually keeps me pain free, but staying awake at work is the hard part. Glad it worked out for you and your scheudle!

  5. I used to alternate working Saturday and Sunday evenings. Was NOT a fan! Especially because it essentially turned into a six-day workweek on one end. Anyway, goodbye that job! You are such a stud for doing an 18-miler…get a Garmin. They rock.

  6. Mmmm that curry looks delicious! And I work normal 8-5 hours now but I used to work in retail and for a rental car company so I know alllll about weird working schedules. I hated it…hence why I’m now an 8-to-5-er! 🙂

  7. Oooooh. Sriracha is my BFF. We’d get married if it didn’t sting my lady parts…

    And 18 miles is a perfectly good reason to open a bottle of the bubb-lay. Hell, so is 3 miles in bloody awful weather.

  8. Nice job on the run! Wish I could have joined your for some of it. Next weekend?

    And you know how I feel about sriracha ❤

  9. nice running! it was yucky out this weekend. the curry looks delicious! hmm, my work schedule is technically traditional, but leaving earlier than 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. is usually un-possible. Boo.

  10. 18 miles in this heat?! seriously awesome. I’m goin for a 1/2 mile run this weekend- maybe I can join you and Megan? (I jest.) but anyway. yay for not being crippled and for celebrating all the time with bubbles, just because.

    My new job is pretty standard – nine to five, monday through friday. But I’m out on coney island, so i think the insane amount of traveling makes it a bit less glamorous. Meh.

  11. Sunday was grim. You looked thrilled to be doing 18. 🙂

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